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Staying in soul-sucking relationships

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Leaving my spoiled, selfish, ex-husband was traumatic. We had a young son together and enjoyed a good lifestyle with two respectable incomes; he was a marine engineer and I was a high-ranking civil servant.

When we married, my two daughters were preteens. As much as folks exaggerate claims about their bio children, my girls were ‘A’ students, exceptional athletes, hard workers (they had jobs outside the home since each of them were fourteen years old) and had been washing dishes, doing laundry and prepping meals from the time that they were capable; four and five years old.


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Ani, Hon,

~ The dress I ordered is dark blue. The sleeves are open along the shoulders with little rhinestone embellished straps. It is slit to just above the knee on one side.  (please fit please fit please fit) ~

Soooo.... The dress was to have arrived yesterday. Info PLEASE! Pleasantry

Hey, Cover1W!

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Yo, Sweetie,

Not to be intrusive, but how is Ms kitty-cat doing? You have both been in my thoughts as I recall that your veterinarian is making a house call this morning. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed, Cover! Have you been obliged to compromise your vacation plans?

There is so much joy in being a pet lover yet we must also accept their brief, beautiful life spans. Many (((((HUGS))))) from one who has been there and done that. ❤️

O/T More than a stepparent site!

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A thousand thanks to Crspyew, Gimlet, Evil4, Merry, Stepdrama2020 and Kes for their recommendations of ‘Mare of Easttown’, simply the best drama series that I’ve enjoyed in recent memory. Apart from being a dead ringer for my elder daughter, Kate Winslet is one of (IMHO) the best actresses of the 21st century.

My only complaint? The suspense, in several of the episodes, was so potent that I was obliged to pause the action and breathe deeply. Dang, I may be too old for such intensity!

Next binge-watching program? Looks like it will be ‘Happy Valley’. Thanks, Kes!