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What to do???

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Ok, this is my first time ever on a blog so please be kind..... I just need a little help.. My boyfriend and I have been together almost 10years. He has a 18 and 16 yr old girls and I have a 12yr old boy and 10yr old girl. He has pretty much been their only dad. When we first got together he would do and say things to my kids that I did not necessarily agree with but would let happen to see how it worked. Somethings worked somethings we had to have a disscussion about but for the most part we could agree on how to raise "my" children as ours.


She just won’t get it.... seriously?

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Three months ago H and I visited 2 x SD (32 and 34) who live in another city for a weekend.  We then took them, SD1 has a H and son, SD2 is divorced and has no children, to a beautiful holiday home in a gorgeous part of NZ for three nights.  My two biological sons flew into the town and joined us as well.  We paid for everything, which we are both happy to do.  However, can someone tell me why youngest SD makes sure she thanks her father and not me, when I am not present?


Step daughter won't help herself!

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My wife and I go pick up my step daughter in Florida while her ex-boyfriend is in jail, I know right real winner! They have a little boy 6 months old. The relationship is very rocky with physical fights, verbal abuse, lies, cheating and jail. We move her to Oklahoma with an agreement that we will help her make a safe and better life for them both. She is to get her license, car and her own place with our help of course. At six months the ex-boyfriend gets out of jail and makes his way to Oklahoma, not good! He comes to the house, cops are called big scene in front of my neighbors.