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Separate question... Driving my son here

Yesterdays's picture

Im also thinking on my week with the kids. Usually my ex provides some drives. I don't want to be dependant on him considering his controlling tendencies so I am considering just telling him that I will drive my son back and forth from school to my house every day. Usually I helped on his weeks and he helped on mine.

Rapunzel(s) not allowed to leave daddy's house or make decisions?

Yesterdays's picture

So it became very apparent last night that my ex is not allowing the kids to drive his new beater car over and that he is forcing the kids to not come over Tuesdays on his week like they had been. (last post). Because all of the sudden he allowed my daughter to use this car on the Tues only so she could drive back to his house after and not stay over

I read some old texts. Winterglow was 100 percent right. The text from him said if I didn't want to split on a car to use between our houses he would buy them a car for use at his place only....... So there you have it 

Another thing that popped up that proves the theory?

Yesterdays's picture

The kids have not been allowed to drive the car (that was supposed to help and save drives) over to my house. It's gone so far that they have not been allowed to drive this car even to school and back from his house on his week. He would drive them to the mall and make them take a city bus and then pick them up. I guess so they couldnt come here or do anything else after school it seems

SD62 Vindicated

JRI's picture

Well, I was wrong.  SD62 did not take DH's $500 bail refund.  The 3 of us went to the Courthouse today and they cut a check for it while we waited.  They said, "It should have been mailed" but who knows what happened.

SD told me DH kept saying "just tell me the truth, you cashed it, right?". So, anyway, it ended well.

She didn't look good at all, is having multiple health issues, hands shaking.  DH was in raptures, "My 2 favorite people!". Altho she and I were lukewarm, he insisted on going out to lunch.

On and on.....

BM blew up this weekend

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Not getting into all the details but BM made something that should of been a 10 on a scale of 100 and took it to 1,000. Then she started bringing up things from over 7 years ago and tried VERY hard to convince DH that she never cheated on him. Yes, even though she has walking, talking, and breathing proof of her older child proved not to be DH's by a DNA test. Not sure what her angle is on why she is trying to sell this so hard right now.

But BM is so delusional. Like what?

Pros and cons: electronics edition

Hastings's picture

One of the rules at our house is "no electronics at bedtime." SS13 puts his various gadgets in the hall and DH puts them away for the night, then puts them back out when he gets up in the morning. There have been instances of SS holding onto one, lying about whether or not he brought it to our house -- or just neglecting to put one out to see if DH notices.

A Little Shocked By SS12

CastleJJ's picture

DH FaceTimed with SS12 tonight for our usual twice weekly call. SS is in the middle of state standardized testing in school and told DH he just wrapped up English last week. DH asked SS what the English portion entailed. SS explained that there was reading, comprehension, and a writing prompt about whether class participation should count toward a student' grade. DH asked SS where he stood on that topic. SS said he felt it shouldn't and outlined his reasons.