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DP and HIS Disengagement

So DP was gone all day on Saturday, which left me doing all the errands and some chores and with the SDs all day.

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why are my blog entries not showing up??

I wrote a lengthy post abt my fish, and when I went to my blog... it wasnt there. So I typed it again, made certain that it said "your blog was updated successfully" or whatever, and again...

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Well, at least he's persistent???

But it won't work out for him the way he hopes.

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So happy I get to see my SO everyday now!

we moved all of my kids and my stuff into SO's house this weekend. its a bit of a cluster and i used the garage as a staging area.

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BM called my phone

DH lost his phone yesterday. Since Sunday is his visitation he kind of needed it. He used my phone to call his to see if he could kind his but to no avail.

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So here's the latest.

First off... BM and I do not talk. I refuse to deal with her manipulative ways. For the past year she stays in her corner and I stay in mine.

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Children Respecting Adults

So, I was on this news thread about an unrelated topic and it came up where a parent stated that they taught their children to only show respect when it is given to them and that not at all adults are

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Shout out to tommar for her new phrase! I got to use it this weekend

Porch dick. Porch dick. When I read those two words last week, I was really hoping I would have a chance to use them soon.

Got the opportunity over the weekend.

THANK YOU TOMMAR!!!! Sticking out tongue

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Puke wants to attend my family's Christmas

DH told me yesterday that Puke will be here the weekend before Christmas and would like to be a part of my family's Christmas which will be at our home.

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Happy nuclear family holidays... I'm thankful that

My relationship has ended. I'm just waiting on SO to get out. So, this is more of a nuisance rant than anything!