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Making a blended family work (need help)

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What are different things you guys did and maybe still do to bond with your skids?

What has their treatment of you been like?

How has your relationship with them changed over the years as they've gotten older?

Did any of you end up genuinely loving your skids and did they express genuine love for you in return?

If you could go back in time, is there anything you would've done differently?


Health Insurance Debacle

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My partner and I decided on health insurance that was best for our arriving newborn and his two kids with his baby moms.  He did ask her opinion earlier on but then decided to go with what was more affordable and staying in the same network that the baby would be born under.  We chose to do Kaiser for health insurance,  but she wanted UnitedHealthcare since her kids have had it since birth.  My partner made the change and since she has state insurance his insurance will become the primary.  She’s upset.


I hate my step kids

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 Let’s just start off from the beginning. I knew my now husband two years ago I came over for game night with my significant other at the time and he was with his wife and children. I have a daughter of my own and we were invited over for a game night. I was attracted to my husband and he was me but we never voiced it. My significant other and I broke up. And not too long after my husband and his Now ex-wife were legally separated and starting to get divorced. We became friends for about a year. And then we dated and got married and everything was great.