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I did something dumb

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I looked at BM’s fb and got a stomach ache over all of the lies. She paints this rosy picture of her life and who she is. All of it is absolute bullcrap.

DH was disappointed in me for “diving into the muck” and giving her power over my mind. He chooses to ignore her. He is wise.


Gosh I feel sorry for this man. He lived with a profound liar for years. I promise myself to always have my gameface on when SD13 visits because no matter how good I think she is and how sweet she is to my DS, her little bro, for she is being raised by an incredible manipulator. There is no telling what she could be convinced to do in order to earn mommy’s false love. And as for DH’s oldest grown son, when he comes by which is very rare, I simply leave. He is so in love with his mommy, I can’t imagine how much he would enjoy bringing me trouble.


Oh but I deserve it. I love his father. What a horrible creature i am. Lol


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I used to check BM's Facebook occasionally, but then I decided to stop. I refuse to give her anymore room in my life or my head.  If her FB upsets you, then you should block her and be done with it. Trust me, it really is easier to block her out. 

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OP, I check BM's over here FB occasionally but the harpy is so predictable that I feel that what is the point of me upsetting myself because we already know what to expect about BM and OSS.  DH has even admitted that OSS is a manipulator just like BM.  These women put on a facade and have so many people fooled and it literally makes my stomach turn.  Anyone can paint a picture online about how wonderful of a person they are and how wonderful their life is.  BM over here likes to flash how much money she has and the only reason she can flash her money is because of CS.  I found it is best to ignore these idiots and show them that they cannot insert themselves into your life.

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Yeah, don't do it.  I used to check BM's Facebook occasionally too, and then she blocked me after DH found something out about his former stepdaughter elsewhere online (she was getting married and he sent her a gift - the horror!).  I was very grateful.

Occasionally I get a friend to look at it for me, just to be sure we aren't missing something that we can use to stop Child Support, or whatever. 

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Most people have fake Facebook lives. I only occasionally go on FB for this reason. Unless someone I specifically want to converse with uses FB messenger, it’s a pretty useless media IMO.

There was a two year stint in mine and DH’s lives when our lives were actually pretty super awesome: we traveled, camped, hiked the AT, and did a variety of other things like riding in a hot air balloon. I got wind from some acquaintances that a lot of my FB friends thought my “happy life” was a farce. So, it can go both ways.

The bottom line is that FB is a great forum for scam artists (such as your BM), haters (such as the folk who thought my life was fabricated LOL), and some honest people looking for either recognition or connection and finding neither... oh and people who truly enjoy photos of cats or children.

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The ironic thing here is that I looked her up to block her. And i got sucked in because nearly all of her posts are public.

I actually deleted my fb and have been mostly fb free for about a couple months. I’ll scroll on dh’s desk sometimes if im at his desk. But I have to have fb to manage some business pages. So i signed up for a new account. As im on her page to block her, i get sucked in. I also have went ahead and blocked the woman who always says “oh ds looks just like ss18!” every time i see her. Because that lady is just annoying. LOL


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Once in awhile I do recon to see what bullsh*t Biowh0re and her dirtclan are up to. I run internet searches; check their social media accounts etc.

 If I find slander against me or DH I report it and sometimes they get a hand slap for breaking rules.

My recon missions yield valuable intel that  I use to prevent process servers, lawyer offices etc from harassing ME and sending sh!t to my house.

I don’t tell my DH when I’m doing recon unless it’s extremely pertinent information that he needs to know.

I take my duty to protect my children, husband and marriage deadly seriously and it’s working! I’m cordial with law offices even though it makes me mad I have to talk to them! It’s my job!

Be smart and proactive about your snooping. Make fake accounts and don’t tell your husband since he gets “disappointed.”