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I HATE Couples Counseling

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I am considering going back to couples counseling. My DH and I have been to counseling in the past but it has not been very helpful.  Our past counselors were good listeners but nothing from the sessions really helped us to improve things in our marriage. I felt mostly our sessions were just us both talking about our problems and each defending our point of views. My DH think's mostly he is "right' "correct" about most things and I spend the session time feeling in the position of defending my view or how I see things differently.


Officially official

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Well today the BM was granted unsupervised visits. She and her two daughters (ages 11 and Dirol have been participating in chat house therapy for about 6 months. Previously she has had no contact (not court ordered) for 5 years. The oldest shows a lot of hesitation in wanting to go to her house or be around her but I'm not entirely sure if it's a show for her dad and I. I keep encouraging her that it will be okay and it's only from 9am to 6pm.


Been A While - Just had to post a laugh!

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So it's been a while since I posted. BM had started making all sorts of accusations and demanding the kiddos attend therapy, which is usually the prelude to DH being served for a new custody case or extra child support.

However, I now have to share a good laugh with all of you!

BM insisted on therapy for SD13 and SS11, because "SS11 is dangerous and SD13 is defiant. There must be something wrong with them even though you aren't seeign any of these issues! It's definitely not my lack of parenting."