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Grape Jelly Booby Trap

So, DH and I are doing really well on all counts. He has been incredibly supportive of my pursuits lately.

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Anyone want to claim this skid?

ten words ten words ten words ten words ten words

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Fire Safety Plan - who has one?

The blog about the fire got me thinking. How many of us have a fire plan?

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Weirdest Request from SS14 EVER...OF ALL TIME

I was blown away this weekend. FLUMMOXED. BAMBOOZELED. Completely floored, when SS14 came up to me and said, "Ummm Lisa, can I talk to you about something?"

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How crazy are your kids? Skids? One more daring than other?

Sorry, but kitchen fire thread got me wondering. My bios are fearless, oldest was jumping off roofs by age 8, has confronted a grown man abusing a teenager, stopped a guy who tried to steal his car.

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We had a kitchen fire and I am shocked and angry at skids

Friday afternoon I split a lot of chicken grease in the oven as I was pulling out the 2 chickens I cooked.

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Completely OT-GO CUBS!!!!!!

Sorry, lifelong Chicago Cubs fan here. I'm so excited! I was going to look into buying tickets for when they are in Chicago but sorry, not dropping 3 grand a piece.

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The SS saga continues. What a weekend.

To get the full scope of BM's bullshit - I will just give a rundown of how my skid weekend went.

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So... that Walking Dead episode***SPOILERS***


Anyone want to talk about it? How do you feel today?