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Spoiled SS5 won’t potty train and poops himself at school

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Just a quick background. My fiancé and I have been together since shortly after his divorce. He has a son with his ex wife, who is 5 and I have a daughter who is 12. We recently moved in together. We have SS5 every other weekend plus Wednesday night. There is a lot more to vent in all this but the one that is driving me up a wall right now is SS5's inability to potty train. For 3 years, I've watched him pee and poop himself constantly. He knows he's doing it cause he will back up and squat in a corner of his room to do it.



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Hey all !

Potty training the 3 year old.

Been at this for about 1 month now.

The bio mom is not really encouraging her to potty train, sadly telling her that she's "still a baby".

However, she is completely ready!!! She knows what she's doing, has taken poop and pee in there whole days at a time.

So what other advise do you have?