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I Shouldn't Find this Funny

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My six year old swallowed a penny. There's one kid in every family who just has to do something like that. My best friend as a little kid and I were into eating rocks. We didn't suffer adverse effects I can remember. My ex just phoned me and reported that my younger son just told him this. My son said he did it quite a while ago, so my ex is supposing he "pooped it out" but is bringing him for an x ray tomorrow just to be sure. I didn't crack up on the phone, but sure did after the call. Oh, little one, don't eat pennies! They can just go in your piggy bank!


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ha! i swallowed a penny when i was 4. it went down with no problems, but after i did it, i freaked out and started bawling that i swallowed a penny. yeah, my mom and aunt laughed at me. Biggrin

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Ha, ha. There's a lot of heavy stuff going on for people, I hope a little laugh helps : )

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Goodness, that reminds of my blue blanky. I would knead it and rub it. One night I rubbed off one of the fringes, or maybe I made the fringe with all that handling. Anyway, I shoved it up my nose. Oops, deep. I feaked out, went crying into my parents room. They woke up all disoriented with a four year old full of blue blanky in her nose crying. My dad had to use some tool, thankfully memory blanks it out, to get it out. He was gentle and careful, but that process would be terrifying to any kid regardless of her trust in her dad. LOL, never did do that again, though I did plenty of other little things after . . . ha ha