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SD16 Got FIRED! Bahahahahaha!

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I was super anxious leading up to SD16s return from her Florida trip, so I figured I'd delay writing about it until it happened and the potential fall out began.  Well, it's interesting how things are going.

***A little back story...skip if you've been following:  SD16 has been doing the "I hate you because I don't get my self-destructive, entitled way, so I'm going to run away or just basically not come home for days so I can do whatever I want" thing for a while now.  She came home after being out for a week with the car and was grounded, then it all hit the fan.  I had found out MR. ED was still going to let her go to Florida with her friends and one of their dads (yeah, right) and out of my frustration at the lack of accountability and consequences around here, I brought out into the open that we both knew she used synthetic urine to pass her most recent drug test.  An SD16 toddler-style tantrum ensued, she threatened to hit me, stomped out, left for a week to stay with friends and absent addict BM, DEMANDED via text that MR. ED kick me out, thoroughly enjoyed her 4th of July out partying with friends, and then was STILL allowed by MR. ED to go to Florida. Ridiculous.***

Then this happened...

While she was in FL, I told MR. ED there were pics online of SD16 cruising from one coast to the other in a jeep with 4 parents as she claimed.  3 of the girls are 16 and the one with the jeep is an 18-yo that one girl is dating from another state. Now, the 18 yo seems online like she has her head on straight, so I'm guessing she had no idea SD16 was there on a pack of lies.  Could have been HUGE trouble for her, but of course...MR. ED didn't report it. I considered contacting this young lady's mother online myself, but restrained myself and chose to stay silent.  If she were my BD, her ass would've been picked up by the cops and brought back home to immediately go to reform school or something.  But...she is not my BD.  Hell, she never would've been there to begin with if she were my BD.  Anyway, SD16 was on her way back home and asked MR. ED via text to send her $20 for gas.  I pointed out, "MR. So and So Parental Supervisor needs last-minute gas money?  Come on.  SHE IS NOT WITH THAT PARENT, MR. ED!"  He does bring it up with her in a text but sends the $20.  Ridiculous.

SD16 says she'll be home by 5 or 6 am.  She ends up rolling in around 1 pm.  I guess she was supposed to be back to work that morning, so she got fired from her new $11/hr job. HA!  Karma.  Consequences.  Love it.  This is the first job that I knew would actually hold her accountable if she was late, called off, sassed the managers, dressed trashy, etc.  I knew it was coming and was just waiting for the day when some sane person other than myself said, "Um no, cannot do that here!"  That day has come. *Sigh of relief*  Unfortunately her old $8/hr job is taking her back, but at least she had to go crawling back to beg for a $3/hr pay cut.  That's some kind of lesson, I hope...not holding my breath, though.

MR. ED found out GM is taking her "school shopping" today after she lied and told her "dad won't take me."  He pressed SD16 and found out she wasn't asking for school supplies, but a fresh pair of kicks. Ha!  MR. ED actually called GM and told her he never said he would not take her school shopping, would give GM some $$ if she still wants to take her, but not to give the cash to SD16 because she can't be trusted.  He also told her NOT to buy her new shoes because she has PLENTY and has blown her own money with her shenanigans.  So, we shall see what happens today.  I'd put money on GM buying SD16 some fresh Nike's with new clothes and fake eyelashes to match.  


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I’m in awe she HAD/HAS a job.

That alone is leaps & bounds ahead of most that I’ve read about on this forum or experienced in stephell.

All the rest of her shenanigans are pretty much average skid behavior.

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I agree that its a definite positive that she has a job.  No complaints there.  But I definitely would not say her other behavior is average.  Drugs, alcohol, shop lifting, stealing from me, lying daily, dating grown men, having strange men from online into our house while we are gone since the age of 14, pregnancy scares, skipping school, running away, taking the car for days/week at a time and refusing to come home, switching off her location on her phone, running around with friends in the car in the middle of the night, hanging out with heroin and pill addicts, being involved in nights where her friends get shot and killed, threatening violence toward me, demanding I be thrown out of the house and threatening not to come home otherwise, and on and on.  Not healthy at all IMO.  And this is the youngest of the 3 SDs.  The MSD was selling her own porn, threatening suicide, and doing all the other stuff the YSD is doing.  So, I'm not mad at ya...just saying this stuff ain't typical teen stuff.  If it is...we're all doomed. lol

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BM is an addict and felon.  She's been in and out of jail since SD16 was a preschooler.  MR. ED went and scooped up the girls when SD16 was like 4 or 5 when he got wind that BM was doing heroin.  I do give him credit for all these years as a full time single dad to the 3 girls given the BM situation, and I do have compassion for SDs.  I can't imagine how that affects a young girl to have a mother like that.  I know MR. ED is embarrassed by their behavior and I think he parents out of guilt most of the time, so its sometimes a fine line between showing compassion and holding everyone accountable for making changes.  I suppose that's common for most SP...finding that balance and learning where your own boundries are.  

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Yes, SDs behavior has been very triggering for my own internal struggles.  That's the hardest thing IMO about SPing...putting up with stuff that I never would from adults in my life.  You start out caring about them and your SO, they are children, and they will eventually grow up and leave.  But in the meantime...deciding how much to put up with dysfunction that was firmly laid down before you came along?  That's hard.

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That's the hardest thing IMO about SPing...putting up with stuff that I never would from adults in my life.  You start out caring about them and your SO, they are children, and they will eventually grow up and leave.  But in the meantime...deciding how much to put up with dysfunction that was firmly laid down before you came along?  That's hard

I struggle with this everyday.  Trying to stay disengaged and still be supportive of my SO is like walking a balance beam.  I'm doing better this year at not getting sucked into the crazy.  


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My hope is that it may be a lesson learned in keeping her priorities straight and respecting your bosses, rules, superiors, etc.  Until this job, I was amazed at what her other boss put up with.  It was just reinforcing her thinking that she can do whatever she wants and get away with it.  I know it seems cold that I laugh (as I was told on another post), but I'm just so tired of her not facing any consequences and everyone wondering why she continues as she does.  I see so many points where MR. ED, BM, big sisters, GM, and others could have guided her or at lease stopped enabling her.  I saw it coming and MR. ED even warned her that she may lose her job just for taking time off after she just started.  I am happy to see some boss somewhere put their foot down.  Kudos!