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Gifts from my mom

JustMe20's picture

I have to explain a little first. I have a 10 year old step daughter and a daughter on the way. Bio mom has one kid older than my SD and two younger ones with her long time boyfriend. The bf has 3 other kids that are not bio moms.  We have full custody of my SD. She almost never stays at her moms because is chaotic and she hates it. We don't blame her too many bad ass kids not enough space.

I’m not a maid

TooTired's picture

So I love to keep a clean house and not have clutter but I'm so tired of feeling like a maid! SD11 has been with us this week and likes to leave her dirty dishes and things just laying around or in the sink when she KNOWS the dishwasher is dirty and she's supposed to put her dirty dishes in there. I've finally had it and decided to not pick up any of her dishes that she's just left around the house and in the sink. Finally after 3 days she decided to put them in the dishwasher and DH praised her for it!

Don't it make her brown eyes Blue...aka blindness should be fun

halo1998's picture

OY...the level of stupidty that emminates from Beaver is simply astounding...

SD has brown eyes...SS has blue eyes.  Despite my eyes being brown and the VI's eyes being brown, DS has bright blue eyes and DD has gray eyes.  Gotta love the recessive genes...cause DD also has red hair.  DH and I both have brown eyes....

SD wants blue eyes like everyone else.....mmkay...

Apparently Beaver has ordered SD colored contact from a website so SD can have blue eyes.

A nice story for once.

ICanMakeIt's picture

I normally come here to vent and/or ask advice on our PAS in progress SKs (mostly SS). 

Last night however, I think just maybe I saw his guard come down and a little kid come out. We were driving after dinner to pick up some dessert. DH and I were up front and SKs in the back. We were all being silly singing some dumb song I don't even remember which one. 

SS from the back seat said something that I couldn't quite hear nor could DH so he asked him what he said...and the kid sheepishly said, "THIS family is fun". 

BM's sister tested positive

ladybug3's picture

I am still angry this morning. I found out last night from DH that one of BM's sisters had just tested positive for the coronavirus. Of course she had been feeling sick for at least a week before she went in to get tested, and the day after she got tested (but before her results came back) BM took SS over to her apartment to drop off something. 

Testing for COVID-19

Iamwoman's picture

Well lo and behold.

DH and I have been doing an A+ job of social distancing and quarantining.

We have only rarely left the house for essential items.

Buuuut... skids visited on Father's Day, and guess who has been traipsing around town, without masks, and without a care in the world?

Yep. Maggot and sons.

So yesterday, I came down with symptoms.

Now, I have to go get tested for COVID-19.