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Skid milestones.

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I was so buried in job search, my nieces wedding celebration, job acceptance, and onboarding with my new company that I flashed past some great stuff in my son's life.

In mid April he reached his 10 service anniversary with the USAF.  Half way to qualifying for full military retirement.  In Oct 2020 he was promoted to E-6.  His mom and I are very proud of the man we raised together.

My manly brain farts strike again.

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My bride asked me to get new wipers for her car and fill up her washer fluid with bug guts cleaning washer fluid.

Done!. I'm the man!  Woo hoo.

Now for the brain fart.

I pulled into the Auto Parts store for the blades and washer fluid.  The kid behind the counter pulled up the part numbers for the blades.  I payed and carried the washer fluid out while the young man remived and replaced the blades.

A great week... mostly.

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We had a wonderful RagsClan event.

My beautiful niece married her long time fiance on Saturday the 17th.  Not a huge wedding but in a beautiful venue with a good gathering of friends and family.

She and her DH are truly good people, intelligent, successful, attractive, and with every indication that they will have a wonderful marriage and future much like her parents (27+ years), grandparents (five weeks short of 59 years), and her Uncle and Aunt (26+ years).

I accepted an offer! Finally I can get back to doing what I do.

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Though 20% below my usual and most recent base salary and a step down from the Jr exec levels I have been at for a decade+, this opportunity has a very significant bonus structure, the company has my path back to broader influence levels mapped out, and it gets me out of a pure service contractor/consulting environment and with a successful product manufacturer that is leveraging it's product servicing capabilities into a contracted services business supporting their product customers operations.

Dynamic, active, a very interesting change of industry for me....

A sad and baffling relationship struggle.

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Not ours.

My DW reconnected with her childhood BFF after 25 years nearly 10 years ago.  Around the time we left Houston for our Expat adventure, her BFF (K-5) and her DH and their kids moved to Houston as we were heading overseas.  My DW found her on FB about a year later.  She made sure to visit them on periodic trips back to Texas and when we relo'd back to Houston in 2018 we became couples friends with them.

Holy crap! I got an offer.

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It is not as simple as just that.

Of course... I am awaiting offers from two other companies.  One is a short term advisory position for a Middle East client.  Great money, but.. not regular full time.

A second company has put me forward to their exec team for a corporate executive director role.  That one might be interesting.

I am not sure if that one will generate an offer before I have to give the first company an answer.  The verbal offer is certainly acceptable and they said the written will be made on Monday.

Proud dad moment.

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Just got a video from the Skid of the signing ceremony for his 6 year re-enlistment in the USAF.  Sadly we could not be there with the COVID travel restrictions and his mom being hip deep in tax season.  We have yet to hear if his request for another year extension to his Germany assignment has been approved.  I expect to get that notification any day.

A Monster Calls

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I am currently watching this Netflix flick.

Scenario - a troubled COD (12yo) British kid has a mother fighting cancer, an absent father who lives in LA and has a new family (wife and baby), and has to live with his Maternal GM.  GM is stuffy and a PITA, mom is sick, sick, sick, dad is pathetic.

The kid is getting bullied at school and is an artsy type.  He is visited in his sleep by a Monster tree who will tell him three stories and then the kid must tell the Monster a story which must be the kid's truth.

The "man" strikes again.

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Just after new years my bride commented that something is up with her sister. SIL started a flavor of her usual rant about her rights being violated and idiot managers.  SIL has not called DW since just before NY.

On her way home this evening my DW called my MIL to check in.  Their conversation continued into the house for about 15-20 more minutes.  MIL commented that SIL had an interview scheduled for Friday of this week.  DW asked "Isn't she still with Target"... Crickets..................................................  MIL finally responded "No, she got fired."   

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to friends and family at home and around the world.  May your 2021 be a year of health, success, meaning, and adventure.  Be exellent to yourself and to each other.

(LAF) 2020 has been a rough year! Harder on some than others but it also brought me many positives.

* It taught me that we aren't in control of everything.

* I learned appreciation for things I took for granted because even freedoms that we were sure would always be there can be taken away with a snap of a finger.

* It gave me uninterrupted time with my children and family.