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Birthday Surprise

CastleJJ's picture

So it has been a rough week with BM's abuse allegations, stressing out about how to tell SS about my pregnancy, and planning for SS to visit in one week. On top of it all, I came down with a nasty sinus infection and have been fighting that off since Sunday.  Not to mention, finding out I was pregnant, while planned, has been an adjustment. I am feeling better after being sick and I feel more at ease (thanks to this site) about how to handle BM and SS, but regardless, I'm ready for life to slow down a little. 

I Need Help Please

rhondabailey's picture

i lived with my husband a year before we got married.  He has raised his 16 year old daughter whom he had had sole custody of since she was 3. He was never married to her mom because shortly after she was born he found that she had a terrible drug habit and she chose a alternate life without them.   Although, he had been married once and had several live in girlfriends before me, I have tried to make his home my home.   He is a doting dad to a lazy, spoiled entitled daughter who he always gives in to.  

OT, Sort Of - In Laws in Need

caninelover's picture

SO's brother (let's call him Will though obiviously not his real name) lives about 5 hours north of us and is in a wheelchair.  He is pediatrician and has been in a wheelchair since young adulthood due to an accident (he finished his last year of med school from his hospital bed).  Will lives with his longtime partner (let's call him Jim) who is a licensed RN.  Will has a private practice in a small town and Jim manages the practice.

Fathers Day!

ejamer's picture

Well, I am on a break from the SD's   I get my shot on Friday and am staying away from them to avoid exposure for 14 days.  My DH told me that he forgot to tell me that they are staying for fathers day instead of going home their regular Saturday night. I was annoyed but since he usually puts things in the calendar and he forgot I let it go. This means they are on their own for fathers day. I made the mistake of letting my DH talk me into helping his lazy rude oldest SD17 who never makes him cards or gets him gifts or attempts to do anything nice for him on his birthday or for Christmas.

Little Idiot’s Living Situation

AlmostGone83's picture

So Little Idiot's (SD21) ex-stepdad  (with whom she is currently living with) just got another new girlfriend. This is number 3 or 4 in last couple years. They never seem to last long... especially if LI is currently living there. I wonder how long this one will last? Hopefully ex stepdad doesn't ever make the connection between LI and his relationship failures, or he may push her out. LI doesn't want to live with BM (because two lazy leeches bickering at each other to clean the house and fork out money for bills never works).

Should I stay or should I go?

ottoparts's picture

I'm almost 54, have been in this relationship for 7 years. My SO has 2 daughters age 11. We all live together in my house. She pays me some rent and we share a credit card that we use for food and household items. 
we had been living together partly for 3 years but full time now for 1 1/2 years, and through covid. It's been hell. I can honestly say I do not like having kids. But I love my SO, the BM, but hate the living situation. We are not married, mainly my choice, and she has recently paid off all her debts and got a huge raise at work... makes WAY more $ than I do.