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SD19 showed up, update!

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*DH now wants to take my bios to see SD, as she will not see me. I said no. That rewarding this behavior is not ok... both her rude treatment of me and last nights stunt.*


Last night she showed up unannounced and yelled to let her in. DH shockingly did not let her in because he had seen pictures of her socializing with friends. 

Now, I'm sure he will say he only did it for my benefit. 

No idea why she didnt text her Dad first before showing up. But I'm thankful shes not in my home right now. 

I suspect she will try this again.


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Yelling to let her in?  WTF is wrong with her?  I'm glad your DH didn't invite her in and is smart enough to let her face the consequences of her immature and irresponsible behavior.  Is she welcome at BMs home?  Finally a win for the step parents!!  Let us know how this plays out!

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Hes had pneumonia... so its largely self serving. If he gets it, he'd  be at a higher risk... I think?

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Now, I'm sure he will say he only did it for my benefit. 

We all know that would be bullshit. But, I'm glad that he didn't let her in, whatever his reason was.

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She went back to her moms house where shes been staying. SD19 knew already what the concerns were about going back and forth between houses right now. BM made sure that we were in the dark, and SD19 had a fit when we asked fairly basic questions (i.e. have you been socializing, have your worn masks at grocery store).