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His kids cut me out

So I am pretty new here. My background is that SO and I have been together 3 years living together for 2. He has 2 girls 16, 24 and 1 boy 18. He has had 50/50 since they divorced 5 yrs ago.

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The ASS Chronicles - T minus 18

So, DH finally got around to calling Frank’s mom about ASS going there for the summer. It was an interesting conversation. He had her on speaker so I could hear the conversation.

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and i need an iv coffee drip, stat.

not sure why, most of my weekend was spent napping.

everything with off without a hitch, so that's a good good sign.

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Disney Dad shines again

A little background.... DH and I got the SS15 and SS14 iPhones for Christmas 2014. BM got SD8 an iPhone a few months ago. SS14 set up SD's phone and somehow linked theirs together.

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Update: Wedding Week Over

Wedding of SS was yesterday. The 3 Skids and their spouses are polite and say hello and goodbye. They clearly know I have detached over the course of the last year and that is a triumph for me.

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Re-engaging after long disengagement

And I actually feel good about it, maybe it's because I have an out, I made DH promise me If I do all these things he wants me to do for her, if she starts with the bully behavior towards me, she's go

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OMG BM freaking out

So yesterday SD(26) left for Europe.'s picture

It was a great week!

I won't go into too much detail but we had a great week. We got married on Sunday, it was wonderful and we're more loved up than ever! And DH won against BM in court during the week!

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So sorry, as a BM

I have a special needs child, an almost amazing bio... With Aspergers, super high functioning, perfect marks academically & seemingly no respect for her Stepfather or I.

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I can see it already...

So SS11 has been living with us consistently for a little over a month. BM was supposed to get him last weekend and was a no call no show ALL weekend. He didn't seem to care much.