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Dear Annie from 9/10

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I usually read the Dear Annie column.. and I can't believe I missed this letter.  Honestly, I'm not surprised at the response.. 

"Dear Annie: I'd like to address a few words to "Feeling Jealous," who was putting together a birthday party for her 13-year-old stepson and was upset that her husband's ex might come.

Maury Povich called with the results

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......... and we now know.. the test results are in...    "Ma-am.... you  ARE the problem".. lol.


Sometimes it's hard to figure out where the root of issues come into steplife.. is it the kids.. the EX?  Is it the disney daddee?  or is it the Step parent.  Sometimes it's really clear that we are our own worst enemies in this game.

Parents... are you ready to date or more?

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It seems to be a common theme on here where people have rushed into dating/living together/new babies and marriage much quicker than logic would dictate.  We all see the fallout.  The complications.. the crapshows.

So, this is some advice for PARENTS out there thinking about getting into the dating world and a few ways you can tell whether you really are ready to dip your toe in that pool.

OSD Holiday Fun update (and related family funtimes)

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So... I mentioned in an earlier post that we had a visit with OSD, her DHead DH and their "darling" hellion a few weeks ago.  Among the topics of conversation were her railing on about how stupid her mother (BM) is.. and that she is so dumb shacking up with a guy she met on the internet a few months ago.. "who is still married and is going to figure out her "sht" soon.. and has apparently told the BM that he expects her to have her financial situation straight within 6 months as a condition of their remaining together..

GUBM or Narcissist?

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So I touched on my OSD 25 in my last post about her In Laws. While I do feel a bit bad for her... I think she has a hand in her own situation.  She is married to a guy that is a bit of an immature and controlling jerk who has his parents living across the street from them.  His mommy still pays his bills and he hangs out at their house all the time while OSD is home with their 3 yo son.  Now she is 8 mo pregnant with another boy and they are still fighting like cats and dogs.  

Insufferable In-laws are toxic

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So, we actually had a nice Thanksgiving with my 90 year old father.  He is alone except for his caregivers so if we hadn't gone to have dinner with him.. he would have had a pretty sad day.  He lives about 2 hours from us and we haven't gotten to see him very much due to my husband working across the country for the past 8 months straight... only came home 2x (saw my dad those times)... and I spent every weekend driving to meet him half way so my time was pretty shot otherwise since I work full time.

Great Lawyer Advertisement

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So.. my YSD has found this lawyer on twitter that posts some funny ad tweets. some more relevant here than others.


"Rather look at a check than your Baby daddy?? Call us and we'll tell you how much we can get you in child support"

"like your girlfriend more than your wife?  Call us and let's get started on your divorce"

"In Jail, No Bail.. Call us and we will have you out the door before the soap hits the floor"

"Is your baby mama bringing too much drama?  call us to take care of custody problems"


This Ladies in Gentlemen is how you start raising a kid that other people don't want to be around.

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So.. not entirely SK related aside from the fact that the mother in question is my OSD... but I think it probably paints a good picture of why so many kids are PITA's to be around these days.. it's THIS kind of parenting.

So.. up on my FB feed is a picture of my Stepgrandson.. he is almost 3 years old.  He is licking a sucker.... with a "cute" look on his face.

The caption" So where do kids learn that if they lick the lollipop that the parents will be made to buy it?"

Her MIL posts.. "awwwe.. your DH used to do that..haha"