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Update/Question - Abuse by SS , Denial by DH

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So far, SS has complied with all the rules imposed (no coming upstairs where LOs rooms are, always supervised around LOs, limited physical contact, such as a hug goodbye if DS4 is wanting it). DH has pushed the boundaries, however. For example, DS4 would historically go to SS room first thing in the morning before school. DS4 would want to jump in the bed to wake up SS. DH still thinks this is fine as long as he is in the room; I told him abslutely not. The boys can see each other in the family room and kitchen once they are both up and dressed.


(Trigger) Abuse by SS14

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I can't believe I'm writing this. DH has forbid me from talking with anyone in my real life about this, other than the authorities involved. So I am writing here to get some perspective and clarity. I have discussed with my parents, despite DH's "warning" to me; I was willing to go against DH's wishes because I needed the support... and also a place to stay (I'll explain more below)


Reasons to leave Domestic Violence

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It is common knowledge that many of us have been victims/survivors of domestic violence.

Do you remember what the point was, or what someone else said to you that finally convinced you that your abuser’s actions toward you are not ok, and that you should leave?

For me, it was my abuser showing a lack of disregard for my child that prompted me to leave (I don’t care what you do to me, but don’t mess with my kid). It was only after I left that I gained the self esteem necessary to not tolerate abuse from anyone anymore.


Uncle accused of abuse - help. Advice.

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I thought it would be another day like any other. 

Munchkin was sick when her mother dropped her off (looked very bloated, stomach pains, and diarreah), so we kept her home and I stayed with her. I figured she had a lot to say, and I wasnt wrong. I just did not expect to hear what I did! I really need some advice.