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Is 7 years old too old for a stroller?

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

Not sure if I am going to share the backstory on this, but it does pretain to step life, but not my situation. Is 7 years old too old for a child to be in a stroller even when on vacation? I stress the vacation part because a stroller is a good way for families to stay out a little later on vacation if they have a stroller for the child to ride in/fall asleep in after a lot of walking, etc. Decided to edit this and add the age instead of getting people to say old they think is too old.

Why does it seem like everyone hates their Skids

Drkrissy's picture

Just from the comments on my own posts and ones I have read.. why does everyone treat their skids like an inconvenience. These boys are a gift to me truthfully since I have been told I cannot have kids of my own. People knew their SO had kids when they got with them. If the children weren't something you wanted to be a part of then you shouldn't have followed through with marriage. I watch my SKids daily during the day and my DH takes over when he gets off work. I enjoy the time I have alone but I absolutely adore being able to do activities with the boys.

Current Status

donewithdrama35's picture

Hey All! Happy New Year! Or atleast it will be when SD heads back to college next week. It's been a struggle for me with her her here. If you've read my past blogs this isn't much different. I blog simply to vent to people who get it as I'm assuming most on here do. Soooo... SD was supposed to split up her time here according to HER between our house and her Mother's... that hasn't happened. Can't enforce really since she's an "adult". It's her choice. But in my opinion she creates a toxic environment which I've stated before makes me feel physically ill...

Forgery Update #2

justmakingthebest's picture

I talked to the city attorney today. DH gave my phone number to her because he can't receive calls during normal business hours on the ship. 

They are moving forward with pressing charges against her, right now they are working to determine what the extent of the charges will be but she assured me that the city is not letting this go. 

School and avoidance

Hastings's picture

So, SS10's school district has had theee options this year: fully in-school, fully remote, combo of the two. SS has been doing the remote option.

I can't say I think very highly of it because it seems like they actually work about 20% of the day and are otherwise on a break. Also, DH figured out that SS was rushing through assignments and playing video games, resulting in low grades on assignments. (Solved by saying if he doesn't have As or high Bs, no screen time during breaks.) Anyway, DH has mentioned numerous times he's not really impressed with it all.

A long rant to myself

New_to_this's picture

I’m a bubbling cauldron of resentment these days.

I’ve been reading my old blog entries, which has been both making me more resentful by bringing up past feelings and making it clear to me that the past just keeps repeating itself in different ways. Things may be better now than before, but my tolerance level for it has gone down. This is really just a long rant for myself to process, read, and remember. So, I'm sorry that it's long and rambling.

Let's reward her for being an a$$hole?

SeeYouNever's picture

SD12 does this thing where she acts like she likes to see us and says that she will be back soon and that we are going to get back on a every other weekend schedule. I think she says this stuff just to get my DHS hopes up because after we see her she usually doesn't talk to us in any form for about two months until the next holiday or until she wants something. 

New to step-parenting but don't like kids. Want to learn. Help!

katelizabeth's picture

Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to step-parenting but very keen to learn.

I'll keep this brief. I'm 28 and run my own business, and I've been with my 'new' partner a year. For the first time in my life, I'm very much in love and incredibly happy. He has 2 small children (4 and 1). His partner and he agreed to split up shortly after the birth of his second child and they're both so much happier for it. She's a lovely lady and an incredible mother.