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Feeling unsupported by DH and SD sick again!!

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Didn't have a great weekend. SD9 was eerily quiet and I realised it's because she was sick... again! Last time she came over DS was just born and she ended up being sick so DH dropped her back to BMs. She had this cough which came out every now and then but other than that she appeared fine. 2 days later DD3 developed a cough and as soon as SD realised that she openly coughed more. I know SD can't help it but it's just annoying. 

Disengage time!

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Well it's been a few months since my last vent and I had my baby boy a month ago! He is very cute and my heart is full. DD3 loves him and DH and I are smitten.

Of course SD and SS have been hard to deal with lately. I have been forced to disengage again. It's a shame because for a while there SS was really good and we were having a good relationship. SD wasn't bad either but now BM has ramped up her PAS games she has gone back to not liking me and basically been sneaky and playing games to try and get a reaction out of me. 

PAS games happening again..

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I am 36 weeks pregnant and feeling hormonal as all hell. I get emotional over the most stupidest things and my patience is as you can imagine is minimal. 

We have put up with a lot this week thanks to HCBM filling the skids heads with absolute BS. DH asked BM to drop off the skids as he was working late and I didn't care it was only a few hours and figured the kids would watch a movie. 

BM does it again!

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Ok so my blogs are basically venting about BM. But seriously I have one of the worst BMs to deal with. 
So it was a long weekend just gone and we had the skids as it was DH week. No school Monday so that means BM has to collect SD from our house. 

Narcissistic BM once again

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It was SD birthday.. a month ago now. I bought SD some nice clothes, took her to get her hair styled with a bright coloured hair piece she can keep, nice jewellery.. and we treated her and her best friend to the movies where DH had free tickets to the upgrade of gold class (where you recline and have food brought out to you) and then her friend had a sleep over. So she had the best time and was forever grateful for what we did. For a 9th birthday i thought we did well. 

Here we go.. game playing again.

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So I'll try keep this brief as I am only ranting. DH is playing another year of his sports this year and guess who is making sure she attends every one of his games.. ughh. It's just annoying how BM does this every year. Last year he stopped halfway through and she stopped attending games. Coincidence? Someone at his club told me she said to them 'I am soo excited to see DH play!'