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Grown stepdaughter and stepson are thorns in my side

Shortbread Cookie's picture

Short summary...

Husband and I are in our upper 40's.

Have known husband for total of 8 years

Seriously dated husband for 3 years

Married husband 2 years ago

We have been trying to have a baby together

He has a grown son and daughter (both in upper 20's) their bio-mom lives miles away, talks trash about me and my hubsand to the stepkids, and she never loved my husband when she was married to him.


Growing of a Backbone. The DH Chronicles

CLove's picture

So, last night was a big night. We got cable and now Dh can sit in his man-cave and watch multiple channels. In fact, he can channel surf. Swtch between multiple football games.

But, I still hang out there too, with him sometimes. Its our "talking" space, where Munchkin SD14 doesnt get to overhear and subsequently chime in on our discussions.

BMs powertrip!

Stepmama2321's picture

My bf has been trying to step up in his parenting role to my SD lately. It's our daughters 1st birthday this weekend and although it is not his normal weekend to have SD (we're on an EOWe schedule), BM agreed to allow her over. My bf has Friday off of work, which is not his typical schedule. He asked to have SD Thursday evening when he got off of work through the weekend. He asked with plenty of time. The reason being is because obviously he wants more time with her as well as it was an opportunity to participate in seeing her and helping SD with her Zoom meetings.

Might be the beginning of the end - LONG

agitated's picture

I don't post much, but I read regularly. My SD graudated (luckily) in May of this year and turned 18 in August. She was gone for her summer visit with BM on her bday and we weren't sure if she was going to come back to our house or not. My DH and I thought she would choose to live with her mom, or at least stay for quite some time. BUT, on a Saturday night 1 month ago, at 10:34 p.m., DH gets a text that says, "I'm coming home tomorrow." DAMN IT, was my first thought, but I digress. My SD is very unmotivated and lazy.

OT - Woman Wednesday

Aniki's picture

Yes, men are welcome, too! 

I don't know how things are going for the rest of you, but this week is officially the sixth month I've been working from home. Ugh. The commute is GREAT! Other things? Not so much. Countless, overly long zooms; a single monitor when my workstation has two; no ability to print; working longer to compensate for connection lags... I've even been spending my commute time WORKING. 


OT- One Year

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

It's officially been a year since I left my ex.  He's had a girlfriend since the day after we signed papers.  WHo the one time I talked to the girls they told me they hated and her kid is a bully to them, which I feel awful for them, but I've accepted I can't fix it. I guess I'm just reflecting.

Can’t go home due to Covid

Merrigan's picture

My home province is completely closed to all visitors, most likely until a vaccine is approved and distributed. It's an island, and they're down to zero new and active cases.  So many people have it much worse, so I'm grateful that my parents and grandma are okay and safe during all this.  I miss them though, and my city is now starting the second wave. I'm so happy that they're safe so far, but I wish I could go home and see them.  It may be a few years before the province allows any visitors.

Advise my 19 year old stepdaughter with 2 month old baby

snazir's picture

My SO and I have been together for 12 years and have a 5 year old together. He has a 18 soon to be 19 years old and a 24 year old that is successfully married with a successful career. The 18 year old just had a baby and is currently living with her mom because when she got pregnant her mom took her to live with her. She had been living with us for the past 7 years. Doesn't want to work because she doesn't want to take the baby to daycare. never did any chores when she lived with us.

DH still not getting it

The_Upgrade's picture

A bit of an update. So we’ll start with the silver lining. DH is in therapy (which is a huge thing for him to go as he’s finally accepted he has a problem). I think he’s landed a good therapist. The first few sessions she just let DH talk so she could get an idea on the history. Recent session she asked him to think about what he says and what he expects people to hear with those words vs. what they actually hear.