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DW is off to the funeral.

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I dropped DW off this AM for her flight back home for the cousin's funeral.

She is in a better place with the end of the Tax season and the culmonation of the cousin's passing.  I worry about her.  Her leg has been tingling/hurting wich apparently may be a precursor to a Shingles flare up.  She has one level of commitment. That is all in. On her career, her personal emotional investments, family, friendships, etc...  She wears herself out.

That worries me.

My grieving wife is home. Bravo MIL!

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It always seems that my DW's interface with my IL clan is a bit of a double edged sword.  Sigh.

My DW is grieving the loss of her cousin.  As I have shared periodically, this cousin is the closest relationship my DW has had with her never met deceased before she was born BioDad's family.  As such, my DW has been a bit avoidant on some of the facts around this cousin

Painful memories.

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What a gut-wrenching evening last evening.

We have a friend who is going through the demise of a 30+ year marriage. All indicators are that her STBXH is cheating. He has perpetrated emotional abuse, financial abuse, crazy making, isolation, etc, etc, etc.....

She and my DW spent a couple of hours talking yesterday while I was a last minute notice business meeting with my 2 up customer/boss and a few others.  When I got home, DW and I did our usual end of the day catch up.  As she worked through her notes from her talk with our friend I asked a fateful question.

When dirtbags play holier than thou..

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My SIL is a POS crook.  She has stolen $Tens of Thousands from several family members.  

For the last several months her FB thing is to post community messages about suspected thieves, etc, playing Mrs law and order.  I have an actual visceral revulsion  to anything and everything about her.  So much so that my wife will say, "You just read my sister's post didn't you?" When she sees my facial expressions.



And so it begins.

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For 2 years we have avoided COVID, with the exception of my youngest nephew who caught it in Oct of 20 a few weeks after his freshman year at university started. He was fine, was asymptomatic though he tested positive.

Today my Sr. staff member left at mid day not feeling well.  On his way home he stopped and picked up a COVID self test.  He and I share an office.  Well ventilated about 20ft by 20ft and our desks are 6+ft apart. 

He is at the VA for a PCR test now.

She left!

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On a business trip.

She will be back tomorrow night.

Her firm has their annual team building event this time of year which includes the Christmas party, an ugly sweater contest, gift exchange (a nice gift and a gag gift) business review, next year vision presentation, and the distribution of annual bonuses.

She was all excited when she called me last night.  Her bonus was twice what it was last year.  I am very proud DH of an amazing woman.  She is brilliant, beautiful, driven, and did I say brilliant, beautiful, and driven?

It is so tiring.

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It has been a rough week for my wife.  Her cousin has been very ill for several months and finally went to the ER. She was immediately admitted.  They found active mold growing in her lungs.  They removed a portion of one of her lungs. They kept her sedated for several days while they ran a number of tests.  Ultimately they Dx'd her with a rare form of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  It is stage 3 and the Docs indicate that she is terminal. She has between 2wks and 2 years depending on how she responds to Chemo.

Happy B-day #29 son.

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You are still  my proudest accomplishment. Your mom and I are so proud of you and the man that you are.  We missed having you with us during this week in Kauai when we celebrated our anniversay, the beginning of our family, and your birthday. 

The last one in your 20s.  Hard to believe that the tow headed little toddler that I chased ducks with on the golf course and chased through McDonald's play scape tunnels in half a dozen different States is the age I was when I met you and your mom.