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Boyfriends 4yr old daughter is bothering me

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Okay i am so thankful for this website bc i need to vent and this topic an be a little controversial to some. My boyfriend and i have been dating for about 3 months but we have been going strong. He has a daughter whos 4 he gets every other week. I love her and shes cute and shes a bit of a cry baby and hes a pushover but recently has been terrible. I usually go over there every night and its a bit of a drive so when im there i usually would like to stay but the past night i was about to go home.


Jealousy over the relationship my boyfriend’s ex has with his family.

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Little background.  My boyfriend has three teenage kids, who have accepted me as their father's new partner.  I am the first person my boyfriend has introduce to his family since he separated from his wife 3 years ago.


My boyfriend is a loving father and a reaponsible ex-husband.  He is generous to the mother of his kids, her family and common friends.   I was also married and unfortunately my ex and I were unable to conceive.  


Step daughter won't help herself!

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My wife and I go pick up my step daughter in Florida while her ex-boyfriend is in jail, I know right real winner! They have a little boy 6 months old. The relationship is very rocky with physical fights, verbal abuse, lies, cheating and jail. We move her to Oklahoma with an agreement that we will help her make a safe and better life for them both. She is to get her license, car and her own place with our help of course. At six months the ex-boyfriend gets out of jail and makes his way to Oklahoma, not good! He comes to the house, cops are called big scene in front of my neighbors.