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Health Insurance Debacle

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My partner and I decided on health insurance that was best for our arriving newborn and his two kids with his baby moms.  He did ask her opinion earlier on but then decided to go with what was more affordable and staying in the same network that the baby would be born under.  We chose to do Kaiser for health insurance,  but she wanted UnitedHealthcare since her kids have had it since birth.  My partner made the change and since she has state insurance his insurance will become the primary.  She’s upset.



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Hey all !

Potty training the 3 year old.

Been at this for about 1 month now.

The bio mom is not really encouraging her to potty train, sadly telling her that she's "still a baby".

However, she is completely ready!!! She knows what she's doing, has taken poop and pee in there whole days at a time.

So what other advise do you have?


Court in 2 weeks

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Hello all !

I'm new to the site.

In two weeks, we're returning to court for custody modification since BM was in contempt and keeps bending the custody arrangement to her scheduling.  Any suggestions or advice?  How does court usually go for contempt?  We have joint legal and physical but are going to recommend Joint physical and legal with kids having two residences and not any one primary.  Also we have plans to request a 4-3 custody schedule.  4 days for Dad and 3 days for Mom.

Any suggestions?  or anyone know how this could go?