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"Dad, Mum said she is disappointed that you didn't buy anything for Nuna"

This is what SS14 said to DH last night on their video call. SS14 is in Cyprus visiting BM2 for another week.

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Predictions for your skids?

Ive been pretty darn spot-on so far with predicting how things would pan out with DH/skids/BM so far. How are you are at predicting step life?

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And we're out

We officially out of Spagehtti Land!!!!

We have worked day and night these past 3 weeks to make sure this happened and to make sure the house was safe for the kids. She's not done yet-but

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Scenes from a suburban kitchen...

Mystery solved!

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Why DH...why?

Really DH? Why would you ask SS how he would feel if we had another kid? It was a hypothetical joking question, but SS does not like DS, so really all you accomplished was pissing me off.

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I'm not immature or naive enough to think that ANY relationship will be perfect all the time. It's always easier to daydream about how the grass is greener on the other side.

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OT - BM Using Mission Trip for Vacation with BD

I saw this in Dear Prudence and am curious what others would do in this situation:

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Just made me laugh

So I'm painting and cleaning up my new place. Landlord is counting it all towards my deposit. I ran across this... do you think it works??? Bahahahaha

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I got served by my ex for a hearing. We have week on week off with exhanges at school with a midweek visit for 3 hours onWednesdays.

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SS has feelings too

DH had a 'meeting' with BM and SS20. To remind you, DH will not say a WORD to SS without BM present 'in case of her objecting' - translation: Disney Daddy.