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Update on SD

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Thank you for your responses on my last post. I agree with what people have said about putting SD10 in therapy, regardless of the reasons why. Definitely agree it's a trend thing to have a mental illness and that anxiety is the norm. 
So the school rang DH this morning from the school counsellor. Apparently SD has sent messages to another girl in class about wanting to kill herself. She also sent a video of herself holding a screwdriver and not sure.. maybe attempting to cut her wrist. The mother saw it in her child's phone and reported it to the school. 

Self harm- any advice?

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So I had an epiphany just now. I just saw SD post something on her TikTok page about being clean or people being clean. Now I immediately thought 'ok strange she's posting about people being drug free'. This girl is 10 and a very young 10. Then the last post was about being clean again and a reference to cutting themselves. 

Venting and tapping out

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So I have been needing to vent a lot lately regarding steplife. I found myself reacting a lot more than usual due to post partum hormones, but I am slowly getting back to my normal self. Hence when bad behaviour happens from the skids I shut it down and make them accountable. Ooh they hate it but, I just have no effs and stand up for myself and my small children in my home. DH has my back, but he also wants to put his head in the sand sometimes which I have zero tolerance with.  

Jealous SD

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SD10 is super jealous of DD3. She is also guarded and secretive and generally growing up to be not a nice person. Fun times! 

SS11 asking DD3 a question out of a game and DD3 responded with a correct answer. Bravo! SS was surprised and praised her, but SD couldn't help herself and immediately ask her.. 'yeah but do you know what 2 plus 2 is?' DD went quiet and stared at her because she obviously doesn't know what plus and minus is yet!! She hasn't even started pre school FFS. 

The trust is gone

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If anyone has experienced this let me know I am not alone. 

I have a SD9 and SS11 and they lie. CONSTANTLY. So the trust for me is gone. The respect I have for them is gone. Has anyone ever trusted skids again? How did you get the trust back??