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This should be interesting.

So I am really trying to work with my ex for BS' s sake. Ex finally got caught back up on CS after his little decision to stop paying and had not gone nuts on me since the little incident in March.

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Update: BM's personal favor

GBM just retired and is applying for another job as a government investigator or something like that. BM asked if I'd be a reference for GBM since I'm an "angel" and "the classiest person she knows".

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Soooo.. BM needs a "personal favor"

Whatever that means? I'm at work finishing up a project for my boss and BM texts: "Hey lady, I need a personal favor. Can you call when you have time?"

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DH Job Update - :-(

Just when I think our life is going up, whoever is upstairs comes back to stomp me back into my place.

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Here's to hoping SD totally flakes and LEAVES!!

I feel an SD flake out coming and Lordy I hope I'm right!! Last week she stayed at MIL's for the majority of the week and it was heaven. She came back last night, hopefully not for long.

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Oh Yeah. SD = 17 this week. Let the Countdown Begin!

I am officially one year away from no regular skid visits and the end of CS.


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This week...will cause me to drink more then normal- VENT

I'm already done with this week...

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Not even sure I should blog about this - BM showing her true colors. Again.

MSD actually graduated from HS. It was seriously like a roller coaster ride.

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Graduation Day Blues part 2

It was a situation yesterday.