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SO letting SS get away with things like oh i dont know not going to school.

It has been a while, ive been to the site periodically just never logged in with my account.

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Meanwhile in suburban Detroit part 2

Remember her? She ended up serving 5 days in jail, and was back in court today. Says she is "devastated" that her son was vaccinated....girl, please.

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Senior excuses

Anyone notice when their skids were seniors that it became a big excuse for BM to want to talk to DH all of the time? Just last week she called him while he was at work.

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DH says I abuse him mentally.

DH says that mentally abuse him because I told him that I have no idea why god decided to give BM and him two kids because they don't parent.

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BM sucks at coparenting

What on earth do you do when a parent refuses to co parent?

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Of course

Maybe I just don't care anymore. it has been almost ten years and nothing has changed.

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SD21's wedding

SD21 has been posting aaaaaaaall over Fakebook about her wedding. What kind of dress she's wearing. What kind of flowers she'll have. What the groom will wear.

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How does child support work if you are unemployed?

I can remember some people dealing with this and it seems you still pay no matter what... Correct? DH has always paid over the amount that was on their original order.

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I just need a support group...

This is two school vents in one- sorry- but thanks if you read it.

Im feeling irritated with my ex- he is not giving me school information, he is not informing me on conferences.

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Our kids vs his kids

Let me start with the fact that I have no biological or adopted children of my own.