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Can we block contact?

Tigerlily7's picture

As you can tell from my previous blogs... BM is very absent, history of drug abuse/neglect etc... Shes got outstanding warrants over 10k in arrears.... She has not seen the kids physically in over 6 months and now she is suddenly wanting to call every 2 and 3 weeks at a time... 

State of Kentucky here... Lawyer said around december if shes still not seen them that we can go for Terminating parental rights... 

a regular day for me but not DH

SeeYouNever's picture

I waited some time to not dox anyone with accurate data but my SD recently had a birthday.

My DH tried several times to call her on her birthday and every time it went to VM. She replied very sweet and graciously to texts, even though calling her right after a thank you text went right to VM.

My DH is obviously upset to be entirely shut out of SDs birthday. We didn't expect to be invited to the gala (and it was a GALA) but to not answer or return calls/texts was not expected because my SD is generally polite.

Again with SS disrespect

RockyRoads's picture

How bad do you have to be treated before you say no more?  I am sure you are sick of hearing me about this but anyway.  We were at a looong tournament this weekend. Sitting in the scorching sun to see SS barely play. It cost us around $900 for the weekend. That doesn't include the team fees we already pay.  Then SS went to a private camp that cost $400 to work with college coaches when we got home . He didn't like it. Yesterday SO made sure he was home from work to take SS to practice.When he went to pick him up it was running behind.  SS was up to bat and didn't swing at 6 strikes.

SD’s bm not involved at all and doesn’t pay a cent!

Sylviaxcx's picture

Ugh I'm just so frustrated I just need to rant. I have a 7 month old baby and I've been with my partner for 6 years. He has a 13 year old daughter. BM isn't involved, has been in & out of rehab & now that she's been out for 5 months with a new place and stable job, even though she only lives 15 minutes away in the same TOWN... she's spent time with SD literally maybe 5 times. My heart breaks for this kid & everyone in the family pities BM bc her mother was an addict and therefor it's not her fault she's an absolute mess.


Sad Update on my fur Princess

PetSpoiler's picture

We were supposed to have Princess Popcorn's kidney removed this past Tuesday and have a biopsy done on her liver.  My daughter and I dropped her off Monday and they did some bloodwork and a CT scan on her.  I got the call Tuesday that the CT scan showed extensive liver damage done by the cysts on it.  There is also a cyst on her right kidney.  She had trouble waking up from the sedation.  They did not believe that she would recover from the anesthesia if we went ahead with surgery so my son and I went back to get her.  Her prognosis is poor, the vet believes that she may only have a couple

Looking Like A Glorious Implosion

HS752's picture

I want off this effing roller coaster...

After a nerve wrecking meeting my SO had with the evaluator on Thursday last week, we learned on Friday that BM isn't cooperating with the custody study at all.  She isn't returning messages, phone calls, emails, and hasn't turned in her paperwork.  She also failed to show up for two of her interviews.  She requested this damn study BTW. The evaluator sent a memo to the judge, who said it will continue "do your best with what you can" was the quote.

Let Them!!!

Little Type Amy's picture

Just passing along some quotes for now. Definitely rings true and holds up when facing challenged in StepWorld ( and in other aspects of life too) ....


"They might hate you.

They might hate you when you stand up for yourself.

They might hate you when you speak up.

They might hate you for stepping back.

Even if you do it graciously.

Even if you do it kindly.

Even if you do it with love.

They might hate when you create some healthy boundaries. They might hate you for not being who they want you to be.