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He FINALLY Took Those Keys Away...A Few Days Too Late

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I knew something big was coming with SD17 (SD16...she had a birthday) and so did many of you STalkers following my blog posts. If you called it....consider this story an affirmation of your perceptive awesomeness and ability to stop BS in it's tracks.  If you didn't see it coming and are still giving your self-destructive teens the benefit of the doubt...well, let this be a cautionary tale!  If you don't have time or energy to read this long post in its entirety, jump to the bottom for the MORAL OF THE STORY

Here we go...


Social Media Interferes With Remorse

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When I was younger I sometimes did something wrong that would get me in trouble with my parents. I wasn't always sent to my room or even grounded. After being corrected on my bad behavior I had to go about my day, maybe I would  isolate myself in my room pouting because of what I perceived as being unfair treatment, or a bit later I would talk to a friend about it. Either way I had some time with my own thoughts. I had time to sift through and reflect on what I had done that caused me to get in trouble.