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How do I learn to disengage?

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I guess my only opiton is to learn disengagement in my situation. I am trying to understand how to do that and to not let all these family problems get me down. The difficulties with my adult stephchildren and my husband leaves me feeling powerless and hopeless which results in some depression. My adult stepdaughter will not see me at all or let me come to her home (Never did anything wrong to her except right a letter saying I was hurt when she leaves my home without saying goodbye). She only invites DH and disincludes me, so I am left to just accept that.


OT - Women Wednesday

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Welcome to Wednesday, Stalkers. My apologies for my long absence. Let’s talk about that…

I suffer from both anxiety and depression. To add to that, I’ve also been on a bit of a merry-go-round with my physical health. Mental and physical health are like balancing scales. Did you know that when one is ‘off’ is can affect the other?