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Completely Lost

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I am looking for help, I have nobody to turn to, I am alone really as I don't have any close friends and estranged from my family for 20 years and over 500 miles from them.  I have a beautiful wife, we have been together for 20 years and as far as I was aware we were ok.  We have a special bond that I was 100% sure was soild as rock.  SD29 and SS26 both have left home years ago have never really liked me.  Their BD is an abusive man and still seems in their lives somehow.  I have always done everything for the skids, in the moments of need I have been there, I have always provided and good

Alone on a Planet full of People

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For 19 years I have tried my very best to be a great step father, I have given my SD and SS everything they could of wanted, my DW and both Skids came from a violent past and although the skids are now well into their adult years I can’t make any headway, in fact they have taken their hatred for to a new level, winding each other up over social media and then letting loose to DW and she is stuck in the middle.