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Son sexually abused/molested by older step brother

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**IT'S A LONG ONE! But could use some feedback**

To start, my 7yr old son lives with his Dad during the week, and with me on the weekends (we have swapped a couple times prior due to jobs, my schooling, etc.). Since our breakup~7yrs ago, we have been civil, friendly, fair with split custody, sharing medical and daycare bills, etc. We even went to funtown with him, his wife and her kids. All of this with absolutely NO legal involvement.


Thinking ahead...

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So I’ve been thinking about how SD13 lied to CPS and said her dad physically abused her.

I imagine someday in the future she will report to BM that I am abusive or neglectful in some way to DS. If this happens, I think I will simply say this to SD13, 

“You lied about how well I take care of DS. Because you lied about me, you don’t get to be around us as much. So we’ll see you on holidays and that’s it.”


Or not say anything at all except screw you for lying, and then basically disappear out of the house whenever she is here.