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My baby girl got engaged!

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My brother's eldest (Niece 25yo) got engaged this evening.  Her fiance is a great guy. 27yo.  They are both successful in their careers, she works for a pre-IPO logistics company and he works for an oil company.  Both have finished college.

I am very excited for them.

The pics they shared of the proposal and post proposal smiles, the ring, etc, etc, etc... look like they are out of a Bridal magazine.

Beautiful and happy young people are what is right with the world.

Her Uncle got a lump in his throat and a flare up of leaky eyes when I got the message.

"A woman of a certain age and mature"... Bad Rags, Bad!

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So tonight we were watching some TV and a commercial came on.  My incredible, beautiful, sexy, scary smart bride commented that the woman on the commercial is "cute".  I had missed it so I rewound the commercial and paused on the lady she was commenting about.  A beautiful mid-40s lady. 

I commented that she was beautiful then... I shot myself in the foot.  More like the head.  It looks like I am sleeping on the couch... for a while.

Happy #57 Mom and Dad!

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Sunday was my parent's 57th anniversary.   We had a great weekend with them.   Every chance I have to spend time with my parents highlights that I am extremely fortunate to have won the parent lottery.    Maybe it is my 55yo man emotions showing through, but... I get a lump in my throat frequently when we spend time with my parents.

Please give me your thoughts so I can gain some clarity.....

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We are closing on the sale of our extra home on Thurs.  

As part of the sale negotiation the buyers requested a number of minor repairs. In lieu of those repairs we offered them a $500 repair allowance that they will receive at closing and they can do whatever repairs they choose.  They accepted with the exception of wanting us to have a sprinkler head on irrigation zone 1.  We agreed to have that repaired.  

Never in a million years......

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Never in a million years would I have ever thought this was even possible from that group of toothless morons.  But... they surprised me,

We headed to SpermLand  a week ago this past Saturday to visit with my ILs.  Our kid was in the States for a week following his TDY to Colorado Springs and took a week of leave to hang with his mom and I.  

Just picked up the Skid

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Just picked up the Skid.  He was sent on a TDY from Germany to Colorado and just finished his symposium.  We get a relatively short notice visit with the Spawn.  My bride is one happy mom.

I am happy to have him home as well.  This kid is a beast!  He moved from a big house in a small village about 40mins drive from the base to a townhouse 5mins from the base. He has used his better commute on Gym time.  It shows.

Where is he now?  At the Gym.

Busted! "What the hell have you been doing?"

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I am in a work transition.  The company I joined a year ago is going through a huge overhead cost reduction effort, has released several executives and senior managers and demoted several more.  As the "new guy" hired to help transform the company I was not deemed critical to operations and my role was eliminated.

I have been doing some remote consulting work and networking to find a new role.