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O/T: Phew. And the backlash begins.

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The past 24+ hrs have been rough. For both of us.

The recent time line backstory.

Last evening after checking the mail we got a statement from our new mortgage company, we got sold, that our monthly payment was going up by $500/mo. A tax and insurance escrow shortage over the past year apparently. And the purchasing mortgage company's intent to build a two month "cushion" on our escrow. Which is not a term of our original mortgage and not going to happen. Which I will call the new mortgate company about in the AM.  

When we reach the point that we want an "unbullshitified" life.

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This is where my bride is now.  She has finished her first week at her new firm. A truly professional, talent filled, quality environment.

"They even have documented procedures and everyone has to comply with them. The work product quality is amazing!"  

She spent many hours writing them for her old firm. Only to have them criticized by the minions who have been at the old firm for countless  years.  She was the only one who ever used them. Her product quality, realization, and efficiency were orders of magnitude better than anyone else at the old firm.

Finally! She has logged off for the last time.

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No more of that shit storm.

The past couple of weeks have seen a resounding re-emergence of my butterfly bride.  Her eyes have been regaining their sparkle, her skin is smooth and youthful instead of drawn and lined, her hair is soft and silky instead of dry and straw like, she is once again radiant instead of dull and notably lifeless.

I am a truly blessed man.  She is my birthday gift.  Tomorrow I celebrate the 30th anniversary of my 29th B-day and I begin my last 365 days in my 50s.

Ironically, I am the one emotially shakey. Not out of sadness, but out of relief.

Not as bad as she has built it up to be in her mind... so far.

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With the exception of the request to speak about it from the managing partner, the firm has been remakably professional in their interface with my DW.

The other tax manager in the firm reached out to DW upon learning of DW's 2wk notice. That person was supportive, offered to give DW a strong reference, and told her that when she is ready to go back to work that she knows of  firm that pays well and does not push for more than 45hrs/wk.  DW was flored as this individual was one she expected to scream, yell, and cuss out my DW.

O/T... My incredible bride is starting to shine through.

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Here is her response to the reply from the managing partner.

Per my previous email the decision was deeply considered and has been made.  I care about you and the firm and absolutely want the best for everyone.  For health reasons I cannot discuss further.

Kindest regards,

This is going to be a very long two weeks.  She is starting to see the issues for what they are and giving herself some grace in this whole thing.  Though it will take some time for her to get fully past the guilt.

O/T And.... boss replies to the notice.

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In short, sad to get the notice, surprised, and wants to talk about it Monday.

Reeks of a calm and sensitive kick off to gaslighting to me.


They have had years to do something to improve things. No effort made at all.  The young managing partner has been ostensibly running the firm for a year but the official announcement went out at the first of the year 2023.

No new CPAs hired, no new preparers hired who will stay longer than a year, they leave.

Opinion: The First Red Flag in Relationships

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Something that many in blended family relationships should consider.  Before locking in the relationship long term,  review regularly during the relationship, and for sure when it all says end it and end it now.




Opinion: The First Red Flag in Relationships

Crystal Jackson 4 days ago

O/T She sent the notice and accepted the new opportunity.

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She was supposed to send it at 5PM but noticed a t

ypo so she re-printed it, signed, scanned it and sent it at 6:30.  I know because as my hand touched the door knob I heard her start sobbing uncontrollably.  I had to take a minute before I opened the door to get my head in the right place to just hold her and to tell her that it will all be Okay.