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Boyfriend needs to cut all ties with ex wife.....

I've been dating a man that was divorced just 9 months ago. We've been dating for 5 months now and he wants to move in with me come September.

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Cold Shoulder

Jawdropping! I went to a step Grand child family function recently. I got the cold shoulder from one of my step kids. Not sure how to deal with it.

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MIL Issues Must Be a Theme Today

We are in the process of moving. We closed on the house Friday afternoon and immediately started moving in.

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Mil rant...

I know two rants in one night sorry but I'm wide awake now.

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Why do I feel sad... for DH and an off subject rant

My DH is awake waiting for his 18dd to come home. Supposedly she is at the movies with friends. At 3am in the morning.

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Not sure how I'm going to survive the summer!

I went on a mother/daughter date with a friend of mine. My DD is 13 hers is 6. I knew to expect a little rowdy behavior from her daughter. We went to a super nice restaurant. The kid was rowdy.

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How do you handle touch with skids?

I will preface this question by saying that touching the skids has ALWAYS made my skin crawl.

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Marriage Woes

I have been married for almost 23 years. My husband has some serious back problems. He has limited mobility. He is constantly in alot of pain.

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In case you missed this !

I just noticed this comment from LadyFace today on my post from yesterday!

I promise to let everyone know if/when Mr. BabyFace makes his appearance Smiling

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Letting go

I have posted on this site pretty sporadically over the last few years. I’m a full-time SM to SD7. SD7’s mom is deceased and died when she was 4. I came into her life shortly thereafter.