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Update 1 - (Trigger) Abuse by SS14

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The initial thread was getting long so I decided to start a new thread for updates since yesterday.

First and foremost, thank you all SO much for all of your feedback. Logging in this morning and finding more comments and suggestions has made me feel like I have a virtual army supporting me. Reading over some of the "colorful" names you've given DH in yesterday's thread gave me a laugh. And I really needed that this morning.

(Trigger) Abuse by SS14

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I can't believe I'm writing this. DH has forbid me from talking with anyone in my real life about this, other than the authorities involved. So I am writing here to get some perspective and clarity. I have discussed with my parents, despite DH's "warning" to me; I was willing to go against DH's wishes because I needed the support... and also a place to stay (I'll explain more below)