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And sometimes it is all worth it.

Snowflake's picture

And so, my husband is a stepfather, who honestly loves his stepson.  Truly loves his stepson and his soon to be daughter-in-law.  

Unfortunately he has had to give up the relationship with his own children because his exwife was so terrible he couldn't have a relationship with his kids.  It is ironic because they all though it was because of me. lol, as if I had that much control. 

Nope, for all you stepmoms. My husbands kryptonite is our daughters who look just like him.  :)

How to split Food Expenses?

NYgir414's picture

I have been with my SO for 6 years now and I have 2 children  from my prior marriage and he has 1 from his prior. We recently got married and my children live with us and he gets his son every other wknd. We went food shopping and when we had to pay he suggested we split in 3 (Him, My Ex bc of my children and Myself) I was so bothered by that bc I would never do such a thing. What do you think? 

I can't move on from even the smallest frustrations

New_to_this's picture

I feel so emotionally stuck. All of the crap that SS15 has done in the years that I've been in my relationship with DH just weighs on me. It's not just him, it's all the BM crap too, but BM gets to insert herself in our lives because of SS, so I blame him. And, of course, DH allows SS's shenanigans and uselessless and doesn't enforce boundaries with BM, so really my problems are with DH.

Lying Step kid.

Shorti90's picture

So my SD is 7 and she has a habit of over exagerating and outright lying for attention. She has gotten authorities involved twice in 3 years because of her lying. And she doesn't show any remorse when it happens. As long as she gets the attention she wants she is fine with doing whatever gets her that. 

Shame on me! such a fool.

Talesofthe-twofoldmother's picture

Once again both SD's 7 & 5 come to my home with lice and nits infestation. 

I am having a hard time everyone... I already struggle with the role and challenges of being home for the first time in 15 years full time. I am taking care of my Son who is now 6 months old that I was told I could never have... and my Adopt.D 3 its difficult already on me because I grew up hard... I come with a lot of anxiety, Emotional Damage etc. 

OT: DH, you’re a jerk

ITB2012's picture

Tonight DH and I went out. We went to a place we've never gone before. They had a game where you throw dice for a dollar to win money in the pot (that others have lost playing the same game). If you win you split the pot with the bartender. I won. I never win anything. I was just happy I won. And I didn't need the money (under a hundred) so I told the bartender (just a young kid, probably mid twenties) he could keep it all. 

Having a hard time disengaging. Looking for some suggestions

SSstepmom's picture

I have twin stepdaughters who are 14. I love them which makes disengaging so hard. My dh says he always wants my suggestions and input as I have my own bio teen girls and want to help him with his as much as I can. We do our own disciplining of our own bios  of course. We've been married for a year and a half. My SDs bio mom has never been in their life. They were raised by dh and his ex wife who my SDs say was so hateful to them. 

The Holidays, 2nd class citizen time!

SMto2's picture

I am trying to remind myself how much better I have it now that my SKs are GROWN, CS has been over for several years and SSs 23 and 25 live 2 and 3 1/2 hours away, so they're not a regular part of our lives and issues involving them are infrequent. I admit the relationship is distant and appears to be based on what we can give them, so I recognize we're the parents they're least closest with and see the least.

Small Update

sahmofthree's picture

I've spoken to my lawyer and my own family. My sister is divorced and was looking into getting a duplex. Move-in would be in late May due to her current lease. She was looking for another single parent to share it with, so this would be a good fit. If I could get somewhere until then, that's perfect. It would be amazing to stay in the house until then as I really don't have the ability to pack up things right now.