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I Guess this is the End

sleepymeg's picture

My therapy appointment got cancelled which is too bad because I was ready to dump so much on her.

So me and BF decided to hash it out again tonight as a last ditch effort to save the relationship. BF said he will 100 percent NOT change his weekend schedule for someone who does the bare minimum and is willing to walk away the second things get tough, and there's no point in trying to work things out since I have it in my head already that I want to leave.

After I leave he is done with dating forever (lol). I hope he has a nice life with his mini wife.

Weekend plans

Dragonfly87's picture

Do people still have sleepovers? I've been with DH for years now and not once has SS13 ever had a sleepover. Puts minimal effort into everything he does. If given the option would prefer to just follow DH around and/or sit on his ass and watch Tik Toc. Peter Pan to the max- never wanting to grow up. Attention seeking like you wouldn't believe...

A Win

OKtoStep's picture

I don't usually like posting about what's happening in specifics but.. I'm just flabbergasted.

Went to court over some non-compliance issues and actually had to get a court order telling the Brutal Ex to stop adding me to "no contact" lists for school, camp and medical providers. 

what is going on in these HC people's heads that something like that would ever be appropriate or legal? I never imagined I would have to spend 1500 bucks to have a judge tell someone that I am my daughter's mother and am allowed to do motherly things.

Nose Bleeds and Blood Work

Ursula's picture

One day this week when SD was here, she got a small nose bleed.  It was short and no big deal.  After SD went back to BMs house, BM sent my husband a message saying SD tells me she gets a lot of nose bleeds at your house, is that true?  DH responded back and told her that she does not get a lot of nose bleeds.  And that is the truth.  She had one this week, and the last time she had one was months ago, probably before summer even started.  


stepmomoftwo10's picture

So I left my step sons football practice. My step daughter was there along with step son. 5 (step son) and 8 (step daughter). My husband and I were leaving (they went back with their mom). We all get along btw. But anyway, they were all talking with their mom and my husband said bye to them and hugged them but I didn’t really say bye or hug them because I want them to initiate the hugging. Also, SD was walking with her grandmother and SS was talking with his mom. But is it bad that I didn’t say bye? I talked to them during the game though.


Advice please

acef92's picture

It's been 8 years dealing with my SD13, 8 long years. I've been trough a lot. Basically my SD has behavior problems due to mom/dad guilt. I'm really done with her, I'm done with her treating me like a piece of garbage, being disrespectful, etc in my own house, even with my parents. Yes, my husband has talked to her about this many times but this girl doesn't understand she has to respect others.