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DH debating on SD living with her BM

Sweetpea531's picture

DH blow up on his daughter this evening. (About time). He does so much for her it’s unreal and she keep taking him for granted. She skipped two test last week because she went to the nurses due to a headache. Come to find out she has been talking shit about me hand how she hates it at our house.  Playing  the poor me card to her dad all week because I blow up on her Sunday due to her nasty ass room. But it’s my fault her grades are slipping and she is being lazy. He mentioned to me that he thinks it would be best to just have her live with her BM. Reason this has not happen sooner is A.

Braces. Ugh.

Hereitgoesagain's picture

Ok. So I’m going to keep it short because we all know how exhausting the braces communication can be. So here we go....


SD needed braces. No question. However BM never communicated that she was seeing an orthodontist. We were informed that such an appointment took place via text demanding a 2700$ payment be made ten days after the text. Whatever. It is what it is. Would we like more notice? Obviously. Would we like to know that she had an appointment? Of course. 

Adult Step daughter – bad life choices, bank of mom is closed, and wants to move near us

Dragonfly6's picture

My boyfriend and I have been together a year and are planning for marriage with the appropriate prenup as we both have been married before. We are compatible in many different ways and more so than any other man. He is retired military. He has 1 child, a daughter and she is 30. He and is first wife divorced amicably. He was a career military man. Good provider but not really totally involved with her raising.


Educational software ideas

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

This school year the oldest child had a school issued laptop. The little one also had more computer access in his class. I’d like to build off of this during our summer with them.

I have an old laptop that I’m going to factory reset then lock down and I’d like to install educational style programs. The problem is I’m so out of the loop when it comes to these sort of programs.

Skids touching/using your stuff

shellpell's picture

Ugh, I hate it when SS11 is here and touches or uses things that specifically belong to me. I got a mini-trampoline not too long before his spring break visit and one of the first things he does is start jumping on it. I have an old piano in storage that my mother had given me that I'll be bringing into the family room next year because my 3.5yr old will be taking lessons then. DH just told me today that BM just had SS start piano lessons.

DH refuses to go on vacation without SD

Fullmoon's picture

 I've disenaged from SD since she basically ignores me now. I'm fighting fire with fire. She doesn't ackowledge me and I her. I told DH that from now on he will handel anything that in regards to SD. When she's at our home for the week, I tend to keep myself occupied or take BS out as much as possible. 

Check Fraud Update

CLove's picture

Well, here it goes!

If you read my previous blog a few blogs down on this feed, and are curious as to "what happened????" read on! Its been a few years that the karma bus has been waiting to hit. And when it hits, it seems the longer it took, the harder the impact!

Not to say I wish bad on anyone...but well, I am laughing right now, this is so ridiculous.

Little twit Feral Winona stole checks from mommys check book, forged signatures, and deposited them. 3 for $200 each. And blamed mommy's meth-head boyfriends (or guys that she accuses of being on meth).

Chasing the Narcissist - OT sorta

still learning's picture

This has been an ongoing issue with ss33. He will get really close to DH when he wants/needs something then flee and not talk to DH for 6 months if DH is unable to meet a request. The entire time DH is moping and feeling bad that ss won't talk to him. Then suddenly ss reappears and needs to borrow DH's truck and all is good again like nothing ever happened.  Chase, disappear, repeat.  


Anyone see

pickles45's picture

the show Bull this week where the step mom almost went away for murder in the death of her stepdaughter? And people on here wonder why I want as little time alone with my SO's daughter as possible. The 2nd something happens to a skid the step mom becomes an evil monster. 

And how abut 911? One big happy blended family! I love sci-fi shows! Smile