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OT - Happy Spring

futurobrillante99's picture

Spring begins at exactly 5:58 pm, today. Happy spring, biotches!!

In celebration, my cycling group is doing a 12 mile after work ride around some small lakes. The first ride was me and another guy who lives in my neighborhood. Today will be myself, a couple people from my kayaking group and 2 guys from the neighborhood. We have another ride planned for Sunday afternoon!

Parenting: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Jen_Jen's picture

Who is the primary parent or stepparent in your home when it comes to the children?

In general, are women more likely to be the "bad cop" in raising children? Are mothers more likely to want discipline or structure or rules, while Dad can be the fun parent or "good cop"? Is this why there are more modern day fairy tales about "nasty stepmoms" than nasty stepdads? The more traditional role carries over into the step family? Or in step families do people parent their own children and the dad's are more lax?

OT: I need something new to delve into

NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture

So first I was following the Shannan/Chris Watts case.  I read everything about it and watched everything I could find on it trying to wrap my brain on how in the world that guy could do something SO evil.

Then I watched Leaving Neverland and read everything I could on that.

I need a criminal case to read up on.

You can take the girl out of law enforcement but you can't take the law enforcement out of the girl apparently.     

Need to get away

morrginme's picture

I'm a little fed up today. I did stand my ground about dinner. We have our schedule for dishes and SD16 decided not to do her dish day. Everyone was wondering why I wasn't cooking dinner. DH finally opened his eyes and told her to do it. Then she said she was done after a few minutes because she had homework to do. Her two dish nights are the only chore she has.

Taking the summer off

NoWireCoatHangarsEVER's picture

So I haven't talked to SD17 since the time I had to drive her to the ER to get admitted to ICU doe her diabetes. That was many months now. I heard nothing from her from the mental hospital. I didn't hear from her when she got out and I certainly didn't text her. I did see SD19 last week. We went to dinner . Now SD17 is texting me benign stuff like "the new Dumbo movie looks cool" and then this doozy "hey so i’m looking for a better job than hardware store lol, do you know of any job ideas? i don’t want to work in a restaurant but i don’t know where else. I want to work at your company".

I'M FREE!!!!!!!!

Bluestme's picture

I moved out of my ex's home and into my new apartment on March 1st and I feel great. My meds are starting to kick in and therapy was been doing wonders. I'm not back to my usual self but better from how I was. 

A few tears were shed when I moved and gave my ex his keys back but it was for the best. I have no hard feelings towards him or SD. That chapter of my life is closed; time to march ahead. 

Toxic Feral exhibiting signs of bi polar

CLove's picture

Our newest latest greatest trauma-drama is Toxic Troll has been telling DH that their child needs to have phychiatric help. Yes, she does, Toxic Troll, because she was raised by you, and has become JUST like YOU.
And what might be driving her over the edge, is that she is realizing this fact.

I dont care what happens to her anymore. I dont care what she needs. Its not my broken thing to fix.