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I lost it at SS

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I think I just cracked under all the pressure in my life. The weekend annoyed me because I had to deal with the In Laws. Long story short - my baby is not treated as my first baby. She's just number 7 GC and number 3 child to my in laws. We usually sit and be ignored, while DH and SS and SD are amongst the social interactions. I can't stand the passive aggressive crap I receive from his family. 

Toxic BM’s Birthday

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So every year I have been in my relationship with DH we have had the skids on BM's birthday. She never makes a time to see them, she just expects a phone call. DH has previously told her he has no issue with her taking them out for the day or even having them that night. He would want to do that if his birthday fell on her day. It's typical that she just wants to drink and party without making time for her kids to see her though. Now the skids are getting a bit older, the way they talk to her on the phone now is hilarious. BM has a brain of a 15 year old school girl.

An interesting start to the year.

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Well it's been an interesting start to the year. School is back (yay!) SS8 already tried to play games with his teacher. She is strict and young and saw right through them, and he apparently turned the day around. Last year he was suspended countless times from bad behaviour basically. Yesterday he asked the teacher to be sent to the office to be suspended after he refused to do the work she assigned the class. This was stemmed from him losing in a game in break. He is becoming quite the handful now. His behaviour is really starting to get on my nerves. He cannot lose!

Transition Day

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Ugh I hate this day in school holidays. I'm trying to prepare dinner for tonight and DH and Toxic BM has not communicated to each other when she is arriving to pick the the skids. How hard is it to send a text and ask her?? DH just said to cook for them because no doubt she won't rock up till later tonight. It's supposed to be 3pm?? The time is 2.41pm as I type this! She better rock up and pick them up. It's their first day of school back tomorrow and she already texted earlier this week trying to get out of it but I put my foot down.


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I uploaded a letter to child support proving we have SD 50/50 with many testimonials, including dates and times. I also included texts that proved DH and I had them. So stick that up your butt BM. I'm also helping DH to document neglect with the skids. I'm not 100% sure I would ever want DH to officially report neglect on BM due to the fact DH would get sole custody and I really don't want that. But, at the same time, I feel sorry for the skids in how they are living with BM.

Insight on letter to prove DH has custody of SD

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Backstory recap - A couple of blogs back I wrote about an incident when SD lied about not wanting to come back to our place. Apparently both DH and I smack her. For three nights, BM condoned this behaviour and refused To allow DH to take her after him denying these ridiculous accusations from a 6 yr old. On the 4th night BM allows SD to come back, and SD confessed she made stories up so she could play with her friends in BM's care. Custody of 50/50 resumed as normal, though BM tried different excuses to stop SD coming over.

My baby’s 1st Christmas vs skids

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We just had total lockdown over the weekend, and DH suggested we put up the Christmas Tree during this time. I was so keen to do this because we didn't have the skids and it would be perfect family time with me, my baby and my husband, and not shadowed by the skids. Then as each day passed he gave excuses to why we can't put it up that night, to the point now we get the skids tomorrow for a whole week. So I just suggested to him, let's put the tree up tonight and he said he now wants to do it when we get his kids.  

Different parenting, anyone else have this?

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Anyone else have trouble with skids being parented differently to your house holds parenting? I am up to my wits end with SD. 

She goes back and rags on us to Toxic BM and all we have done is told her the 'No' word and the reality of her being 6 and not old enough to make her own choices in what she wants. So when she goes back and tells this to BM, DH gets slammed with threats and abuse. BM has told SD she can have the choice of doing what she wants. 

SD and her lies

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First off, I haven't written in a while due to giving birth to my baby daughter last month. She is a premmy and we just got home and all doing well. 

So I haven't had a chance to write about SD6 and what unfolded this week, I need to vent. Big time. 

In a nutshell SD6 is Toxic BM's mini me. She lies, manipulates, calculates, is secretive, and looks exactly like her mother. Which is hard to deal with sometimes.