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O/T - Update on my hail pummeled car.

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Last Sat dad and I stopped by the paintless dent repair shop to check in on our vehicles.  Dad's new hood had been delivered and was in the paint shop getting painted. My bumper had still not been delivered.  So, I bought plane tickets to get home to my bride so we could head out this Saturday for TG with my ILs in SpermLand.

Not showing appropriate concern. Bad Rags, bad.

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It was one looooong day today.

My mom woke up in intense pain at 0500 this morning.  Dad and I loaded her up and we headed to the ER. My mom is not a dramatic person, is usually a trooper, with a high threshhold for pain.  Two knee replacements with intense PT and range of motion recovery protocals.  Not one peep out of her.

She was sobbing with the pain of this thing.

Thank you for your service Veterans. Happy Veterans Day.

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As our world struggles with conflict, it is the Veterans who have stood firm in the defense of the ideas of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness througout the history of our country.

My more focused thanks to my dad and my son for their service.

To the STalkers who have served, thank you.

Please thank your family members from me for their service.


Yes 3

O/T 109 kids tonight.

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Hung outside with dad and did the T or T thing.  Mom is cold natured so was only out for about 15mins.  We pulled the plug at 20:15 when the temp hit 45*F and the pickup and van loads of non neighborhood candy raiders started showing up.  My general thought is if they are not hiking around doing actual T or T and are being shuttled in ..... my interest wanes quickly.

All of the kids were polite, well behaved, and calm.

O/T So, how nasty should I get with my insurance adjuster?

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This individual is a useless waste of skin.

I filed the claim online while the hail was still pounding my car nearly 3wks ago.  I took the car to the repair shop that the insurance company directed me to get the estimate from. It was useless. That shop, the one my insurance company sent me to, does not do hail repairs. Their estimator told me that the estimate was not accurate and could be as much as $10K low compared the actual repair costs.

Not to scalp Aniki's concept... but.. Eff0ff!!

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To: Hail.

Go visit  your parents she said. It has been too long since you have spent time with them she said. So I left LV on Tuesday the 19th after a Opthalmologist appointment on the 18th.  I left about three hours later than planned because my usual tire air pump at the preferred gas station crapped out while I was topping up my tires for the road trip.    It topped up two, and died while I was airing up the 3rd which then let nearly all of the air out of that tire.

O/T - A read for parents

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Show this one to the kids..... A young man went to seek an important position at a large Landscaping company. He passed the initial interview and was going to meet the director for the final interview. The director saw his resume, it was excellent. And asked,'

"Have you received a scholarship for school?" The boy replied, "No".
'It was your father who paid for your studies? '' Yes.' He replied.
'Where does your father work? ' 'My father is a Farmer' and landscapes for  fun.

Tax season stress and tension.

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On the phone with DW on her drive home.

DW:  "You need to move the garbage and recycling cans before I get home. They are in my way,"


I walk out, the trash cans are nowhere to be seen. Usually after the trucks come (Garbage and Recycling) the cans are strewn down the street or in the middle of our drive or the driveways of one or the other of our neighbors. 

Rags: "Someone took the cans. Where did you say tthey were?"

DW: "I told you, they are in my way."

Not Step related... When the burning platform never gets extinguished.

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I am heading East to visit my parents for a week or two and to go to my 40th HS reunion after my Opthalmologist appt on the 28th.

Mom has a list of yard crap she wants dad and I to do.


Of course... I will submit to the lawn torture.  Though I will give my mother a load of crap.