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Toxic Troll and her crazy post

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Yes, I know that I shouldnt go there, but I monitor, as a type of protection.

Toxic Troll, for her "Happy Father's Day" FAKEbook post uploaded an old photo of SDs and said "Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad ever, and the best Ex Husband Ever - DH's Name Here"

Im like, "hello? Did an alien take over your social media???"

If youve read even 1 of my posts, its always how UTTERLY TOXIC Toxic Troll is. She has called DH every harsh, critical, demeaning, trashy thing you can call another human being. I am floored.

But perhaps this is not to be unexpected? Part of the "image management machine", that Narcissists do, for their legions of FAKEbook fans and friends. That image management that makes it necessary to look like you are "the sane one", "the nice one". Everyones "best fwend". Amicable. Approachable - especially important if you are angling for a boyfriend who has an ex-baby momma)

Im still very much WTF.

Next thing I know she'll wish me "Happy Birthday" next month.



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He has all her 7 profiles blocked, so he didnt see it. Im in a sort of "stealth mode", so she doesnt see me either, and I dont see her but well, you know, I do.

So, I think its part of that narc thing - "image management". And wanting to look like the nice one, the sane one to her fan club. Who probably contain more than one father with a toxic ex who they have children with.

But seriously, either shes crazy or was drunk, and reminiscing about all the good times.

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Yes, well I dont think that HE was the intended audience.

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The trouble is with Facebook sometimes its like looking at a train wreck, you dont want to look but you just cant help it!

I sure hope she posts a Happy Birthday Clove Wink

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like a trainwreck.

I shouldnt have looked, I looked, didnt like what I saw, and am now thinking all kinds of bad things. Like "is she on to the fact I am monitoring her stuff?" or even better "do she and DH still have something? Is she still in love with him?"

You know, like that.

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That would definitely raise some flags if BM posted that. I wouldn't worry about her trying to get back with your SO though. She's either hoping he finds out and is trying to butter him up for something or just being a narcissist.

BM in my story posted "A gentle reminder: please do not guilt people who no longer have relationships with toxic parents into forgiving their toxic parent. Forgiveness is for the victim on their terms. The victimizer is not entitled to forgiveness."

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So deep.

I realised she was just being a Narc and doing image management.

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She's just being a typical narcissist.  Over the years this kind of thing is what I have come to expect from NPD BM as well, particularly when she wants something from my DH.  

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She did this the same reason my skids' BM posts about her kids' dads being deadbeats. To make herself look better. (BM herself is a deadbeat and all of the dads have custody.)