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Financial Security Responsibilities

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I have 5 children of mine and 4 step children. All 5 of mine are now adults although typically one of them at a time may move back in to our house to get "back on their feet" from time to time. My current and 2nd wife of 4 years has 4 children. Two of those are teenagers and living with us. My wife always has an excuse not to get a job. She hasn't worked in several years (before we married). She is always citing it is because she needs to be there for her teens.


Thinking ahead...

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So I’ve been thinking about how SD13 lied to CPS and said her dad physically abused her.

I imagine someday in the future she will report to BM that I am abusive or neglectful in some way to DS. If this happens, I think I will simply say this to SD13, 

“You lied about how well I take care of DS. Because you lied about me, you don’t get to be around us as much. So we’ll see you on holidays and that’s it.”


Or not say anything at all except screw you for lying, and then basically disappear out of the house whenever she is here.