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DH blew up at BM yay!

floralsm's picture

We got SD and SS some new fresh cuts and the end result is they both absolutely loved their new hair. I mean I knew SD would love her new look. Leading up to this was an absolute sh*t show. All could have been avoided if SD never texted BM about us telling her we are taking her to the hairdresser. She was worried the hair cut was going to be ridiculously short and texted BM telling her 'don't tell dad that I said anything but I really don't want to cut my hair.'

Sorry for the frequent posts

Elea's picture

ST is keeping me sane during SDiablas unexpected extended stay of 3 weeks!!! SD26 seems to have FINALLY realized she wishes she hadn't stayed here for so long. She wanted to stay here for our superior weather to her state but it has rained here non-stop! Lol Now the weather in her state is much nicer than our weather here. 
DH has kept her clingy, drama-filled butt fed and entertained. 

She just said to me "It's like, what am I still doing here?" 

YES good question SDiabla26 WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE???

New Poll - SD marriage

Elea's picture

For those of you who are in my shoes, meaning you have young adult SD's that you have no relationship with and you have a DH that is a great guy, he loves you, treats you well and generally does what he says he will do within the context of our relationship.

Or if you are not in my shoes but you can imagine being in my shoes please vote in the following poll.

When your SD gets married would you rather

1. Go

2. Don't Go

to her wedding.

SD disrespect

Robe8238's picture

After going back & forth about grown SD & her family coming for Christmas,  she decided against it because i had a biopsy right b4 Christmas.  I bought all the gifts and we had them shipped to her and her family.  I got no thanks at all,  all went to DH.


The results of the poll are firmly in!

Elea's picture

Well, it took a bit longer than I expected for it to be blatant but SD26 has lost patience with the fact that she has been demoted from her position as miniwife to child in our household. There is only *1* wife in this home.

As a refresher, the poll was:

 survey of whether Sdiablas will:

1. Continue to be civil and polite and actually "try" to be get along with me & BK's?

2. Revert back to blatant rudeness rather than just passive aggressive behavior and rudeness ...

Using the Surrender Tactic to Avoid Unnecessary Conflict – Have you used it?

Just K's picture

My DH has an entitled ex-wife.  Although they both are two grown-ass adults who had the child custody orders read to them by two lawyers, and they both consensually agreed on what was written in that court document, hence they signed on the dotted line – apparently – that wasn’t good enough to the ex-wife – she wants more, more and more.


Finally done with restraining order hearing

Jcksjj's picture

DH finally had his restraining order hearing, which he won. FIL showed up with his arm in a sling and his dentures taken out for effect. FILs attorney did a lot of lying and attempting to get DH to misspeak so he could call him a liar. FIL said almost nothing except that DH punched him and claimed he had a massive amount of injuries. Didn't even tell his version of the story. 

Things that make you go Hmmmm....

Shieldmaiden's picture

I got home from work yesterday and DH called me as I was pulling into the driveway. He had to go to the pharmacy to get his medication because he was out. He always wants me to go with him on the drive to run errands. He knows I don't like running errands after work unless absolutely necessary. I usually get all my stuff done on the weekends so I don't have to worry about it when I am tired. 


Not sure if we should invite SD10 to our courthouse wedding. Thoughts?

daisydiamond82's picture

Been a minute since I've posted anything. Things have been fine in our house and even our holiday was nice.

On Thanksgiving my SO and I decided to get engaged. We aren't doing a big wedding. Just a little courthouse wedding in a few weeks with our parents and a few of my siblings. Telling SD10 and BM was pretty easy. BM was thrilled. SD said it was "the best day ever" when we told her and has seemed excited about it. I was nervous about telling them but I'm glad it went well.