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Accepting the inevitable

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So DH has decided he will not be giving in to BM and changing up the custody. I can't blame him I guess. This means I will for sure be responsible for SDs (7) homeschool for the foreseeable future. Homeschooling, raising a baby, running the house, and working parttime. Yippee! -sarcasm- I can already feel how burnt out I'm going to be soon. 


Couple's counseling

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So I started couple's counseling with BF 3 weeks ago and its been going okay so far. I like the advice she's given us about our relationship, and it's working in the sense that it's helping us rebuild our relationship and make it stronger. She's given us great tips about what we can do to improve ourselves and we've both been taking action, so there's hope for us. We are actually going away for a couples weekend this weekend, and for the first time in over 8 months, I'll have BF all to myself for an entire weekend!!! No DD (though I love her dearly and will miss her) and no skids!!!


I HATE Couples Counseling

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I am considering going back to couples counseling. My DH and I have been to counseling in the past but it has not been very helpful.  Our past counselors were good listeners but nothing from the sessions really helped us to improve things in our marriage. I felt mostly our sessions were just us both talking about our problems and each defending our point of views. My DH think's mostly he is "right' "correct" about most things and I spend the session time feeling in the position of defending my view or how I see things differently.