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Thinking ahead...

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So I’ve been thinking about how SD13 lied to CPS and said her dad physically abused her.

I imagine someday in the future she will report to BM that I am abusive or neglectful in some way to DS. If this happens, I think I will simply say this to SD13, 

“You lied about how well I take care of DS. Because you lied about me, you don’t get to be around us as much. So we’ll see you on holidays and that’s it.”


Or not say anything at all except screw you for lying, and then basically disappear out of the house whenever she is here. 



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My SS18 lied his face off, repeatedly and still does. Lied to teachers, therapists, attorneys, judge, BM ...

I've never said anything to him about it, but it's never really been about me.  DH has called him on it, but it means nothing.  If he had been lying about me, I don't know if I would have stayed around, honestly.  Maybe I'd have moved out. In the end, BM alienated him and we didn't see him for over 3 years, so that took care of itself.

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Spawn falsely accused her stepfather of molesting her because meth mouth told her too.

when we got custody no men on my side of the family would be with Spawn alone.  We never said anything because spawn could have cared less.

Saying something to your SD only satisfies your need to point out her horrible behavior.  Trust me that kid is not upset or hurt over the lies she is spreading to hurt you or her father.  Do yourself a favor and just disengage and be gone if/when she does visit. 

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Do not give her the satisfaction.  Disengage.  Seriously, it is the best thing I ever did in my 16 years of marriage.

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My OSD and her BM routinely accuse people of molesting them or their children. BM actually accused both her bio and stepfather of molesting her. OSD is taking after her, routinely accuses people of molesting SGD. they think of nothing of ruining people’s lives by making false acccusations 

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I want to be gone during her visits. But if I do that, then she believes she is in control and has “gotten rid of me”. No. She will know that she is a guest in MY house. I’ll be here. And she’ll stay back 200 ft if you know what I mean. She is already proving to be a thief and a liar at both homes. Sad sad sad

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The ones that record for hours on a flash drive.  Put it in your living room, date it. Today is Saturday dec  let it record everything.  So you have a recorded record of what happens at every visit,  you need to keep them for six months .

if she pulled this on her own DD, she will so the same thing to you.  You should not let her back in your house with out perfessional help first.  CYA first 

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She lied all the time, starting with small stuff, and now on to Big Stuff. She cussed me out a few years ago, and lied to her mother saying it was I that cussed HER out. When she asked DH about it, he told her what had happened, that it was ctuall hr daughter dearest that cussed ME out. Do you think there were any repercussions? Heck to the no, Im sure that BM probably told her "good girl!"

Now she is telling Munchkin SD12.5 that her uncle was behaving inappropriately, by telling her she had a sexy body, and "making" her try on bathing suites that were too small, and bikinis. That her aunt was letting her uncle steal from her gmas estate.

Then just recently she texted her father, DH that he was abusive to her.

The BM, Toxic Troll does the same thing. They like to rewrite history. And gaslight you into thinking its truth. 

During the Child support court wrangling, Toxic Troll texted DH that he used to hit her. Hes like "no, you would drink, get drunk, and hit me, so I had to push you away."

If your SD is lying NOW, it will definitely get worse as she ages. Protect yourself now, with nanny cams, and dont be alone with her when she visits. I stopped talking and saying anything to Toxic Feral Eldest so that she had no more ammunition to use against me. And made certain that Munchkin SD12 knows the truth of things, so she cannot be manipulated by her sisters constant lying.

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If the girl is making false allegations of abuse against either of you, and you have another child, I don't think its safe to have SD around either one of you. CPS will not just remove 1 child from the home, or from one party in the home. They will remove ALL children from ALL parties. So if SD lies about her father abusing her, and CPS decides to believe her, they will not only remove SD to "protect" her from her father, but they will remove your son to protect him from her father and to protect him from you, since you were neglectful by bringing him into a house with SD's father, (regardless of whether or not hes both their fathers, the post wasn't clear.)
What SD has done is pretty serious, and represents a significant danger to your child. Any allegations SD or the BM make, can result in SD being returned to BM while your son is sent to foster care. If you want to protect your son she cannot be allowed into your home, period.