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Is this normal?

Planning a trip out of state in a few weeks. So far BM has stated she can't find any way to get her daughter so it looks like she won't be seeing her unless I bring her.

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Freaking pissed! DH thinks he can coddle his kid and put the hammer down on my BS, not happening!

I find it total bull shi$ that a BDad is going to coddle and baby their own kid and then think they can be firm and controlling with Skids. This goes for anybody's situation, not just mine.

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Looking for More Interaction

Sticking out tongue I went online in search of more of an interactive pen-pal type relationship with someone or multiple someones who are going thru the same thing as I am.

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O/T Cookie Baking

I made cookies today!!!!!! I have always been absolutely terrible at cookies. I couldn't ever get them right.

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Oh, for FFS!!!

Just checked online....Medusa is pushing 6K in arrears.....

What a loser...


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Can We Call it a Tie or Does Someone Have to Win?

My husband is heartbroken. I believe he loves me, but he is truly torn. I will never make him make a choice, but it seems as though she has.

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BM trying to convince SD14 that discipline is abuse

I recently found messages on SD14 phone where BM (who only is allowed supervised visits) is telling SD that they will go to DHR and report the DH has abused her so she can live there and see her boyfr

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Thoughtfulness? Guilty as Charged

My DH and I take care of our kids, practically to a fault. SS is focused on a sports career and the expense of equipment, travel expenses and monthly team payments has been overwhelming.

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The Gist of It

Nine years ago I married a wonderful man after only 8 months of dating bliss.

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Three step daughters who make every day a nightmare

Jawdropping! first off I'm married and I love my wife.