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Should I Contact BM’s Husband?

Rumplestiltskin's picture

So BM is slinging a lot of mud and false allegations to obtain emergency full custody of SO's 2 boys. Part of her allegations are that her home is more stable due to SO's work schedule. She is currently living with a man she claims is her husband but according to SO, they are not legally married. She has never been able to live on her own, even with child support.

In tears already...Help.

smproblems's picture

I wrote my first blog yesterday. I'm so upset - today DH is going to go get SS (almost 4) after work. I dislike my SS so much. It use to not be so bad. However, SS is also at the age where he fights on everything. He doesn't want to listen to anyone. Especially me, he throws toys and breaks them on purpose. He hits, bites & yells all the time. He is a repeat offender on saying NO. DH and I work on it and he tells SS he has to listen to me and respect me. We have very simple house rules. He is a smart kid, he just knows how to play the system.


Used to be Quite Active on this Site

princessandthepee's picture

Step parenting and a second marriage continue to be challenging! And now, seven years after I was active on this site my own kids are teenagers, same as my husband's were when we got together. My husband's daughter, whom I named Princess on this blogs all those years ago is now almost 28. Married, two kids of her own, financially independent from us, not the state, but from us thank god.  My step son will be 26 this year and things are as bad with him as ever. He asked a year and a half ago to move back in with us to "save" up money to buy a house.

What a Wednesday

1dad4kids's picture

DH's lawyer is really pushing him to drop Wednesdays. DH is refusing. 

My personal thoughts? BM is hoping that by creating a longer stretch between DH's parenting time that she has more time for alienation. In the agreement BM wrote that she is allowed to take SS11 to a counselor "if" he's having trouble with the transition. My guess is that she's planning to make it so SS11 does have problems with the transition and maybe the new counselor will recommend SS11 doesn't spend time with DH. 

The paternity/custody drama continues

Lostandconfusedlady's picture

Well everyone, it's been about 2 weeks since my DH swore he'd get this whole mess with sd sorted out.  In his defense he did talk to a lawyer in sd homestate.  The lawyer told him it was hopeless because she is too old and in the divorce decree between her mother and her ex husband she is included as his child.  This leaves my DH with no way to get paternity established in that state.