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Leopards and changing spots. Old dogs and new tricks.

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My MIL flew in on Saturday.  So far her visit has been great and oh so enlightening.

My MIL who never considered whether or not a financial decision was good or bad is now Mrs. investment and fiscally conscious.

My CPA bride dragged her mother to a financial advisor about 24mos ago.  That was a tear filled event.  My MIL burst into tears when the advisor informed her that there was no way that she was going to retire at 65 and that at the earliest would be 75.  Lots of lamentation on how that was not the plan, the lost homes, the bankruptcies, etc, etc, etc......

I proposed to my DW that we fly my MIL out for a couple of weeks.

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My FIL passed in June 2019.  My MIL was notified in Nov that she was eligiable for early retirment with a severence package.  She is one of 6 in her office that received this notification.  She works for a Gannett paper and they are doing a big reduction apparently.

She applied for the early retirement package and her application was accepted. So... she is between jobs.

I put the bug in my DW's ear day before yesterday that it might be nice for us to bring her here for a break and to spend time with us before her job search efforts pick up too much steam. 

Aching heart day

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Just checked in to the MD Anderson Undiagnosed Breast Clinic.

As a quick back story... in 2014 my wife’s mammogram found two suspicious spots in her left breast.  We got her on a plane to Houston and through the MD Anderson diagnostic process.  She had two biopsies and thankfully they were nothing sinister.

At that time she was put on an annual mammogram schedule for the rest of her life.

Beard envy.

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Watching my kid get a haircut and shave.  I found a nice men’s barber shop/salon not far from our new home.  I had the cut and shave last week and thought he would enjoy it.

So here I am in the throws of full on beard envy.

My beard looks like an albino Chia pet with mange on its best day.  This kid has a beautiful beard.  Perfect coverage, lays down nicely, holds a perfect shaped edge and he looks like a male model.  Like his old man used to back in the day.  Except I could never rock the scruff.

It is great to have him home.

Hmmmm? Something I noticed during a conversation with one of my BFFs.

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I called one of my long time BFFs on Friday to catch up, schedule a meet up over the Holidays, and to wish he and his family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  His mom is in her 80s and on her second marriage.  His dad passed about 20 years ago.  His mom and dad had been married for ~35+ years when his dad passed. My friend was in his early 30s when his dad passed.