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Smells and clothes again… some more

Hastings's picture

After a pleasant week off, SS13 came back over yesterday. As usual, the unbearable stench hit us when he got in the car. (He always comes over from BM's absolutely reeking of pet-related smells. It's not BO.) DH had to open the sunroof and roll down windows until we got home. When we arrived home, DH told him to go up and shower and to bring his clothes down to the washer. He got the bag of sports uniforms and dumped them straight in there as well.

I go on prepping lunch. Eventually, SS comes down -- wearing the same tracksuit he was wearing before.

Should step parents be included on co-parenting apps?

wineoclock's picture

We are trialling out a co-parenting app as an official line of communication. It means that we can have shared calendars, messages can't be deleted and we can keep a record of call logs to the kids. The co-parenting app has an option of including third parties such as grandparents and step parents so that everyone is on the same page with matters to do with the kids. 

Is it a good idea to be part of this co-parenting app or is it best for it to be kept just between the bio parents? 


Update: Medium Chill

Just K's picture

I successfully did the ‘Medium Chill’ at dinner tonight.  Medium Chill is A technique used to disengage oneself from another person's drama when direct contact is unavoidable.

Medium Chill is disengaging emotionally and giving neutral responses to what someone does or says. The focus is on you, your feelings and needs, not the other person or their feelings and needs.


Annoying Kid

Lowkeyyjamie's picture

In reality I'm noticed as a step mom but I shouldn't be a step mom and I will never ever act like a mom for my boyfriend's kid. He's a 12 year old boy but yet acts like a selfless teenager and sometimes acts like he's 5 years old. He doesn't know how to do anything like literally anything. He doesn't know how to hang up clothes, tie his shoes, take his own shower, change for himself, open a simple can of coke... You basically get the point. All he does know is to play Xbox all day, stay up all night, sleep all day, scream, complaim, and eat.

Binge watching murder mysteries on TUBI.

Rags's picture

Two so far. A Vigilante and Big Driver. Both about abused women who go ape shit on their abusers.  A Vigilante is particularly disturbing.  It is about an abused woman who starts resolving issues for other abused women.  I cheered her on but the circumstances of her situation and the women and kids she helps 

What stands out are the similarities between the movies and so many SP marriages where repeat emotional, financial, residential, etc, etc, etc abuse happens and it is tolerated for far too long.  


CLove's picture

I am feeling pretty good right now.

Just changed the password to my netflix account. In checking the devices logged in, I noticed powersulk has been logging in every day, even after I had alerted her to me shaving down to only 2 devices and can she please log out. I have not mentioned this to her, or husband. Shes with Toxic Troll this week. If she mentions it, while with us, Ill just let her know its ONLY 2 devices and those 2 are our TVs which she is welcome to use.

Spring Break

ICanMakeIt's picture

We had Spring Break with SD and let her bring a friend this year.

We went all out and overall I think it went well. (They were living their best lives).

DH and I kinda were just supervisory and 3rd and 4th wheels but we made the best of it, although he got very little one on one time but her age this was the best case scenario we thought letting her bring the friend.

Semi-off topic "grandparenting"

ESMOD's picture

So, my husband and I had a little debate the other day about grandparents and what their role should be with their grandkids.

At one end of the "what is normal spectrum" is my husband's opinion that the more normal situation involves very involved grandparents spending a lot of time with grandkids.. babysitting etc...