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Is this a trick??

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    Sooooo last night DH gets a text from biohag asking to pick up the kids 5 days early and have them all week and through the weekend because she has a headache and she's getting sick. Man oh man sick for an entire 7 days, I call BULLSHIT!

    Anyway this morning he is out ice fishing because he's not picking the kids up until biohag gets off of work. He texts me and says that he wants to have the kids the majority of the time at his moms so he can have more one on one time with them and have less friction between us!!!! WHAT?! I think DH has been abducted and replaced with a dad that maybe, just maybe, isn't a full on Mickey mouse eared disney dad!!!!

    Not sure if this is real or if I'm on Punk'd! Maybe it's a test to see if I'll gladly see him out of the house for a week? I'll sure as hell be happy to not have to spend time with his nightmare of a son and keep spending one on one time with my baby girl! What do you guys think? Is he trying to make a real change or is he feeling sorry for himself and his kids by taking them out of the house while he has them? Should I even care? Is this the beginning of something tremendously beautiful or the beginning of the end? I guess only time will tell, DH can be pretty petty so I'm nervous to find out!

    Are there any other step moms who have this type of arrangement? Or is this completely not the norm?


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A week at their nana's house is a lux spa vacation for my skids. Mil plays the nice buffer by entertaining, cooking and feeding his kids while he gets to do jack shit. This is a Disney dad taking his kids to Disneyland so he doesn't have to hear anything from his wife about the crap that goes on.

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Oh god..... you're so right!!! I just hope he isn't deluded into believing his son isn't a monster because the family is too scared to speak up about it! They haven't had any problems talking to me about it when DH isn't around. Maybe they'll all be driven nuts as I sip my wine and play with my daughter lmfao

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I had this exact same scenario with OSD. My MIL and FIL and SIL and BIL and all of DH’s friends would confide in me about how horrible and difficult to tolerate OSD was...but DH remained blissfully unaware. 

Its nice when people who are supposed to like the kid confirm your suspicions...makes you realize you’re not the crazy one. 


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What are the chances he parks them with his mom and he goes off ice fishing or spending time with his buddies?

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I'll feel bad for whoever gets stuck with them, but I'm flipping ecstatic that it isn't me! Bahahahahahahaha!!

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I call them insta-dads. The ones who know damn well they don't spend time with their kids but have endless picks probably sent by the duped step parent watching them or grandparents. But who gives a damn at least they are not with you. If this was my situation my husband would have me watch them. 

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I would say enjoy your vacation while DH and his kids are at his mum's.

I'm also going to take a wild stab the dark and say that BM will enjoy her vacation as well, as she can see into the future and know a head ache will turn into a 7 day sickness.

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Your idiot husband needs to say NO to biohag bullsh!tting her way out of her parenting time. My DH will tell Biohag no to stupid “I am sick (I want to get shit faced) lame excuses.