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Calling on lieutenant_dad!

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My Dear Girl,

You have become conspicuous by your absence and I must confess that I miss your common sense posts; I'm also keen to hear the latest on 'Private Baby' who is now nine months old! Understandably, you're busy, but an update would be most welcome.




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I have been summoned, lol!

Life has gotten busy, and steplife has gotten less crazy so I've been absent (which is truly great to not NEED StepTalk).

Admiral Baby is doing well! Army crawling, babbling, feeding herself (or at least trying to - the new robot vacuum probably ingests more), and teething (someone help us lol). She has SO MUCH HAIR and is .5 seconds from getting a hair cut.

The SKs are doing the same. No big changes, good or bad. ET is quiet 95% of the time. That part of life is just sorta cruising along. Less than a year left on CS and having to give any effs about ET.

I just started a new job making significantly more than I was before. DH was laid off in April and starts his new job in a few weeks. Now we have to sort out daycare, which is gonna suck, but it is what it is.

Beyond that, we're just cruising along. Just a lot of change and needing to find some peace. ☺

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Enjoy the Admiral.  She will define your lives for quite a while.

You and DH have fun with the baby and enjoy your raise in less than a year. Make memories as a family.  DW and I took SS-15mos everywhere with us.  Hiking, camping, movies, parties, weekend trips, university study groups, chasing him through play scapes, chasing ducks on golf courses, and we kept making memories until he launched a few months before his 19th B-day. We still make memories with him, through that towheaded toddler is now 31yo.



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Great news, Hon! And with a teething, drooling, crawling 'Admiral' (she's been promoted!) in charge, it's just as well that your SSs  and the Eternal Teenager are 'cruising along'. Better still, with a raise and child support ending in the near future, your finances will be much improved. Dance 4

Thanks for the update! Give rose

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Great news that things are on "cruise control". I also think perhaps you are so enraptured and absorbed by AB that all the rest (even us!) has faded into the background. I know that since I have made myself super busy, that "all that stepcripe" has faded into the background a LOT for me, and I stick around and read, and show support where I can, but Im in the same kind of boat (sail? Fishing? catamaran?) with the cruisin status.

None of it has emotional importance anymore. 

And according to my countdown app, 269 days, 19.2 weeks, 8.9 months remain for visitation Biggrin

Love the updates on Admiral Baby Biggrin

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Happy for you and your family