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Spoiled SS5 won’t potty train and poops himself at school

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Just a quick background. My fiancé and I have been together since shortly after his divorce. He has a son with his ex wife, who is 5 and I have a daughter who is 12. We recently moved in together. We have SS5 every other weekend plus Wednesday night. There is a lot more to vent in all this but the one that is driving me up a wall right now is SS5's inability to potty train. For 3 years, I've watched him pee and poop himself constantly. He knows he's doing it cause he will back up and squat in a corner of his room to do it.


Failure to launch SS

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I am miserable with a man i love dearly.   How is that possible.  We have 3 kids living at home. My 16yo and 13yo and his 22yo. My issue is the 22yo. He moved in from living with his mom who basically kicked him out.   He is completely rude and disrespectful to his dad. His conversational ability in my opinion is that of a 13/15 year old. He sleeps all day long, wakes up on average maybe 4pm (might be 2pm one day 5pm another). Games all night long and comes down to eat anywhere between 1am and 330am.


SS18 Came, Saw, Tantrum, & Back to BM's

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So yesterday SS had DH pick him up to come "clean" his old bedroom (the one he lost when he got kicked OUT by DH one month ago, as detailed in my prior blogs). I was in the kitchen & got a lukewarm "Hey StepUltimate" before SS went into his old room. Based on the vibe, I quickly turned on some AC/DC "For Those About To Rock" and cranked it up enough so I wouldn't hear the b.s. DH went in and a minute later, and they both came out. "Going driving already?" I asked, but DH said SS wanted to be taken back to BM's house. Okay...