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Little Idiot’s 3rd Job in FL

AlmostGone83's picture

Little Idiot is looking for yet another job... If she is still keeping her other two jobs, this would be her 3rd job. One would think she is a hard worker... unless you have lived with her before and you know the truth. My guess is she is still up to her old tricks and is trying to do as little as possible at these jobs, taking all the time off she can get to spend with Goofy and getting tons of "days off". No DH, she is not a hard worker. It's just that after a while her hours start getting cut back more and more until she has to work 10 jobs just to get part time work. 

ANOTHER cute tiktok video and plans for this weekend

Jcksjj's picture

So last night SD9 posted 2 tiktok videos at about 1 am. One of which says duet or do the dirty with your 1st @. 

Instead of playing legos with daddy this weekend, per her request via the school counselor, her and ODS10 will be watching a video series for kids on internet safety. And discussing the content of the videos. She can have fun "reporting" that to the counselor and BM. 

Generous friends ungrateful ss

Lifer33's picture

The mediation agreement didn't last long. last weekend but one ss had been enjoying himself in the street on the bikes and scooters, with all our children's friends one minute. Next minute (we can safely assume) bm had messaged him that she'd like to get him an hour earlier, as they were going to buy him a brand new bike on the way home, and he'd have chance to still try it in daylight. I definitely don't think he'd know what actual time it goes dark, as the clocks have just changed here.

Is it okay to not really like my SS, like at all?

krissykat's picture

So I have two SS9 and SS5. SS9 is a bit of a nightmare, but I have learned to just distance myself from him. He can feed himself so he doesn't require any attention. SS5 on the other hand wants and needs attention 24/7. He talks over everyone no matter who is talking. I would be on the phone with my parents that I rarely get to talk to and he's screaming over them and me asking about food, juice, tellimg me he needs to go to the bathroom, or really anything else he can talk about. 

BM forcing SS to come here against his will

Justone's picture

So in recent weeks SS who is nearly 6 has been asking when we are taking him home and that he wants to be with his mum. We didnt think much of it the first time but after 3 times my partner asked BM about it when he dropped him home one night. She told us that he has been saying the same and hardly spoke another word. We found out that when he wakes up she gives him an ipad and doesnt talk much to him. We have a baby and this saturday i will be alone with both children as my partner has to work all day.


Chapter 23: Bratty’s Big Meltdown

caninelover's picture

About 4 weeks after Bratty’s visit, a card came floating in the mail addressed to both SO and I.  SO opened it and it a ‘thank you’ note from Bratty.  He gave it to me to read and seemed proud that Bratty remembered to say thank you.  I asked him point blank if he had told Bratty I was upset about her not saying thank you, and he swore he hadn’t said a word to her.  I don’t know if that is good or bad because if it were my child I would have been on the phone telling her to call me and say thank you but SO never challenges Bratty.

I suppose an update is in order...

lieutenant_dad's picture

YSS went to ET's for part of spring break and seemed to enjoy himself. She didn't have his room ready yet, so he apparently slept on the couch. Trying not to be grumped by that one as someone who has managed to pack and clean a house to move while working full time and not disrupting YSS in that process, AND while going to school, but whatever. Can't expect a woman who isn't working to clear out a room for her kid that she's had 2 full months to clean out.

Oh, right, school. So, ET isn't working, but she is in school.

To be a bartender.

Will it ever get better

Joan Lyons's picture

We spent Easter at my BF'S mom's with the kids..We had a lovely day everyone seemed pleased..I was time to take his 2 girls home..When I opened the car door my BF was taking his daughter phone discovering that she had been texting her mother details of the day and starting shit..I have known she was doing this for years but dad just figured it out..This kid is being train by her mother to betray her father and to hate me..She shows me no respect but doesn't mind asking me for things..I dont know what to instincts are telling me it's only going to get worse.