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OT- even bio family can suck!

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I know we come on here and vent about our step situations... but my BIO one really got me angry this past week.

Background: My 89 yo father lives alone about 2 hours from me. My younger brother lives about 2 hours from dad as well. Younger brother is a former drug addict... but is now married and has been clean for over a decade. Brother has always sort of blamed our upbringing(parents) for his mental issues and problems.

OT- Traveling Blues

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Just a small vent about modern day traveling.

I just got back from a brief trip to the Dom.Rep. (yay.. warm breezes, cold drinks and sunrises).

I can't count the number of people that I encountered on my travels that were sick. I'm not talking about garden variety sniffles or cold recovery, but hacking, can't stop coughing phlegm up, wheezing sick.

Queued for Moderation

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Anyone getting this message when posting? Just wondering if I have somehow landed on the naughty

It wasn't a 2 word response (because I can't possibly reply so succinctly) Blum 3

Anyway, just curious if this was specific to my response.. or me.. or whether this is just some random hold.

OT- New Style Fundraising

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Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a bit put off by all the "gofundme" fundraisers or requests for other people to pay for stuff.

I have actually contributed to a few... but I kind of resent the fact that this kind of think seems to be pretty one way with little "thanks" from the recipient.

Like.. the guy that we donated to that was injured at his own engine repair business and was going to be out of work for a while. We donated a sizable amount.. never a thank you from him.

Eye-roll moment

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It's funny, I just had an "eye-roll" moment with my DH last night.

As most know, I have 2 SD's one 19 and the other 22. I came into their lives a couple years after their parents split when they were 5 and 9. They have always been very different kids.

The exhausting morning for a mom of 4.

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So, has anyone read the "exhausting" morning routine of a mother of 4? Her kids are 12, 11, 7 and 3. She is exhausted from waking them up... making all the beds... getting them dressed..feeding them breakfast.. driving to school and then going back to bring forgotten things and then getting her younger kids on the bus.

OT. Update on DH's surgery

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My DH had his surgery on Tuesday. The doctor said it went very well. He only had to stay in the hospital one night. Which while short, we hope will reduce the chance of an infection.

So, he has now been home 2 nights and he said he is feeling remarkably good. His pain level is at about a 1 and only got about as high as a 4 when he was in the hospital and that mainly had to do with having stuff attached to him like a catheter, drain tube and IV ports in his hands.