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Happy birthday son!

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28!  Where did the time go?  26 years ago your mom made me your dad when she married me.  We were already the three musketeers.  The wedding just made it official.   6 days ago we celebrated our 26th anniversary. Your mom and I always make sure to include you in our anniversary celebration whether you are with us or not.  It is your day as well. We enjoyed your call while we were in the wilderness with your grand parents.

Being your dad is my proudest accomplishment.  

26 years with my incredible bride. I am a blessed man.

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We hit the road for a week in N. AZ with my parents on the 25th of July.  We left the house at 08:00 in Saturdy and got in to their RV at Mormon Lake Lodge at 17:30 on Sunday.  Usually I do not mind driving at night but the US desert south west is my favorite place on the planet and I didn't want to miss anything so we stopped on Saturday evening in Las Cruces.  We left Las Cruses early on Sunday morning to finish the 1200+ mile drive.  It was an incredible drive. Beautuful scenery and 1:1 time together.

Just got back from the Retinologist.

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The good news is that there is no permanent damage to my eye.  

They could not do the LASER procedure to seal the bleeding spot.  Still too much blood floating around. I was given three options.

1. Do nothing and wait for the eye to clear then have the LASER procedure.

2. Get an injection in my eye to temporarily minimize any possibility of more bleeds and get the LASER procedure when my eye has cleared.

3. Have surgery to remove the cloudy Aqueous Humor, replace it with clear goo, and have the retina procedure done at the same time.

A scary week.

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A bit of background.

As a long term T-1 diabetic I have to have my eyes dilated and my retinas scanned once a  year.  I had it done in Sept 2019.  The Doc said my eyes were extremely healthy and that if I had not told him he would not know by the condition of my retinas that I had been diabetic for nearly 39 years.

How was F-day?

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Mine went as forecast.  The Skid called in the late AM and we talked with him for 2 hours while we ate the FD breakfast my DW made for us.  It was a great call.  The conversation ran the gambit from relaxed teasing banter to energetic discussion of the global Covid situation and the running tension in our country.

Happy 58th Anniversary to my amazing mom and dad.

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Last week we took our first out of the house adventure in months.  We took a short road trip to visit my parents for their anniversary.  I have not seen them since March 1 and my DW has not seen them since mid Jan.  Since early March I have been quarantined with the exception of a grocery store run every 2-3 weeks and my wife has been nowhere but her office and home in that time. This trip was challenging for my wife. She has not had any interface with the public and has not been out and about at all.

The results of crazy making.

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I posted a blog quite a while ago about a term that I had just heard, Crazy Making, in reference to the sister of a dear friend of ours.  The sister's husband had faught a dedicated campaign for most of their marriage to gaslight her, kept her pregnant for the better part of 25 years, separated her from her family, and had repeatedly driven her to a state of mental and emotional instability, brutal depression and had her in and out of the state Psych hospital on and off for most of their entire marriage.

STalking for 12 years and 5 days..... and counting.

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It has been a minute since I first found StepTalk.  It was not my first StepParent community.  I have been a member of two others that were great places for good people to collaborate on navigating blended family life, skid issues, SO issues, dealing with toxicity in the blended family opposition and navigating the maze of the family court system. Those communities no longer exist.  Occasionally an old friend from a past community will join StepTalk which is always exciting for me.

Holiday weekend and the following couple of days have been a mixed bag.

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The weekend actually went well.  A very good friend of ours from our Expat years joined us for Memorial Day.  She moved in with us with the intent of remaining while she went through a week of testing and specialist examinations at MD Anderson.   Her fleet of Docs fear that she has Leukemia.  

A great day.

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My dad had his lab draws on Monday to check his PSA after having his prostate removed on my birthday in Feb, following his Dx of prostate cancer.  Today he had his conference call  appointment with his Urology Oncologist.

No detectable levels of PSA!!!! 

Which means no indications that the cancer mastastisized elswhere in his body.  Now he has to have 5 biannual PSA blood tests and he will be declared cured.    2.5 years from now we will put this entirely to rest.