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SD19 and Covid19

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BM finally retrieved SD19 from FL. She didnt get her full spring break because the beach closed down. BM has had them all at home in self-isolation. Same at our house. 

I moved into SD19s room a couple months ago since shes been away at school. DH was furious when he saw I moved some if her things into the closet. Sorry DH, but she isn't here and you're an ahole.

He wants her to come stay for a while. I told him I'm open to the idea of her staying on SS15s schedule, but no more than that. And if she behaves as she did over Xmas, the visit would be over. 

Ensue argument about his rights in the home. In which DH discloses she doesnt even want to come here because she hates me. Mind you, she screamed and cursed at DH far, far worse than she did me at Xmas. But apparently these two have made up and I'm back to being the evil stepmommy. We havent seen her since then.

So perhaps he was testing me. But if she wont come... it seems I have nothing to worry about. I'm not doing a happy dance in front of him but.... yay! Is it too soon to redecorate my room?!



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Your H is a total tool. I'm starting to hate him for you.

Pinterest it up, and make YOUR room a beautiful, feminine oasis. You deserve it.

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“my ss 20.5 threatened to run away from home because i had to be hard ass on him to be respectful and stop shunning you all and contribute to basic household chores”

told hubby he could suck it up and i am not the problem here but ss & hubby

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So SD hates you, good hopefully that will keep her @ss away and never comes by again. Have fun redecorating your room and again who cares what your H thinks after all the crap he has allowed and done. He can go f@ck off too!

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He still comes EOWE under supervision. Not enough evidence to keep him away. 

In spite of that, SS15 has followed all the rules, and I watch the boys at all times. Before Covid19  hit our area, my parents were here most weekends helping me. 

SS15 hasn't been here in 3 weeks because of covid19, and we may keep it that way for a while.