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Not your house not your rules.

GamingBuddy's picture

I am so royally pissed right now. 

Two things just happened.  


Youngest was in his room talking to his mom on FaceTime which is 100% fine. Well randomly he runs out and apparently uses tablet to show our roommates new dog to his mkm. Wouldn't be an issue except she's dressed for the weather which while decent isn't what she wants random outside the house people seeing. Easily handled. We explained he can talk whenever he wants but he needs to stay in his room because of privacy. That no body likes their space randomly invaded.

But the bigger issue

Different way of handling things than my MIL

mrs_belle's picture

My MIL is disappointed that the baby and I won't be going with DH to visit his son. We've only been once before and it was very difficult to manage the babies naps with the activities that his son wanted to do. He was also not understanding of the babies needs and wasn't really interested in her. I ended up staying with the baby in the hotel while the boys went out. I also think that DH and his son need the time together.

Why I wrote what I did about Father's Day

missgingersnap2021's picture

I come on here when I am upset. I mean really no one comes on here very often to brag about how awesome their husbands and skids are. When things are good we just dont post. 

I posted this past Wednesday becuase SD was here and was back to following DH from room to room. It drives me crazy when she does this and that I dont get even 30 minutes alone with DH some days she is here.

Of course DH was to blame for this. This is what he did:

a) When she first got here and was in her room her told her to come in the office and sit in there while he finished up some work.

New strategy… making demands, when will it end

Ashleytenorio17's picture

Now BM has changed her tactics and sent DH random texts yesterday ( a day after she went total BIA on him) just saying "how long is she staying, I can ONLY make it work if she stays with you longer" ohhhhh so some how BM only has gas money to meet DH if SD stays with us longer... she didn't ask or even apologiz for her outburst on DH yesterday, she made her demand and DH better agree if he wants to see his daughter. I told him no she NEEDS to make it work because it's your weekend anyways to have SD and it's Father's Day weekend...keep in SD at own house not gonna work for ME sorry BM.

I’m Over It All

OverwhelmedOne's picture

I've been married for 8 years, known my husband and SS for 11 years, we have 3 bio kids, and I don't think I can do this step mom thing anymore. The first 9 years were fine. Visitation during summers and every other major holiday. But since fall of 2020 we've (I've) had him full time. My husband is in the army and leaves a lot, he doesn't do much when he's here anyways (I swear he has a gaming addiction) and I'm a stay at home mom. My stepson from the beginning has been very sneaky, manipulative and lies frequently.


SS10 Update

CastleJJ's picture

So SS10 returned back to BM's last Saturday. DH had him tossing a football in the driveway so BM wouldn't come to the front door of our new house. She is nosey enough to just barge in and has done so at previous apartments we have lived in, so we usually dont let her near the house. SS gave DH a huge hug before leaving and told him he couldn't wait to come back in two weeks. BM did not make eye contact and did not say anything to DH. 

Question and Curious as to How

FrustratedandLost's picture

I'd like to know how the Stepparents that left their relationships were able to get their finances in order? Did any of you have a joint bank account with their divorced spouse or did you keep your own bank account? If you had a house together, how did you get your name off the loan and the bills that went along with it? Were your spouses controlling about the finances and get offended and start manipulating you about the finances? How long did it take you to plan your exit? What steps did you take to leave and did you get any negativity from your family?