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I used to get along with my SS5 when his dad and I were dating until we moved in together. Once we lived together and started getting SS5 o started to realize just how annoying he really is. I've been told by my mother and some family members that he's just a kid it's what they do. Which I get to a point, but this little brat is too much! I ad my first child in October and he's had it out for her ever since. From hitting her with pillows at a week old, to trying to destroy her toys and the worst of all coughing on her and her things. My DH doesn't see a thing wrong with SS5 behavior because he feels like everyone is attacking the boy because of how his mother treats him. DH says that he will always stand up and take SS side no matter what and that I'm to blame for how SS5 acts and for how my DH reacts when my annoyed by him. To make things worse, we've been stuck with the brat for almost 3 weeks now since the schools are out and I'm not even allowed to leave my home!!! I've tried to talk to DH about it but he just blames me and then gets mad at me when I don't wanna be around anyone when he's with us.


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It's not you. It's your DH. He's dran his line in the sand. Is it something you're willing to live with?

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My formerSO's kid used to try and hurt our shared baby son and formerSO did nothing to correct the behavior. The kid was 13, plenty old enough to know better. This was in addition to all the crap he did to me. 

I left. I had to protect my baby. Why do you stay if your husband will not protect your baby? Why do you "have" to watch his kid all the time? Where is his mother? 

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I know some people are against it, but this is why it pays to live together for a bit before marriage.

Also, your husband is being a total jerk. He'll always take his son's side? So if his son stabs the baby with a knife, he will defend that?

I think marriage counseling is in order. He's got his priorities all out of whack - another father who is creating a monster child that will never function normally.

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Tell me, prithee do, what the actual f*ck is your DH using as brains? He thinks a child should be able to abuse a baby? SERIOUSLY?

If your DH isn't home, his son should be with his mother. You are not his parent and he is there for visitation with his father. The time is supposed to be with him - it isn't a question of depriving his mother of time with him. If he can't be there then the kid goes back to his other parent. You are not his babysitter. Father isn't there, child isn't either.

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DH says that he will always stand up and take SS side no matter what

Parents who make blanket statements, like above, should remain single. I mean, what a stupid thing to say.

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You dont have a SS issue, as much as you do a SO issue.

I would suggest quarantining the brat to his room for duration. Invest in nanny cams and record his kids behavior.

It will not get better, because no repercussions. Why is his son considered higher than your daughter? Many call this "first family worship". Because your daughter has dad 100% and his son has 50% or whatever, it is also called "guilty dadee syndrom".

Knowing what is going on is different than acting on it. You do not need to parent this child. Insist that your SO parent his own child.