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Am I just being Bitchy?

A little back story since I don't post often. I have no Bio's my DH has 3 kids, SD20, SS16, and SD9. I love his kids and they love me so we all get along great.

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A Catch 22

BS starts back to school in 2 1/2 weeks. That means summer is almost over. (not really but it feels that way.)

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Retrieving personal belongings

I left my bf of four years a couple of weeks ago. Things did not end terribly (meaning no one was nasty, agressive etc etc) although I could tell he was very hurt.

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O/T Ovarian Cyst

Gentlemen, if talk about "women's troubles" makes you squeamish, do not click on this blog.

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It's to hot today!!

I let the doggies out this morning and they seemed offended. I watered the garden and it screamed with relief.

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Man Without a Country

Nine years ago I moved far away from home and everyone I knew for a new job. It was tough at first, like I knew it would be. But I quickly adapted to this new life and began to thrive.

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When even the skids aunt doesn't want to see them

Things have been good in step land and with DH. Little things here and there. But for the most part nothing that directly involves me. So that is PERFECT.

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An "I did something right" moment

Dh and I were driving home with bs18 who is struggling to figure out what to do in life. He has done 3 semesters of college, not very successfully.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

I'm starting to feel better about this whole skid thing. Took 9.5 years but it's happening!