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Good kid? What is the standard?

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We "see" it all of the time in our community.   Countless SParents comment on how their SKids "aren't too bad", "not a bad kid", "really wonderful ... except", "difficult but it's not their fault... they are really a good kid", etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.......

At what point do parents (Sparents, etc...) call it like it actually is? 

This kid is an ill behaved POS.  Period. 

Kids need both sides - Steve's son gives advice to a man struggling with reconnecting with his father after being raised by a single mom

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Another interesting and powerful pragmatic approach to dealing with kid's issues with being manipulated/PASd by a parent.

I really like this guy and his perspective on relationships and blended families.

Happy #44.

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Happy Birthday to the woman who grows more beautiful, more brilliant and more tolerant of me every day.  




I hope that your next year is one of adventure, prosperity and meaning my beautiful.

I love you more than words can say.


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A.C.O.D. - Rags' Review

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Well, I watched A.C.O.D.  Not a bad movie... but pathetically naive.

My take away is that the writers/director are of the opinion that family is family. I completely disagree.  Toxic POS eternally juvenile breeders that are so toxic that they ruin the lives of their children need a bullet in the head before they breed.

The prime character should have written off both of his pathetic BPs and maintained only a relationship with his brother.  Mom and dad should have been complete write offs for Gary and his brother.


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I am starting this movie.  A.C.O.D - Adult Children Of Divorce.

This should be interesting.

"Carter, having survived his parent's bitter divorce and making a successful life, now must reunite his parents for his brother's wedding."


Thoughts for discussion

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Since a common struggle for STalkers, new and old, is a spouse that puts children above their marriage/partner what are the solutions to this problem?

This is a new thought for me but.. how about the non-priority spouse countering the other partner's kid worship with agressively not making the kid worshiping spouse or the kids the priority?

I know it is a tit for tat tactic but....  letting the kid worshipping/prioritizing spouse know that they are not the priority due to them not making their partner their priority may drive the message home.