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SMs please protect your children

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Not having any of my own, maybe that has made me a bit overprotective of other peoples.


1. If a step child has caused a brain injury to your bio child, or any other injury, please do not let that child be around unsupervised. Install web cams. Leave and live separately. Do not allow this child near yours ever again. This applies to fur kids too.

2. If a step child threatens violence to anyone, or is in fact violent, please call the police. Put that stinker in the clinker.

3. If a step child and your partner cuddle excessively, or any other sexualised activity, if the kids watching porn and "doing things", please consider they are being abused, especially if they are young. GET THEM HELP AFTER GETTING OUT IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR PARTNER IN THE SLIGHTEST. Install cameras. Dont be embarrassed to ask the hard questions.

Sorry folks I am just very disturbed today by what I have been reading, here and other online groups.


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Thanks CLove for your advise ! I have set camera everywhere in my house and never let SS alone with my son. Nothing worring never happend, but for some reason i can't understand, i'm still worried and very cautious 

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Never turn a blind eye even if it means rocking the boat. If you cannot keep them safe where they are then get them out of there!

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Exactly! I packed up myself and my baby (now getting ready to go to preK!) and moved because formerSO's kid tried harming him. Gave some chance...but when it was clear nothing was gping to be done --GONE.

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My dear Caroline,

It is my belief that you have little to fear from your SS as regards your 8-month-old baby boy. However, your husband’s mother and sister are dangerous people, determined to devastate your household in any way conceivable.

In my many years on this site, I’ve never before observed the degree of abusive and slanderous behaviour that’s been levelled against your husband by his own family! They are very sick people.

S'il te plaît, reste prudente, ma chère fille. La prudence gardera votre sécurité!


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My SD was 15 when she lived with us and my boys were 18 months and 4. She threatened to kill me and my DH by smothering us with our pillows in our sleep. At the time, I didn't think about calling the police. We installed cameras and slept behind locked doors (SAD). Soon, she was sent to a residential therapy program for 6 months that did absolutely no good - $25,000 down the drain. She's never been back to my house and never will. I don't care if other people say she's doing well - they lie.