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Tired of feeling alone

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Finally got the courage to create an account and ask for help because I can’t handle it any longer. My DH and I have been together for 4 years. DH gets SD every other weekend and every other week when school is out. SD was 7 when we met and everything seemed great in the beginning. After we had been together for a while I started realizing DH is a Disney dad. SD didn’t know what it meant to be told no which then turned into SD telling DH I was mean because I expected basic manners and respect. DH would also immediately get defensive if I said anything to SD.


Alone on a Planet full of People

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For 19 years I have tried my very best to be a great step father, I have given my SD and SS everything they could of wanted, my DW and both Skids came from a violent past and although the skids are now well into their adult years I can’t make any headway, in fact they have taken their hatred for to a new level, winding each other up over social media and then letting loose to DW and she is stuck in the middle.