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Divorce and Starting Over

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There are so many lessons learned as we proceed through the mine field of divorce and child custody and co-parenting once the process is final that it might be a good thing to share our experiences with others so that they may learn from our experiences and avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way.  

Those who are new to the process are often overwhelmed and don't really know where to begin.  We know that divorce is the next best step, but how do we file?  What do we ask for?  What can we expect?

It's also very likely that people in our real lives don't want to get involved or don't understand what we are feeling because they have not been faced with these issues.  Maybe this can be a place to get the advice and support we can not find in real life.



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but idk how to request to be a member of the group, or it doesn't work that way?

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It's just a continuous thread.  I'm not too familiar with this format, but at least this way we can stay connected.  I will friend you, too.  And there is a pm function.

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add my name to the attendance list, TotTaxi!

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and feeling like I'm in a foreign country........... lol.

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I'm still trying to figure out how it all works.  Anyway, friend me by clicking on my name printed in red.

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If you click on Forums, you'll find all the different forum we have for various aspects of step life, including one called Family Court. You can also create a post on your personal blog about your experiences with family court (ugh), and other members can comment.

The format is a bit wonky, but there's a wealth of experience and support to be tapped here. Traffic is generally slow on weekends, but it picks up again on Mondays.

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Well this is it just a blog or can we create a group?


Also hi....I am on CafeMom too.

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I'm glad you made  your way here.  We are still trying to figure out how this site works, but with CM giving us so little notice about closing the community, this was a way we could stay in touch until we find the right fit.  I think that you can post any questions or concerns in this blog in the same way as always and receive replies just as I am replying to you now.  You can also utilize the main site forums to post questions to a larger audience.

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Hello!  It's Goobergal!  So happy to stay connected. Thanks totaxi.  It'll take some time for me to figure this out and even remember to check on here.  LOL...

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This is very different. Taxi, sent you friend request.

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well I found you but man this is wierd....


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I tried to post before but it didn't go through.....

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what forum were you on on CM? I was in stepmom central. :)