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Disengagement with One Skid While Building Relationships with Others

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It's the Monday after visitation weekend and time to decompress!  SS11 (SS10 had a birthday) and SS15 were here for the weekend and it was actually pretty darn good.  For the first time ever, SS11 asked MR.


SS18 Came, Saw, Tantrum, & Back to BM's

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So yesterday SS had DH pick him up to come "clean" his old bedroom (the one he lost when he got kicked OUT by DH one month ago, as detailed in my prior blogs). I was in the kitchen & got a lukewarm "Hey StepUltimate" before SS went into his old room. Based on the vibe, I quickly turned on some AC/DC "For Those About To Rock" and cranked it up enough so I wouldn't hear the b.s. DH went in and a minute later, and they both came out. "Going driving already?" I asked, but DH said SS wanted to be taken back to BM's house. Okay...