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Update OT -Earthquake

advice.only2's picture

We left Monday night and spent the week down in San Diego at my brothers house just to get away from everything.  It was the best week ever (lol) given the circumstances.  

I am so proud of my BS he has been a rock through this whole thing, we offered to take him with us and he stayed so he could be with his roomates and help with our house should anything else have happened.

Baby coming on Friday!

JBDmom's picture

My little boy will be here this Friday and I can’t be more excited. I’m so looking forward to the few days in the hospital with just me, my SO and our son! I just have to get through these next few days with SD with out loosing my mind. My hormones are raging and it doesn’t help that she went away to her grandmas house where she gets spoiled to no end. Already this morning she’s gotten an attitude and has decided she’s allowed to talk to me in anyway she wants. Of course I’m nipping it in the butt as it happens I just don’t know if I’m going to have the patience to deal with all day long.

Still waiting on BM

ladybug3's picture

She filed her own paternity packet almost a week ago, and we still haven't been served with the papers yet. I'm starting to think that either the fee deterred her or she was too dumb to realize she needs to go to the sheriff's department to pay them $40 to have them serve DH with the papers. Either way it's starting to look like nothing's going to happen because she only has two more days to contest and we definitely should've gotten something by now. So if we haven't gotten anything by Wednesday then DH will call the courthouse to see what to do next. 

Visit one and two and calls from "No caller ID"

ProbablyAlreadyInsane's picture

Quick recap. Psycho got the kids for a month this summer. It ends tomorrow night, but we got them for two weekends during it, including last weekend. For simplicity's sake, I held off on blogging about them until AFTER both of them had happened. Means one blog for you all instead of two Wink

Relacement daddy

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

I warned SO it would happen and with the recent engagement we were informed of we’ve now had a break down between our “co-parenting”. The thing is SO is CLUELESS so we got into it last night. BM made it clear she doesn’t believe she has to consult with him when it comes to the kids and even popped off incorrectly about the order which clearly says she does have to and that they have joint custody 100%.

Husband in denial about his child’s issues?

gratefulheart's picture

Anyone else have a husband who is in constant denial about his child’s issues?

Does anyone else hear things like: “She’ll grow out of it.” and “This is just a phase.” and “You are making a bigger deal out of it.” and “I don’t want to say anything to her so that she doesn’t feel picked on.” and “You’re just trying to find things wrong with her.”?

Or am I the only one who hears those things?

My mother doesn’t get it

gratefulheart's picture

My mom views my almost 10 year old stepdaughter as this perfect, sweet, beautiful, loving little angel. I’ll be blunt - my stepdaughter kisses everyone’s ass. She knows how to play her audience. She conforms to whatever situation she is in and she puts on a different mask for every single person in her life. She says one thing to your face and one thing behind your back. She has sooo many traits of a child with narcissism (I’ve researched a lot).

O/T Work Vent--Mrs. Headlights Strikes Again

thinkthrice's picture

So late on Friday apparently Mrs. Headlights couldn't get the boss to do 100% of her work.  The boss fobbed her off and told her to ask my cubicle mate how to do a certain procedure.

Now mind you I have been doing this procedure which is very tedious before my cubicle mate, a younger worker not yet 30, came into the fray.  I taught him how to fix this problem but now this is supposed to be Mrs. Headlights' dept.

After my cubicle mate explained that this is a tedious procedure, he started to offer to do the work for her and that's when I stepped in.

Is he serious?!

Anxious26's picture

I apologise in advance for daring to mention Christmas in July but my boyfriend has just sprung an idea on me which has left me feeling incredulous and then a few days later came up with another ‘bright idea’ which makes me think he only cares how his own child is affected. My bf has shared care so has his son for 7 days every two weeks. He has his own flat and stays there with him but stays with us on the Saturdays.