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DH had the YouTube/TikTok chat with SD

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Last night DH had a chat with SD about her YouTube account. He explained how we overheard SS friend mention it and we easily found her full name on YouTube and saw her entire channel content. 

Overall I think it went well. As soon as SD realised she isn't in trouble and it was DH expressing his concerns she relaxed a bit more and took it all in. He asked questions and about BM's involvement and said BM does know and uses her email address. Apparently BM 'approves' what she posts. DH shook his head and said he doesn't approve and he explained why.

Found SD has a tik tok account

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The other day SS10 was online gaming with his friend from school. His friends mic accidentally came through the tv instead of through his mic. DH and I overheard his friend saying to SS 'I saw your sisters latest YouTube video and it got taken down, probably because she was dancing in her underwear, it was super wierd'.  

Insight on moving with SK’s

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DH and I are buying a house this year. Currently we are renting approx 25 minutes drive from BMs house and the skids school. 

We live remote in dairy farming country so it's remote with the closest shops and schools 15 mins away. I absolutely love the country side but now that we have been here for quite a few years and I'm pregnant with our second.. I'm thinking of our children's schooling and roots. We are very fortunate to have a lovely land lords, but it's a rental and we want our own home. 

DH blew up at BM yay!

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We got SD and SS some new fresh cuts and the end result is they both absolutely loved their new hair. I mean I knew SD would love her new look. Leading up to this was an absolute sh*t show. All could have been avoided if SD never texted BM about us telling her we are taking her to the hairdresser. She was worried the hair cut was going to be ridiculously short and texted BM telling her 'don't tell dad that I said anything but I really don't want to cut my hair.'

The headlice continues of course

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I just have no words anymore about this headlice issue. DH is stepping up though and handling it. He definitely handled it last fortnight by treating SD hair himself and yet again there were tiny tiny eggs and a few newly hatched lice. So.. not sure if we missed a few eggs and they hatched.. or when she got back to BMs they jumped from BMs hair back into hers. It's impossible to keep track when we are dealing with an infestation. He said he's taking SD to get her hair cut short (it's nearly to her bum again as BM tells her only pretty girls have long hair..

Had the talk with DH.

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I asked DH has he had the chat with SS10 about 'magic'. Both SD and SS guessed last year that we move the 'elf on a shelf'. DH said he would so in the meantime I'll act like the Santa magic is still alive. 

This year SS just blurts out (lucky DD2 was watching Cocomelon) that magic isn't real. He was referring to the elf on a shelf. I told him to have a chat with his parents about his thoughts on magic, and can he just not yell that out infront of his toddler sister and he completely understood and said he wouldn't again. 

Struggling big time.

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It's been a few months since my last post about SD. I really tried to be positive with her. I bought her new dresses for summer here and went out of my way to make her feel thought of when she is here. It's 5 days a fortnight she is with us, and I've always kept her room clean, and clothes and linen washed and ensured she is safe and well looked after. I know DH appreciates me for helping him with that. He works full time and I study full time juggling a full time mum role at home with DD2.