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What To Do?

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My fiance settled his custody case almost a year ago with his ex, and she's trying to build a new case against him. Her ultimate goal is for the child to hate us, take the child over state lines, and have my fiance pay double in child support. The ex has to live in this state because the court determined that the child must remain here. But she's trying to build a case by texting her son when we have him things like, "remember to brush your teeth and shower," and "you're blocking my son from calling me." Really insane things.


Uncle accused of abuse - help. Advice.

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I thought it would be another day like any other. 

Munchkin was sick when her mother dropped her off (looked very bloated, stomach pains, and diarreah), so we kept her home and I stayed with her. I figured she had a lot to say, and I wasnt wrong. I just did not expect to hear what I did! I really need some advice.