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My SD never had Sex-Ed (she is 15) LONG RANT

Monaliona90's picture

My stepdaughter is turning 16 soon, and she is the typical teenage girl, obsessed with friends, moody, and fighting with her parents over silly things. I am more of her friend not a motherly figure, primarily because I came into her life when she was a teen and she had many issues with her parent’s divorce that I wanted to just back off from her and support her the best I could. Our relationship is great, though we do get into the occasional fight sometimes.


Sd annoys me.....

Bugsy6731's picture

I don't know why, but I can't stand my sd "T" she is having her mom help clean her house. My wife is 52 I'm 37 and we have a bio daughter together. My wife had our daughter when she was like 43. Any way, my wife is getting older and I worry she does too much because her two out four daughters are freaking lazy  and her bio brats have men to help them, lol. It makes me mad because the daughter we have together has autism and down syndrome and  her other two bio's bug their mom to the point she sometimes has no time for our angel.

Lead Up to Court

tog redux's picture

Court is on 12/17. To review, BM wants more CS for an almost 19-year-old because his clothes and food cost more (seriously), even though she agreed to waive an increase in the divorce order. She also wants help with college expenses.

DH was alienated from SS for 3.5 years and knew nothing about college until after SS was enrolled.  DH is going Pro Se, BM has an attorney. DH sent the attorney, last Monday, a list of other documents DH wants pertaining to college and child support (FAFSA forms, rejection from BM's college where he can get free tuition, etc), around 10 items.

Update SD and CYFD

I love dogs's picture

I asked DH briefly about the incident this morning and he said he is meeting with the investigator on Friday morning and left it at that. He said he is allowed to discipline his kid and has nothing to hide. Is it this simple? He didn't mention the guy having to come to our house. I left it because DH wasn't thrilled and I knew an arguement would ensue if I continued to pry.


Irene H.'s picture

Lord, give me strength.

Tonight is the last non-Skid night, before they come for our week with them. We’re week on/week off with a 50-50 custody arrangement. The last week they were here was awful, and this week without them has been too short. 

I’m trying to fight these feelings, but when they’re here the house is so different, such a negative vibe. I feel an actual, physical weight when they’re here. I even feel guilty for disliking children so strongly, but they make it so hard. 

To say I’m dreading their return is the understatement of the century.

Childless "evil" step-mom seeking outlet for full time horror

HollyWoods's picture

Dear everyone,

This is my first blog posting and I have to say, THANK GOD! I have been vying for an outlet and a way to vent about my struggles. I don't have many friends (I tend to be introverted and a hermit) and especially no one that is in my unique situation.


BM is not crazy part 2

Stepmom2345's picture

Today's not crazy ex-wife blog will consist of the financial abuse she suffered at the hands of my DH.  Below are some comments she has shared online: 

My ex husband did so many of these:

-removed me from bank accounts

-gave me an allowance ($200 every two weeks to grocery shop for a family of six

-that included all household items: laundry detergent, toothpaste, toilet paper etc - not just food. 

-had me/let me get jobs then encouraged me to quit them when it got inconvenientfor him (even when we needed the money)

OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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Happy Tuesday, STalkers! How goes it with you? Are you able to get out and be active or does cold weather keep you indoors? Here are some small changes to your eating habits that can help you keep off the weight – or lose some!

DRINK UP! When you don’t drink enough water, your body can confuse hunger with thirst. Upping your water intake can have big impact on how much you eat during the day. Carry a water bottle so you have a physical reminder to drink.


Update, but still at the end of my rope...

lieutenant_dad's picture

DH and I had a chance to talk Sunday. We were going to talk last night, but he blew out a tire on his car trying to go to work, and I needed to actually go into the temp "office", so we didnt get his car towed (he limped home) until almost 8pm. He managed to get the car home and proceeded to emotionally break down. He's drained and at his limit, too. The man has cried for 2 days, and he never cries.

During out chat on Sunday night, my major sticking point was the money to BM. DH responds well to logic, so I tried to logic into his emotional brain.