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Bratty McBratFace Update

caninelover's picture

Hey ya'll!  Sorry I've been absent but steplife remains relatively dormant for me, and we've been totally immersed in our new new puppy.  Now 6 months old and the star of her puppy obedience classes.  Actually a star wherever she goes - she is a gorgeous golden retriever pup!  And a very very goodest girl.

As for my steplife - Bratty McBratFace will turn 26 in July.  As some may remember she had delusional dreams of becoming a doctor (narcissists love to feel important, after all). 

Narcissistic BM once again

floralsm's picture

It was SD birthday.. a month ago now. I bought SD some nice clothes, took her to get her hair styled with a bright coloured hair piece she can keep, nice jewellery.. and we treated her and her best friend to the movies where DH had free tickets to the upgrade of gold class (where you recline and have food brought out to you) and then her friend had a sleep over. So she had the best time and was forever grateful for what we did. For a 9th birthday i thought we did well. 

It's a Monday Miracle!

justmakingthebest's picture

Our lawyer called, we have our final hearing to stop BM's money grab and end things with BM forever!

Say your prayers for us on July 17th! 

Lawyer submitted to stop all but the illegal arrears we are paying, so at least we are going down to $300/mo for June and July before the hearing.  Way better than over $1500! 

Mother's Day with a step kid and the Beaver

halo1998's picture far as Mother's DAy..DH rocked it out.  2 dozen roses, a trip the local Conservatory and Gardens....then to a local market for food and drink.

We had a mother's day dinner for my mother and my mother in law on Saturday so that I could spend Mother's Day doing things I like rather than cooking for the family.  

However, as usual SD and Beaver had to through some wrenches into the plans.   Would it be a Holidy without step kid/BM drama?

Teen SS can’t seem to listen and lies all the time

Lulumay91's picture

My almost 17 year old SS can't seem to take accountability for his actions.  He is diagnosed PDDNOS but on the lighter scale. So he does know right from wrong. Here is the recent shit he's been doing. I told him he could not go on his walk until his chores were done.  A minute later he's gone and his chores weren't done.  He wanted to go annoy his sister at the bus stop I said chores need be done first.  He left shortly after and chores were not done.  His dad grounded him from his phone but we keep it out in case his mom calls.  He ended up taking the phone.

Thoughts on Robert De Niro's new baby.

Exjuliemccoy's picture

Wow, selfish much? He's SEVENTY-NINE! As someone who had an older father (dad was sixty-five, mom thirty-two when I was born), I'm just disgusted by this and how the media is pretending this is a good thing.

I won't go into the litany of negative experiences I had and things I missed out on, but I pity that baby. Yes, she'll presumably have money, but she'll also have to experience the trauma of losing a parent at a tender age. That leaves an indelible mark.

OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

Aniki-Moderator's picture

Happy Friday, STalkers. Better late than never? Eff off to:

  • Funerals and people who expect me to cry. I'm a Finn. I'm stoic. I'll cry in private, thank you. No. I'm not going to pass out. Holding back emotion can be tiring. Stop hounding me.

That's all the effs I have to give today. I'm spent. 


Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.


Friday Updates

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

SD will be having a second assessment done by a Care Manager next week and completing a CANS (Child Adolescent Needs Assessment) at her school. The therapist then will reach out to DH with information from this assessment. The therapist will be out on maternity leave from July - October so this same care manager will be the one completing services with SD when she returns to BM in August. We are happy that they were able to arrange it before SD comes here for the summer. 

Sh*tty birthday gifts Beaver edition...

halo1998's picture

Beaver is notorious for her sh*tty gift giving.  Lets see...

DH when married to her got a food dehydrator for christmas...he didn't ask for one and doesn't eat dehydrated food.

DH also go a boat load of sweaters from Beaver for Christmas..he wears shorts in the middle of winter...sweaters are NEVER part of his attire.  Not even when we go sledding or skiing.

SD has gotten over the years.

A typewriter that doesn't work

A sled to share with her brother..that was her ONLY christmas gift.

A difusser blow dryer...SD has poker straight hair.