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Skids Ruling the Roost!

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I love the Netflix series "Queer Eye."  I just watched an episode where the Fab 5 were making over a man who had been with his SO for several years, had two kids together, and she had a daughter.  The skid, probablly 8 or 9 decided that she didn't want to sleep downstairs in the house they were living in so the parents allowed her to have the master bedroom upstairs while they lived in the basement.  Bobby (house, interior design, etc) said, "Oh no, that's not okay."  Bobby was of the mindset like most of us who know better, that kids don't get everything they want or to kick the parents out of the master bedroom and make them sleep downstairs.  After the house make over he moved the parents room back upstairs into the master bedroom.  They never showed the red-headed stepchild's (she's a redhead!) new room, but I'm hoping they just installed a door to the downstairs with a little slot to push food through.  Entitled little monster! But yes, mommy made her that way and I'm sure new stepdaddy played along so she would like him.  


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Yep that's my mindset. The kids get to decide what bedroom they have when they are adults paying for their own place. 

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My sd20, 17 at the time snuck into our home shortly before we bought it with a real estate agent and "called" the master bedroom. I wasnt moving in right away but planned on moving in when we were ready.  I told DH if he gave her that room, we were through. It's the only room with a private bath. Was I supposed to share a bathroom with the other 3 skids while Sd had the master? I know DH would have given her that room if I didn't say something immediately. Again wicked stepmother has to say no cuz Disney daddeeeee cant. Fml. Why did I ever move in to this childcentric (skidcentric) home? 

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There is something out there in social media making kids think that our stuff is actually their stuff. 
We did not raise DD to think this way, but she has complained twice now that DH and I are "always here on weekends."

Both times I've explained fiercely that I pay for this home, so darn right I'm here all the time. Why would I pay for this home and then also pay to stay somewhere else on weekends? 
I thought she got it the first time, so I was surprised when she made the same complaint a couple of months later. This is why I believe this sense of entitlement is somehow perpetuated by something somewhere on social media.

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I am gobsmacked! I loved it when my parents (and sisters) weren't home but I would have NEVER asked my parents why they were in their own home.

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I'm sorry but WHAT!? 
she asked why you were always there on the weekends!? Like what the actual f$&!

turn around and ask her why the hell she's in YOUR house!! 

the entitlment blows my mind!! Like it's really somehow her house and you being there is some kind of inconvience!!!

when she get her fist apartment.. show up whenever unannounced and then ask why she's always there! 

I would be half tempted to dump her stuff on the front lawn and tell her since you living there is such a problem she can find another place to live! 

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My DH's daughters were like that too.  Territorial.  They thought that any money I earned was really DH's.  If I bought a new winter coat, how much did my dad pay for that?  It was rude and invasive.  AND, this was before social media.  I do know where their ideas about me came from.  Their mother. 

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Ah yes...the old "We don't have any money because your father spends it all on that woman".

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But I would not want an 8 yo sleeping on a lower level by himself/herself.   It sounds to me like this house does not work for them. But if all I had was two bedrooms, one up and one down, I would put kid upstairs

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In my state, basements are extremely common. Doors and windows work the exact same way, regardless of what floor they are located. Your worry seems irrational.

This isn't a toddler.

Per usual, you ignore the tidbit about the couple having two younger kids together. The younger kids most likely have the bedrooms closer to the adults. But I know that's not acceptable to you because the skid isn't getting special treatment. 

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but is only 8.  yes, where I used to live, lower level/basements were common.  Many times, they did not meet fire standards, and were only legal for rec rooms or studies, not bed rooms.  And I think easier to break into than an upper level that might need a ladder. 

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Lol WHAAAAT? Where did you live? Most basements here are perfectly legal to have bedrooms. They even have windows!! (Gasp!) And I just go through my front scaling the house required.

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What if the house is a ranch?   I had a bungelow with one floor, my first house, 3 bdrms and we all slept in our separate bdrms on the first floor.  The HORRORS!  Then I had a raised ranch.  I slept in one of the subgrade bedrooms as did Awesomeson and DD slept upstairs in the bedroom across from my home office. 

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A bedroom to have two exits.  On opposite sides of the bedroom.  One being a door. The second a excape window 

Excape windo must have a certain size opening when the window is open and three feet off the floor