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Two Things

First Thing:

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Speed Demon's Court Date

Ss19's court date was yesterday for his speeding ticket. He was going double the speed limit. Yes, I want to beat his arse.

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Eureka! The Groceries!

Today is my first day of my vacation.

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Let the "Evil" Stepmomming Begin

No more nice step mom for me! SS13 wants to take hour long showers heck no!

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I just can't....this is over the line

So I have carefully managed my Girl Scout Cookies, rationing them out to make it until next time I can order.

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Oh Snap!

Shots fired!

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Rough week

So a little over a week ago DH woke me in the middle of the night and off we, DD3, DD1 went to the ER. DH ended up having emergency surgery.

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My birthday present from SS

SS stopped by today to drop off my present. DH said he was coming by about 4 to leave me a card - so I was thinking that maybe it was only a card.

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CS increase and court - outcome

In my last blog I mentioned that a review had happened and my DH was ordered to pay for one year a heavy increase in top of the normal increase.