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YSD Moving - Step Diablas are gonna keep Diabla-ing

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I am indulging in venting here. Naturally DH can't handle hearing blunt truths about the full reality of defunct diabla SD's.

Soooo, yesterday YSD24 sends DH a text to ask if he would be available for a phone call in about half an hour?

Side note: This is progress - I am surprised she asked permission. BM and SD's have typically treated DH as if his time is of no value - As far as they are concerned DH is the bad dog who's role is to go to work, to pay money, to transport, to entertain, to jump when they say jump and then to be told that he is a terrible Father.

reminiscing - short unpleasant stay - diabla diaries

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Over the holidays, SDiabla24 was in our home for 3 long, annoying days. My 26 y/o BK's birthday is on xmas Eve. (My BK lives on their own.)

DH to SDiabla: Elea's BK's birthday is on Christmas.

Elea: BK's birthday is not on Christmas, it's on xmas Eve.

SDiabla: It's the same thing.

No, maybe to you, you little turd. I pushed BK out of my body on xmas Eve so I think I would know.

How to Handle the Constant References to BM?

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SD24 has no filter when it comes to yaking on and on about BM.

For example, This year DH’s Christmas gift to me was a spa gift card for a really nice luxury spa in our area. When SD found out, she exclaimed, “That’s an EXPENSIVE spa!” (I guess SM shouldn’t be given an expensive gift?) Then she went on and on about how when BM still lived in our area, she just loved going to that spa.

Twas the dread before Christmas

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SDiabla24 arrives tomorrow (on Christmas Day) and I am already annoyed just thinking about it. That can't be good.

There are already a bunch of wrapped gifts under the tree for my BK's and DH, none for SD24. (SD24 never gives me a gift. She and her sister buy household type gifts for DH that make it obvious they are trying to leave me out.) 

DH, BK's and I will open our gifts before she arrives. DH did his last minute shopping for SD24 and bought whatever he could find still hanging on the rack. I am sure she will return everything he picked out.

Wanna hear a good one?

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This week BM asked DH to drop everything and fly to the state she & SD lives in to take SDiabla24 for her birthday. *yahoo*

Apparently BM and SD are having knock down, drag out, fights again so BM doesn't want to deal with the monster she birthed & created on SD's birthday. These fights become physical. BM denies that she hits SD but in the past BM claimed her hand just flew up and "accidently" smacked SD in the face.

SD now repeats the cycle of abuse. I have seen her hit and pinch OSDiabla, basically unprovoked, just out of control brattyness.

Commercial: You can bring your SK's on vacation but why would you ...

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Have you all seen that TV commercial for Las Vegas where the Dad read's the kid a bedtime "story" about all the broccoli in Vegas? I could see that tactic as a useful page from the playbook for Step-parents. Lol

How would you apply it to teens? You're gonna HATE Hawaii because ... ??? Europe is a drag ... Florida Keys? forget about it ...

The self-centered,

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pushy, demanding, attention hog, step-diablas 26&24 are FINALLY out of my house. I forgot what energy, joy sucks they are. Yuck! 
If my marriage ever falls apart ... You all know what happened. Good Lord!!! 
Time to celebrate ... I am exhausted. I am not saying a word to DH about their overextended time here. I have no more f's to give. 

Perfect example of cleanliness comfort levels

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I told DH that either he or SD26 would need to clean the guest house before she pisses off so this morning SD26 walks in the door and hands DH some towels. She says, "Here I washed these towels. I think they are yours."  She hands the towels to DH, DH replies "Those are towels for the dog."  SD cheerily relies "They are clean now!" DH says "thanks"