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What To Do?

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My fiance settled his custody case almost a year ago with his ex, and she's trying to build a new case against him. Her ultimate goal is for the child to hate us, take the child over state lines, and have my fiance pay double in child support. The ex has to live in this state because the court determined that the child must remain here. But she's trying to build a case by texting her son when we have him things like, "remember to brush your teeth and shower," and "you're blocking my son from calling me." Really insane things. She's claiming that my fiance is hitting the son which is absolutely insane. She will stop at nothing to move away and have the son never see us again. But everything has been settled. She even had guardians interview all of us and the child. The guardians concluded that the child loves his parents and that we are a loving support system for the child. I just don't see any Wisconsin legislation about false child reports. She will never stop, and I don't know why she can't move on with her boyfriend and just co-parent civily. That's all we want. What is best for the child and his mental state.


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when SS sets foot over your threshold.  who is paying his cell phone bill?

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read up on PAS.   Dr. Craig Childress has some great youtube vids and thank goodness you don't live in NY!!

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Ugh, it's going to be tough. Try to find someone in your area who understands parental alienation (most likely a Ph.D psychologist who does evaluations for court cases).  Make sure your attorney understands parental alienation as well. Keep a log and all evidence you have of her efforts to turn him against you.

It's likely he will start acting out in your home - your DH has to make sure he doesn't get angry, spank his son, or scream at his ex or any of the things she's going to try to get him to do so she can prove he's "abusive". 

Unfortunately, many women who try to do this are successful

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Yes his attorney knows all about it. He's never, ever spanked his son or even yelled. He's never responded to any text, email or anything ever except civil responses. The custody battle has been over for a year, and the district attorney got involved over her harassment. So I don't think she will be successful, but it's more annoying and hurtful than any real threat.