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Lazy Parenting Vent

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I'm a broken record...

When it comes to your steps do you all just not give a crap what they do as long as it doesn't affect you?! Wondering if that may be the better mindset than feeling like the only person who does care.

My bf STILL is not actively parenting my SD. Same issues of : Tik Tok - not on private, inappropriate dances and songs, staying up late while over here - although now we continue on with our morning routine rather than let her sleep in (like most of you suggested), not caring about her education. 

How to navigate site

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Dumb question...

but how do you navigate this site? For instance, if there's a blog you responded on, do you bookmark it so you can easily go back to view updated responses? I don't always refresh the recent activity to see new responses so they just get lost. 

SAHM Babysitting during Visit

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This is so far ahead....but I am already dreading having to watch my SD (8) during Christmas time!! 

I am a SAHM and my bf works. Last year I had a 3mo while SD came for her visit that lasted when she got out from school all the way until drop off on Christmas morning. I had to "babysit" her for a couple days while my bf worked.

Question for Dads with EOWe custody

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For dads with EOWe custody of their young children (or anyone with insight on this subject) -

Do you not feel like a true parent to your child(ren) that you have only EOWe? In comparison to you child(ren) that you have full time? Is there a difference? I'm not saying you love one over the other AT ALL but do you feel differently, if that makes sense. Is the way you parent different? Discipline, your bond, etc. This is an anonymous site so answer honestly.

New here

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I just want to say that I am so glad I made an account and a few posts recently. I stumbled upon this site about a year ago and had been stalking it since. I wish I would have made one sooner because it's nice to have a place to vent where others may be going through something similar or can offer advice, even if I'm being wrong I like to hear the feedback. I grew up with an intact family and all of my aunts and uncles as well. I have a couple friends who had step parents and I get their feedback of being a SK and try to see it from a SK POV as well.


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I feel like I've already made enough posts to figure out my situation with my step daughter is that neither of her parents are parenting very well lol and I need to step back and stop worrying about how she turns out.... but gosh it's so hard to do when you do actually care for the child and the way they turn out does affect you later in life. Anyyyyyway... I just wanted to hear other parents' opinion on TikTok. My 8 yo SD has one, not on private, follows over 500 ppl, has over 200 ppl following her, has posted at least 100 videos. They are all super inappropriate in my opinion.

SD sleeping in

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So currently my bf and I live in a 1BD apartment. Our daughter is almost 1 and she sleeps with us. My stepdaughter is 8 and sleeps on the couch in the living room. We have her EOW. Normally, my daughter wakes up 6:30-7, we go downstairs, I make coffee, and her breakfast. She also plays in the living room as it's a safe area with a baby gate, all of her toys, and she can freely crawl. However, when my stepdaughter is here, we are cooped up in the bedroom for hours until she wakes up.