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College Spring Break and Covid19

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So SD19 is starting her spring break. Her college mandates that anyone who leave cannot come back for 4 weeks. So she's spending the next two weeks going to a few vacation spots with friends, the second week of which she is supposed to be doing courses online too. The latter two weeks, BM is bringing her home to our area, where SD19 can still do her courses. And of course DH is pushing for her to spend one of the weeks at our home.

I told him that after her behavior at Xmas, I will not be quarantined at home with her 24/7. Our companies are likely shutting down soon, and I have to work from home and also keep my bios at home with their schools closing. He told me to "get over it", no.

Further, I have no idea if this girl is going to be careful on Spring Break, but given her track record, probably not. There is no way I want her at home after she's been... *socializing*... ahem... with all the other college students down in party central, FL. If I were her mother, I'd tell her to stay on campus, or come home right away and skip her spring break. But I don't have that option.

Ideas? I can certainly be the bigger a**hole and put my foot down... say that she needs to stay at BMs, and that if we meet her out no hugging/kissing our bios. They are little but DS4 is old enough to get it, and I can keep my younger one with me.

I have dreams of her getting quarantined in another state. And I can only say that here... where I won't get the "evil stepmother" label.



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will be taking advantage of this and will be jet setting around the country.  The very way to spread the flu!

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Yup Little Idiot is already planning at 10 day trip to Florida to visit The Skunk Ape and Gma Skunk Ape. Of course it's because "Gma Skunk Ape is sick" Oh no wait, she just admitted last night she doesn't give a F about her grandma, just wants to "get a tan"!!

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He told me to "get over it", no.

Your H is an @sshole and doesn't care for the wellfare and safety of you and the little ones. SD19 is going to be running around partying exposing herself to who/God knows what and he's ok with her staying a week at the house and has the AUDACITY to tell YOU to get over it??

Personally, I don't know how you do it and still living under the same roof with him but I promise you one thing...ALL HELL would break loose and that man would feel my wrath on ALL levels.


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This is one I'm not backing down on. I will raise hell if he tries to bring her in the house. And if we've been quarantined, and he still chooses to go out and spend time with her, then I will raise more hell. She's not home on vacation to spend time with family; she's home because there's a pandemic and needs to be as cautious as the rest of us. 

And trust me, I am counting the days ...

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Well yo might get lucky if she gets to one of the vacation spots and it gets hit they will quarantine them there.

I think your DH should be thinking more about his young children at home and make sure he checks in with his adult daughter, but I don't think she needs to come hide at your house for a week while she pretends to do classwork online.

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And this is why the colleges are closing after spring break.  Students who aren't mature enough to understand that while it may not affect them health-wise, other than flu like symptoms, the damage it can do to their families could be dangerous.

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If DH wants her. He should rent a hotel room for the two of them to get daddddy daughter time.   Make sure he adds a additional 14 days at the hotel. Or get tested before coming home. 
I would not be locked in a house with SD with DH working and playing out of the home 

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Sorry, but if she's going to be traveling and socializing, she would not be allowed in my house. That's just stupid.

Your husband is such a jerk. He needs to get over it.

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I just talked with DH over chat (a preferred method). I told him if he wouldn't commit to some reasonable safety protocols for SS15, and especially for SS19 when she comes back to our area, that he was going to put me (high risk) and our younger kids at risk. That SD19 coming home was not a mini vacation or reunion; that she could very well be bringing home this virus. That she needs to stay with BM as planned, and that DH needs to use facetime or chat.  And that the same goes for SS15 who will be in the same home as her. That the whole point, starting next week, is to stay contained at home. Everything is closing in the area, except for hospitals, clinics, gas stations, and some grocery stores. But idiot SD19 will be out and about, because she doesn't give a **** about anyone but herself.

Wonder where she gets it from....  So you'd think DH's world was ending when I told him all this. He's obviously not on board. Said that no one could keep him out of his home, and that if he wants his daughter there, he has every right.

About an hour west of us, there are cabins for rent. There are no cases of covid19 out there. I can pack a cooler with all the food I bought, toys, enough clothing and personal items for a couple weeks, and head there with my bios. I'll bring my laptop and get as much work done as I can, but assume I'll just need to take unpaid leave it necesary.

He's such a shi&head.

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Yup god forbid we ruin we ruin these Princesses' impromptu vacations with concerns about the health of the other children or, even worse, our own health.