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A General Thought-

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Things never change.....skid problems just "evolve" into grand skid problems, if your DH never changes.....newest example :-Yesterday I was not told or consulted-----I heard a conversation between DH and 40something SS (DH had him on speaker phone)....."oh, no...daycare cancelled for grand skid? No problem, let's work this out as a family.......what are your schedules like? You must be sooooo busy, grand skid can come over here this week!!!

Grand Skids, Not so Grand

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Skids made me miserable off and on for many years, you think that when they get older and have their own families, your troubles are over.........Not so.....They may be beginning all over again......For me, the step-grandkid has turned out to be almost worse than the skids. I know it is totally a DH issue, but at times it is almost to much to handle. My DH WORSHIPS the ground mini skid (4yrs old) walks on- he gets the kid over here, every thing revolves around him....OMG....oh, mini skid, are you hungry?

Still Enabling

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Well, this is my first blog, you may want to make popcorn, this is going to read like a bad movie. Although my drama has spanned 25 years so far, it seems all these years of being a SM with all the crazy antics of 2 SS plus a nuttier than Christmas fruitcake BM , not sure how I survived this long without a blog. My DH has always been very good to me, I brought a son and daughter of my own into this marriage, DH has been very good to my children also, they pretty much treat him like the real dad.