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Update on SD's Rape Story

Daisymazy2's picture

According to SD, age 17,  she told DH last week that the police thought the guy, age 17, is out of state and the detective didn't think they boy will come back. Now, she tells DH last night that the boy was arrested a week or so ago.  She also tells DH that the trial is at the end of this month.  I find it hard to believe that they can have a trial in a little over a month.  Around here, it is a fast trial if it is  within 3 months.  BM and DH have been letting SD talk to the detective and only get their information from SD.  No one really knows what it happening.  The detective said it cou

Little Idiot’s First day of College

AlmostGone83's picture

And not a peep from her. No requests for money for books, gas, supplies or a car. No change of address. No calls to or from college. Ever. No idea how she’s doing this. 

My thoughts at this point are that she is not even attending college this fall. I think we have been lied to again and most of the time when I have a feeling something is going on with her, I’m usually right. DH believes everything that she says so there’s no point in saying anything to him.

How could you hurt your kids like that?

zea.momie's picture

Sorry,  I know this bounces around a lot,  but my thoughts are all over the place right now.  Finally got my sd calmed down and she just passed out on the couch from crying. 

How can you threaten to not let your child see their sibling again if they leave the house.   Really,  how?   She was just trying  to end the fighting and the only way to do that with you was to leave,  she's 18, you can't stop her.   But boy can you threaten and hit her where it hurts.   

Anyone want to physically harm the BM!?

Talesofthe-twofoldmother's picture

lol, not kidding people... I am emotionally spent with all the other crap going on in my life! Not even Prozac can cure this storm that's been brewing.

Once again BM strikes again!!!

Another weekend with my 2 SD's going good right going great I didn't have to deal with them as much as I usually do because DH's mother kept them this weekend we are still not living together at the moment!

I am enjoying all the kids together playing laughing me and DH are trying to work things out...

A.C.O.D. - Rags' Review

Rags's picture

Well, I watched A.C.O.D.  Not a bad movie... but pathetically naive.

My take away is that the writers/director are of the opinion that family is family. I completely disagree.  Toxic POS eternally juvenile breeders that are so toxic that they ruin the lives of their children need a bullet in the head before they breed.

The prime character should have written off both of his pathetic BPs and maintained only a relationship with his brother.  Mom and dad should have been complete write offs for Gary and his brother.

Last day of summer

Chmmy's picture

Last day of summer and the skids go back to school tomorrow. Yay for school. We can have some sort of schedule and no more child care $$$.

Last May I literally dreaded the day that summer came. Im a nanny to 2 spoiled rich kids 14 & 12 years old, as well as a step mom to the skids SD17, SS12 & SS11. I dreaded the summer like I was going to the electric chair! I was going to be working 20 hrs a week with the spoiled kids and watching the snotty skids on the other days.


Rags's picture

I am starting this movie.  A.C.O.D - Adult Children Of Divorce.

This should be interesting.

"Carter, having survived his parent's bitter divorce and making a successful life, now must reunite his parents for his brother's wedding."