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wish they didn’t exist

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So where do i even begin.... i know the way i feel might not be "okay" or "normal" but i can't stop myself from a feeling that's obviously there. I fell in love with my husband but not his 2 children (9 year old son, and 4 year old daughter). I think it's gotten to the point where i need to end the marriage because i can't stand his children at all and i wish they would disappear and never have to see us or talk to us ever again. Me and my husband have a 6 month old daughter together and i don't want his kids anywhere near our baby.


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I used to get along with my SS5 when his dad and I were dating until we moved in together. Once we lived together and started getting SS5 o started to realize just how annoying he really is. I've been told by my mother and some family members that he's just a kid it's what they do. Which I get to a point, but this little brat is too much! I ad my first child in October and he's had it out for her ever since. From hitting her with pillows at a week old, to trying to destroy her toys and the worst of all coughing on her and her things.