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Covid or not BM doesn’t care rant

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So I ended up taking another Rapid Covid test Thursday after I had a positive PCR a few days prior . The Rapid came back positive . DH told BM when I tested positive with the PCR because its DH weekend. BM didn't really seem phased by it and even said "did you all just have Covid lol" we had Covid a year ago in which DD 2 caught it, DS5, BS10 and both DH and I did as well and trust me it was not funny, I'm not sure wtf she would even think someone have Covid is funny but that's ignorant BM.

Time with just one SD

Merrigan's picture

SD17 is quarantined with her mother, and SD15, who isn't sick (still not sure if it's COVID because BM refuses to test and SO is being vague), has been spending time with us. She's been a delight, and I mean that 100%. She's been cooking with us, hiking local trails, tidying up after herself, and has just been altogether fun to be around.

The movie "Stepmom"

cmd88's picture

Since my last blog was not a very good one and I had to keep defending myself and not being specific enough I guess, I thought I would post on the lighter side of things and just not reach out for advice anymore and just offer my own advice and that's that. 

Who has seen this movie? (Stepmom) Obviously it's not based on a true story, but what did you think? Did you think Julia Roberts character had the right responses/actions toward bratty future SD? Do you think the Ed Harris' character handled everything in the right way? What about Susan Surandons? 

Ugh, Happy Thursday...or not

cmd88's picture

Well, today is the day. It's been just over a week and we get SD12 back today. As I am typing this DBF is on his way to go pick her up. I can't even fathom on how clingy she is going to be as soon as she gets to the house. I had posted a few times but removed my posts recently because I finally just lost it and told DBF what SD12 was considered.....a mini wife. 

Adult 24 Year Old Being on Own Car Insurance

FrustratedandLost's picture

Ok, so I need some advice. My oldest SD is 25 and works as a nurse. She just bought a new car and my husband let her put her car on our insurance without talking to me first. I tried to tell him that even though we have insurance, the other party can come after us if they want even though we have insurance. I don't want anything to happen because we have a house and I don't want to lose our house. He told me this is how it was going to happen and I needed to basically shut up about it. How do I deal with this?


Sam2's picture

So early this morning my DS called that the light had burned out in his room , went down and replaced it with a light blub from another light and went back to bed.  This morning we got ready for work and school and left telling my DH that the light bulb in the other light needed replacing and I didn't know where they were.  Apparently the light cover fell from the one I replaced and broke on the floor.  Needless to say when we got home today my DH told DS that he could'lve gotten a lamp or something instead of replacing the light bulb.   It upset my son .  Now I do think my son is being a b

After 5 yrs- the judge rendered his decision

justmakingthebest's picture

This is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen! We have been fighting for a judgement on CS and Alimony for 5 years. 5. Freaking. Years!

Our cowardly lawyer sent it in the mail with no heads up. It breaks down that Alimony should have ended in June of 2017 (DH paid until March 2018) but the Alimony amount in this order is higher than what they had agreed on, so I don't know what to do with that!

Then in breaks down CS for every year after 2017. We had been "shorting" cs by $300-450 as the years went. The order says to basically get with DCSE for arrears. 

SD60's Depression

JRI's picture

SD60 was here today doing some cleaning (her suggestion).   As usual, I was polite, civil and non-committal.  The backstory is that after a long mini-wife career, SD had to move in with us 5 years ago when she'd been booted out of her apartment and had no money.  The 10 months she was here, our lives were a hell of watching her drug use, hearing her lies and watching my possessions disappear.   She does have physical and mental problems that put her on disability.  After 10 months, we moved her to quarters we subsidize.  DH and I separated finances at that point.  She's been her usual self