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New Here...Teenage Skids Anyone?

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Does anyone else out there feel like somewhere along your stepparent journey your life got swept up in a monsoon of other people's dysfunction?  I was single for over 10 years and fiercely dedicated to raising my DS and living my best, most emotionally healthy, peaceful, and happy life.  Then I fell in love with BF/SO and we have been living together and sharing our life for 6 years now.  SO has 5 kids...SD22, SD20, SD16, SS15, and SS10...3 BMs.  Yeah, I should've known better, right?  I actually started this out with such hope and was positive that we would all bring great things to each o


Good Try

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So we had another round of SS17 acting up at the supper table.  He began arguing with DD14 after she made a (bad) joke.  After she said she was kidding, it didn't matter.  SS17 proceeded to be rude to his mother again, and right in front of me, so I had enough.  I actually forgot the exact words I used but it made him mad enough to leave the table and say "I'm sick of putting up with people's crap!"  I responded with "I'm tired of your crap."  I then finished supper and took a walk in the rain with DD14.