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Dhs kids refusing to visit

SO dh let bm and his kids know I will be coming around and staying with dh and them on the weekends while we try to mend our family.

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Dh still having a fit

Yesterday as y'all know was Valentines day. I wanted to go to dinner and a movie so I set out to make that happen. I got my kids dinner made and called a sitter.

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Honest Bm Question

I'm hoping this makes sense and I don't get jumped for this. Please read with an open mind.

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Too funny - BM lied again. Why anyone ever believes her I do not know.

BM taught OSD that if she ran away from our house when she was 17, the cops would do nothing as long as she was safe.

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SD and a Hair Cut

DH took SD to get a haircut recently. BM flipped out, telling DH he was never to get another haircut for her and to never touch another hair on her head.

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Rise and Shine - BM busted into the house this AM yelling at us - background on the BM

Yes, indeed, she did, and said "eff you guys", etc, including me in her toxicity.

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Nanny cam - ordered

This past weekend was the trip that DH had booked for us a couple of months ago and one that I waited 8 years to get.

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YSD to DH "Can you give BM and I another $100"

YSD sends DH a text asking for another $100 for her and BM for graduation.

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OT / Curious about bedtime

Do you and your partner go to bed at different times, or together?

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What would you do in my situation?

I know I have been posting frequent lately. I am having my struggles with things, nothing really bad or anything just struggling.