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Isolation as manipulation.

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My DW's first cousin (on her BioDad's side) has been Dx'd with breast cancer and will have a lumpectomy and bilateral breast reduction done today.  I am hopeful that her surgery and recovery are successful.

The comprehensive gene study the cousins doctors performed  found no indication of the Braca gene which is great news for her, my wife and the three nieces.  The nieces are the three daughters of the other first cousin (the cancer patients sister) who sadly is a crack head and has been absent from the picture for a decade or more cycling in and out of jail and homeless camps.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all STalkers around the world.

May your Holidays be full of laughter and love.

May your 2020 be a new year of meaning and adventure.

May your blended families all keep the drama to a minimum.

Keep it all between the curbs folks and be safe.

He's been thinking.....

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We flew to Colorado Springs last Friday to spend the weekend with SS-27. He was selected for a short notice TDY for high level systems training and flew in from Germany the Sunday before for the training. He flew back to Germany yesterday.

We had a great weekend with the kid. He engaged, he was animated, he said several times that he was happy that we jumped on a plane to see him.  It really was a great weekend.


Spent the weekend just the 4 of us. (OT)

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For the first time since 2010.  Mom, Dad, me and my younger brother.  No kids and no wives.

It was nice.  My SIL and youngest Nephew were at home in Asia, the rest of the GrandSpawn were doing their thing where they live, (Dallas, CO, Germany) and my bride was visiting her family for the Adoption hearing/celebration of our two newest nieces (twin 9yos).

We had a very nice time together.  I really did win the parent and brother lottery.  I am a fortunate guy.


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Just got back from our TG trip to Austria & Germany.  We had a great time.  The Alps were beautiful, we enjoyed the week with our friends (3 other couples) and we had a nice visit with the kid.  Every time we spend time with him I am more impressed by the man that he is.  

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy thanks giving to STalkers around the world.

The kid was supposed to join us yesterday but it looks like he will not arrive until this afternoon.  He is apparently stuck in traffic between Kaiserslautern  and Schladming where we are celebrating in the Alps with friends.  Not unusual for anything planned with him.  However, he works and tends to get involved in things that disrupt personal plans.  So, his mom might let him live for cutting into her kid time.  Maybe.

And the hits just keep on coming. (Off topic)

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A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my mom and dad.  Mom had a tumor on her hand.  Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  The tumor was removed and she had her stitches removed yesterday.  Not great news but... not catastrophic either.  Apparently SCC is one of the cancers you want to have it you have to have cancer.

"Special accomodations".

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This term was raised in a recent thread.   It certainly seems to apply to my Uncle's situation.

My Uncle is in his late early 70s and is playing the special accomodation card hard and has been for nearly a year.  His claim is that he can't feel anything below his waist and can't walk, etc......  He has my Aunt jumping through her ass backwards.  He is "non communicative" with his sons (3) and for the most part with my Aunt unless he is demanding something from her.