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Help! :jawdrop:

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Okay, so I posted on here the other day about my SK's. SS3 almost 4 in particular. So, just to recap. We only have the kids one week out of the month. We live in different states. This time however, we have had them around a month. SS I believe is autistic. Just to clue in on the frustration, last night we woke up to another "poop session" SS3 had once again pulled his poop out of the diaper (cannot get him fully potty trained)and was playing with it in bed. Nice. Okay, so I'm used to it. Well, DH finally grew a set & stood up to BM. BTW he has been trying to talk to her about this & have her get him evaluated or let us get him evaluated for over a year now. BM says there is nothing wrong, to not suggest it ever again. She says she has had him checked by a doctor & the doctor says everything is fine. Ugh. BS. There is no doctor in their right mind who is going to spend time with SS3 and say everything is fine. I am so frustrated. This has been going on too long. I know it must be hard for someone to imagine something wrong with their child, But come on. This is too long. SS3 is going to suffer, because SM cannot get over it. We have done everything, suggested she let us have him tested. Had him set up for speech therapy and needed a doctor referral. No luck there, she wouldn't have it. When is this going to get any better, if no one will do what needs to be done. I am so over this crap. We can only do so much for him right now, we need a doctor's help. We are almost ready to just take him to a hospital and explain situation & go that route. SS3 won't speak. He babbles some things. He throws probably 3 to 5 screaming tantrums an hour. I need help. This is crazy. DH wants to call CPS or try to fight in court for them (there are other problems with both) but I think for some reason he thinks he won't win. I admit it would be difficult, but I just don't know any other route to get him the help he needs. Any suggestions? I'm in over my head here.