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Annoyed at my DH

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First of all I have been on my new medication for PPD and I feel not so agitated. I still have days where I struggle, but finding energy most days which is good. 

SS went to the doctor and he thinks he doesn't have ADHD. After listening to SS respond to the doctors question's I tend to agree. He sat silently and held his eye contact the entire time. When the doctor asked how his home life is at Toxic BM's, SS eyes flicked to me and he didn't answer straight away. Hmm. We are waiting on a referral for him to see a child's psychologist. 

DH finally going to take Toxic BM down

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Well DH got a text from Toxic BM today.  She's going to take the skids from him because we went away for a week with our 'new kid'. This was DH's work trip holiday, and we went when the skids were in BM's week. It overlapped 2 nights where the skids needed to be looked after by DH's parents. Apparently having the kids babysat for those 2 nights at their grandparents house is just deplorable and DH is only entitled to 2-3 days a fortnight, instead of 50/50. If he doesn't agree she will see him at mediation and court.

A week of sneaky SD

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Tomorrow the skids go back to toxic BM's. In all it wasn't too bad of a week and whatever SS8  has up his butt about me last time seems to have disappeared. My issues seem to go from SD to SS each week we have them though. We don't seem to have a week where they both act normal at the same time. 

Bratty SS

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Oh my what a week of SS. SS can seriously stay at BMs for the next few months. He was hanging off DH for attention 7 days straight. When DH was not around.. he was a little sh*t. I'm sorry but I was at my wits end by the end of tonight. He refused to listen to me when I asked him to please turn the TV down, then put his hands over his ears and yelled 'La La La' when I told him off for throwing the remote at his sister in a tantrum while DH was in the shower.

Toxic BM vent

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Well Toxic Ho BM has kept herself busy these past few months. Just incase people don’t follow my blogs, BM is my sisters partners daughter. Dysfunctional I know, but it’s how I met my DH and because BM is a slutty toxic HCBM, it’s ruined my relationship with my sister. Her partner is a Disney Dad and BM is his mini wife. My sister is dealing with denial about this and chose to cut me loose instead of him. I’ve accepted this. 


SS has ADHD?

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We have had issues with SS's behaviour. Every day he has been sent to the office in school and constantly being suspended from school over the years. His behaviour is mainly that he talks back to teachers, walks out of class, gets frustrated easily, can't focus and can't control his anger. He is very intelligent and can understand his school work, but he refuses to show his working out on paper or refuses to do it. He is the top reader in his class and is highly motivated in sports.

I lost it at SS

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I think I just cracked under all the pressure in my life. The weekend annoyed me because I had to deal with the In Laws. Long story short - my baby is not treated as my first baby. She's just number 7 GC and number 3 child to my in laws. We usually sit and be ignored, while DH and SS and SD are amongst the social interactions. I can't stand the passive aggressive crap I receive from his family.