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She countered

We had our weekly therapy session last night and my wife gave her counter.
*No extras period, no cash no checks nothing beyond child support

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OT - Women Wednesday

Help me out here, please. I need some ideas to de-stress. My stress level is through the roof. Ever since my darling Mr. P went to the Rainbow Bridge, I have been lost.

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Father's Day Drama Part 2

Monday I am home from work, playing on my phone, looking through pictures feeling sentimental about BS (who had been gone for a week) and DH.

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SM wants me to spy of my father to figure out what is wrong with him

A month ago I blogged about how my dad abruptly left his northern state, where he lives with his wife of almost 50 years during the summer, left with no announcement and drove south 1,200 miles to his

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BM needs to butt out....

BM is at it again...Her precious little snowflakes absolutely cannot survive without her guidance or wisdom.

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Father's Day Drama Part 1

It's been interesting in skid land the past few days.

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Snap, Crackle, Pop! And updates

Busy weekend! It feels like eons ago, since my last post. I hope everyone on ST is doing well.

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Big blow up with my husband tonight

Started when he told SD that she could have a sleepover without consulting me.
Then he said " I talked about it with her (SD) and we agreed that she would be quiet and responsible for clean up. "

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Moving out.

Hello everybody,
I am new to this site and looking for some advice on my current situation. I'll keep it brief and try not to bore you all.

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OT - sort of - Custody arrangements

I'm helping SO with his custody stuff. I was staying out of it, but he's asked me for help.