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Commercial: You can bring your SK's on vacation but why would you ...

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Have you all seen that TV commercial for Las Vegas where the Dad read's the kid a bedtime "story" about all the broccoli in Vegas? I could see that tactic as a useful page from the playbook for Step-parents. Lol

How would you apply it to teens? You're gonna HATE Hawaii because ... ??? Europe is a drag ... Florida Keys? forget about it ...

The self-centered,

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pushy, demanding, attention hog, step-diablas 26&24 are FINALLY out of my house. I forgot what energy, joy sucks they are. Yuck! 
If my marriage ever falls apart ... You all know what happened. Good Lord!!! 
Time to celebrate ... I am exhausted. I am not saying a word to DH about their overextended time here. I have no more f's to give. 

Perfect example of cleanliness comfort levels

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I told DH that either he or SD26 would need to clean the guest house before she pisses off so this morning SD26 walks in the door and hands DH some towels. She says, "Here I washed these towels. I think they are yours."  She hands the towels to DH, DH replies "Those are towels for the dog."  SD cheerily relies "They are clean now!" DH says "thanks"

Sorry for the frequent posts

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ST is keeping me sane during SDiablas unexpected extended stay of 3 weeks!!! SD26 seems to have FINALLY realized she wishes she hadn't stayed here for so long. She wanted to stay here for our superior weather to her state but it has rained here non-stop! Lol Now the weather in her state is much nicer than our weather here. 
DH has kept her clingy, drama-filled butt fed and entertained. 

She just said to me "It's like, what am I still doing here?" 

YES good question SDiabla26 WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE???

New Poll - SD marriage

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For those of you who are in my shoes, meaning you have young adult SD's that you have no relationship with and you have a DH that is a great guy, he loves you, treats you well and generally does what he says he will do within the context of our relationship.

Or if you are not in my shoes but you can imagine being in my shoes please vote in the following poll.

When your SD gets married would you rather

1. Go

2. Don't Go

to her wedding.

The results of the poll are firmly in!

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Well, it took a bit longer than I expected for it to be blatant but SD26 has lost patience with the fact that she has been demoted from her position as miniwife to child in our household. There is only *1* wife in this home.

As a refresher, the poll was:

 survey of whether Sdiablas will:

1. Continue to be civil and polite and actually "try" to be get along with me & BK's?

2. Revert back to blatant rudeness rather than just passive aggressive behavior and rudeness ...

g-d damn

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Some days I feel like I am parenting DH and SD26. One thing is clear is that if one day I walk away I will be fully equipped to live a normal life while these 2 continue their dysfunction and eventually scare off the next woman. It's not me. It's THEM!

Disengagement is working!

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Although exhausing to do the dance on my part, being disengaged from SDiabla26&24 is working. A week of DH having unfiltered, mostly without alcohol, constant time with SD's blew the lens right out of those rose colored glasses. DH GREW A PAIR! Which I find extremely sexy. I am not saying that things are completely fixed but I am seeing signs that we're moving in the right direction.

Today’s rendition of SDiablas

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SDiablas need a favor that DH is unable to fulfill. As I was walking out the door I heard SDiabla ask DH "What is Elea doing today?" 
No, I am not available to be your chauffeur SDiablas. You made zero effort to spend time with me this entire week. I do not care if you are bored today. I know DH dedicated his week to your diabla highnesses but I am not your mama. Remember?