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Don't know how much longer I can do this

littlemamaneedshelp's picture

Hello first time on this site and I guess first time writing a blog bare with me I will end up jumping around a bit. I have 2 SK SD is 12 and  SS is 11 I have been in their lives for the last 7 years. When DH and I got together SD was 5 and SS was 4 right from the get go SD didnt like me but SS loved me. SS and I were best buds it was so nice he was my little man. They didnt know their BM she left when SD was only 1.5 years old and SS was only 6 months old. DH and BM wont lie were drug addicts.

Has anyone had to confront a BM and how did it go.

Ashleytenorio17's picture

I feel like the time is coming very soon for me to confront BM and I know many on here have advised me not to. Her behavior to me is of someone who thinks she can do and talk mess about Anyone in my family and it's ok because DH doesn't tell her anything to "keep the peace " why the f they feel like they need to keep the peace with a POS is beyond me. BM has lashed out against DH which I would not step in because he is a man he can handle himself. The point to where I am on edge about is BM has recently talked vulgarly about myself and my young children. This included name calling .

Seasons Drama Ends? Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya ...

Elea's picture

We survived the holidays relatively unscathed, mostly because young adult Las Diablas Diablo spent limited time here. Still, they managed to fit in full-on tantrums, jealous pouty whining about why isn't everything completely fair and equal, (welcome to life sweethearts) know-it-all, bossyness towards us in our own home with a sprinkling of misplaced venom towards my BD.



Maureen Gunderson's picture

On the good news my husband is finally getting counseling for PTSD having to pull his best friend and brother out from under a drunk drivers car that hit him while walking with husband. sD is still using the situation to get what she wants. However puppy is becoming a dog, and people are less likely to overcome a dogs bad behavior therefore she is having to deal with that. She is flunking her classes, still trying to blame always the teachers. I have commented to husband that the way she trains( not) her dog is not any way his brother or us trained our pets.

Christmas presents-updated

Stellarejbmom's picture

So my idea for Christmas presents for the skids, well originally, I planned a gift card and candies. I decided last minute, actually in the parking lot of walmart to get was bedsheets for them. They only have one color, and that's the only one they have since we moved in the house together. I got them a neutral grey. 

With the gift of a giftcard and candies, it felt as almost I was going to waste my money on them. And me buying them bedsheets was definitely something they needed and wasn't as expensive. I felt comfortable.  

Skids are sick

Merrigan's picture

The SDs are feeling sick. SO and I haven't seen them since Boxing Day. As per my blog history, they and their mom are unvaccinated and BM is anti-mask.  They have access to free rapid tests but the girls are afraid of them, and he feels he can't force them to take one.

Frustrating when people do not understand how the system works

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

I have been posting quite a bit on here, but haven't really read many of other people's posts since right before Christmas so I was catching up on the blogs I missed. I just read someone's blog where they were posting about how their friend said that OP's DH needs to take full custody to fix the issues with SS and how the friend did not understand how things really work. 

Bratty McBratFace Ghosts Jury Duty

caninelover's picture

So awhile back a jury summons came in the mail for Bratty McBratFace (SD24).  I know SO told her about this because he even gave her the summons at our brunch just before Thanksgiving.  Bratty made some noise about wanting to serve on a jury since she had 'opinions'.  Nutter GF chimed in with the sage advice to tell them she is a student (how about just change your address?).