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Off Topic; Medal of Honour

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The terrible rift in the Republican/Democratic political parties, tearing the country apart, was briefly set aside this afternoon while the extraordinary hero, Captain Larry Taylor, was awarded a well-deserved Medal of Honour. Having been appalled by watching that exceptional tribute bestowed upon an unworthy recipient in the not-too-distant past, it was heart-warming to view the medal appropriately presented.

Captain Taylor, a man of rare courage and strength of character, performed life-saving feats during the Vietnam conflict, acts that most men can only dream about. The President’s description of Taylor’s achievements brought me to tears and I’m sure that numerous attendees of the event were similarly affected.

I’d pay a bundle to shake that man’s hand!



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My Military School recently had our 3rd CMH recipient named.

Our first was during the Vietnam conflict.  Posthumously.

We have had two awarded during the war on terror.  One to a living alumni. The most recent was awarded posthumously.

This man makes even uncommon valor above and beyond the call of duty seem humble.


Thank you for your service Captain.

Thanks for sharing. grannyd.

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Rags, I lost a dear brother-in-law to that war. He returned from Vietnam paralyzed from the neck down, ultimately committing suicide with morphine he’d saved for the persistent pain he suffered; no mean feat for a quadriplegic. Understandably, we suspected that he’d been lent a hand in his self-destruction but none of us were inclined to pursue the matter.

His older brother, also a Vietnam veteran, suffered PTSD that plagues him to this day. For these reasons, the actions of Captain Taylor, whose valour salvaged both the soldiers that he rescued and their future generations, affected me deeply.

Hopefully, the descendants of those saved men will be made aware of the great debt that they owe to Captain Taylor and other heroes like those of your Military School alumni.


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I listened to the ceremony yesterday - what a moving tribute to an amazing man and soldier! 

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CAPT Taylor is so deserving of this honor.  We watched the ceremony and all of us were in tears.  Unfortunately those of us who lived through that turbulent time are getting older and acts like this will soon be distant memories. The President always speaks from his heart and did so yesterday.