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Toxic Troll and her crazy post

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Yes, I know that I shouldnt go there, but I monitor, as a type of protection.

Toxic Troll, for her "Happy Father's Day" FAKEbook post uploaded an old photo of SDs and said "Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad ever, and the best Ex Husband Ever - DH's Name Here"

Im like, "hello? Did an alien take over your social media???"

If youve read even 1 of my posts, its always how UTTERLY TOXIC Toxic Troll is. She has called DH every harsh, critical, demeaning, trashy thing you can call another human being. I am floored.


I did something dumb

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I looked at BM’s fb and got a stomach ache over all of the lies. She paints this rosy picture of her life and who she is. All of it is absolute bullcrap.

DH was disappointed in me for “diving into the muck” and giving her power over my mind. He chooses to ignore her. He is wise.



Social Media Interferes With Remorse

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When I was younger I sometimes did something wrong that would get me in trouble with my parents. I wasn't always sent to my room or even grounded. After being corrected on my bad behavior I had to go about my day, maybe I would  isolate myself in my room pouting because of what I perceived as being unfair treatment, or a bit later I would talk to a friend about it. Either way I had some time with my own thoughts. I had time to sift through and reflect on what I had done that caused me to get in trouble.


ToxicTroll and her "Brain Injury" part deux -The easy win

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After spending time in the courthouse, I found out that ToxicTroll is currently winning her workmans comp case. They offered to settle for 48K, and she turned it down.

After spending so much time researching Child Support, I need to find out if this will affect anything. Does a workmans comp payout affect her incme for child support calculations? 

Im having "child support discovery fatigue" currently so I dont feel like reading and asking about it anymore for now.

For now, I just want to think about me, DH and our future that we are building.