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Birthday fake out

Crr18's picture

My birthday is today but SO "made" the kids come to our house to wish me happy birthday and have cupcakes. At least I didn't have to go to an uncomfortable dinner with them. They didn't even have a cupcake.  SS is in a funk because the issue with the homecoming i guess is still on going but SD was actually nice. But she was only nice because while I walked my SO parents out to the car she proceeded to tell SO that she was getting the nose ring. Then he was in a funk the rest of the night. Never ending stupid drama. 

feeling resentful

alwayslast1978's picture

My SD 13 and SS almost 9 are here half the time and I find the dynamics so frustrating.  They never leave the house without their mom.  I dont usually go with them so I get some time to myself.  I often feel like I am single half the time.  SD is in her room on her phone but SS is on the coach all day every day unless his mom takes him out, usually to the store.  They are not that badly behaved but so lazy and ask for things wayyyyy too much and it really bothers me.  Bed time still takes an hour for SS and 30 for SD, the same as it did 4 years ago.   My wife is materialistic and I am not a

Feeling unsupported by DH and SD sick again!!

floralsm's picture

Didn't have a great weekend. SD9 was eerily quiet and I realised it's because she was sick... again! Last time she came over DS was just born and she ended up being sick so DH dropped her back to BMs. She had this cough which came out every now and then but other than that she appeared fine. 2 days later DD3 developed a cough and as soon as SD realised that she openly coughed more. I know SD can't help it but it's just annoying. 

Finding it hard to be settled

Shazloo1234's picture

Ex has created bad feeling about me with skids(14 & 17), so much so that they won't ever speak to me and come to stay.

Apparantly I have "brainwashed" their father into selling the former marital home where they grew up and have memories.

He explained to them that the selling of the house is part of the divorce settlement which he has had to wait 13 years for, and it's his money. He told his daughter to look it up online and she will see it's part of what happens and it has to be "fair" on both parties involved.

Transported back to pain and feeling powerless....

dandelion wishes's picture

So it has been 12 days since I have heard from him.  Three weeks ago, he was professing his love for me and wanting to reuinte (which was real btw - I've been with the man long enough to know real vs false with him) and I actually thought he might have turned a corner, but his YD-18 put a stop to that.  First she punished him for a week after the "white trashville" fiasco (see previous blog) by staying with her mom, then I am very sure she gave her dad (my ex-fiance) an ultimatum: Dandelion or me.  So the youngest adult daughter is calling the shots.