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Just when you think that one may break the cycle ..... nope.

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Apparently not.

My DW flew home to SpermLand yesterday AM to visit my IL clan and have their post TG, TG celebration as a family today.

I was so hopeful that it would be a drama free experience for my amazing bride.  She has not been home other than for her cousin's funeral for 2+ years.

I had commented recently in conversation with my bride  that our eldest niece, of 6 in DW's family, had been notably absent in any FB activity or talks that DW has had with my MIL, her sibs, etc...

An amazing feast.

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I got home from work at about 4:15.  The Turkey was about an hour from done, the smells in the house were incredible.

We called the kid (my former skid who asked me to adopt him) and had a great bonding session while the Turkey finished cooking and the amazing dishes my bride had baked/cooked over the past two days warmed up.

The Feast:

Cajon spiced Turkey

Almond flour and flax meal seasoned garlic dinner rolls.

Perspective matters.

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Step Life is not normal.  The normal element of humanity is not overwhelmingly populated by ill behaved spawn, toxic failed adults, manipulative Xs, coward spouses, failed parents, and generally nasty people.

The normal components of it all are generally none of the above.

On the way home from our weekly clinic weigh in we stopped at our favorite breakfast place for our one meal of the day.  

DW is back from her week at the office and boding with our

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Texas home.

I missed her.

We had an interesting discussion when we stopped for dinner on our way home from the airport. last evening.

She continues to struggle with taking action to leave the firm she is with.   Things got a bit tense as we discussed that over dinner last night.

I have to just have her back. Whatever she decides.  Unfortunately how I really feel about it plays all over my face, regardless of my words and even actions of support.

I don't do no DW time well these days.

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I think I am finally getting to the edge of old. Though my kid claims I have been old for decades now.

Shhhhhh! I will never admit this in public.  I still feel 18 each AM until I get out of bed and some spots ache a bit. Then I look in the mirror and my delusion ends in hurry.  The white whiskers and Rags clan wattle that is increasingly evident under my jaw are my clues to no longer be a spry young lad. 

Irrational dislike.

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DW is on a call with my POSSIL, her sister, the crook.  POSSIL and her DH are going to France in a few weeks on a business trip.

POSSIL recently got a job as a teacher's aid.

Of course she leaves off the "aid" part of her job title when she is talking about it. 

So, she wil be lying her ass off to her DH's bosses and their wives at the dinners and banquets in France.


Crook SIL ..... all sweet and engaging with my DW.

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When she has been embarrassed my SIL crawls into her hole under her rock.  Sometimes for many months or even a year or more.

She is out again. This time is different.

The employee owned company her DH has worked at for 20+ years was bought out and he received a multiple 6 figure windfall for his tenure. He is a hard worker and a trusted resource at work.  She is a crook.

Foot, mouth, insert.

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DW has worked  820  hours in 10 weeks.  She is fried.

815hrs  of O/T so far this year.

I am getting to the end of my patience with her continuing to kill herself for this firm.  

She will not do anything to make a move.

Tonight she was venting about a client that chewed her ass for a half an hour over being informed that his failure to provide complete information meant that his tax return is not going out by the deadline.  She kept trying to reason with him.