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Vacation from the monster

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My Dh is out of town for the next month for work. He'll be home before Christmas. I didn't realize how much stress my ss3 and sd2 put on me until he was leaving. I was very sad because I love Dh so much, but on the other hand I'm fucking ecstatic because i don't have to be terrorized by his toddlers for A MONTH!!!

       I know, I know, I'm so lucky! Anyway my sd for the most part is just awesome, she's very well behaved and only throws an occasional tantrum as kids her age will, but my ss3 is a Nightmare!!! This kid throws more tantrums than any other kid I've seen in my life. Hitting, screaming, breaking things. And it's all over the word No, which is normal at his age, but I dont think the amount of temper tantrums that he has is normal. He's very aggressive and wants to argue about everything, but Dh let's him do whatever he wants and he's the boss.

        Recently at daycare he got in trouble because he was holding another kid up against the wall by their throat....he is 3. Another day he was throwing a tantrum and the daycare worker was trying to calm down, he looked at her and kicked her square in the face. And my Dh wants me to constantly be around and playing "mommy" when this monster is over. I just want to run away! But for the next month I am safe and in fucking HEAVEN!

        We've been exchanging letter for about a week and I told him that I will no longer be watching princess and monster when he is not home, due to my own sanity. Next letter plan is for him to spend some one on one time with his children. He will put if I just want to go to the grocery store without him and his kids. Or he will want me to take his toddlers with me!!! Uuuuummmmmm NO!

        Have any of you had problems getting Dh to let you get away while he actually hangs out with his kids? How did you bring it up?


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I use the phrase "your kids need alone time with you". How can he argue with that? I also have alone time with my bios

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I have tried that, but he thinks we should just all be a big happy family all the time, but even normal families don't do absolutely everything together *sigh* I just wish that I could talk to him about it without him getting defensive or angry.

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Truth is, he doesn't want to parent his kids, because they are too much for him, too.  But too bad, he created them, he can learn to parent them.  He was hoping he found a woman who would do that for him, but I hope you will stick to your guns.  If he's going to non-parent, he can deal with the consequences.

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I definitely plan on sticking to my plans. I can't be a good wife or a good mother to our child if I'm not happy. He was a really good dad to them, but BM took the kids away and he didn't have contact for 4 months, now he just let's them do whatever, no consequences. 

P.s. his son was still a monster before the no contact lol

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"Sorry DH, if I don't get some time away I'm going to start becoming resentful, and that's not good for anyone. I need space and you need one-on-one time with your kids". My SO doesn't care at all if I go do things on my own when we have skids.

Take 2 toddlers that aren't even yours to the store with you...ha! Balls of steel, your DH has.

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Early on my DH tried to push me and his kids to be a happy family.  He expected me to watch them while he was at work on his weekends.   Long story caused a huge rift.  I resented him and the SSs because I hated being stuck with them.  And the SSs hated me because they didn’t want to be stuck with me...they wanted their dad.    I tried to explain this to DH but he was only concerned about. It making BM mad.   So it wasn’t until OSS stopped coming that he started to see what he was doing.  Sadly two of my three SSs never got past this and now have no relationship with DH.   Your SO needs to step up and parent his own kids.

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It's really nice getting advice from so many other people that have been in my position, I used to think that his expectations of me were normal and there was something wrong with me for getting a crushing anxiety days before the skids would come that would last until they left. It's so good to see that I'm not in the wrong.