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Giving full custody to crazy BM

jensm021981's picture

Hi friends! First off I have to give thumbs up to this site because it really helps me to know that I am not alone in any of this!  Right now we have shared parenting with BM and she is really a piece of work, I mean seriously it is no wonder this woman is still single!  We just got finished with a horrible custody battle that did not end in our favor. UGH!! Anyways, DH and I have been married for 2 years and have been together for 5.  She has met me once and it was when it was court ordered because she was always afraid of me and she is psychotic!

Really struggling

gimmeabreak's picture

Hey all, I'm having a rough day. I'm 4 months pregnant with my first, and my husband has 2 sons (12 and 14) who live with us 50% of the time. I really have little to complain about when it comes to them, other than the usual annoying kid stuff. However, lately I've been really having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that I will never have a "first" family. I won't ever get that time to bond with just my husband before the baby comes because there have always already been 2 kids around. I won't get time with just him and me and baby after the birth.

The joys of teenage periods take 2

pickles45's picture

So 2 weekends ago I blogged about SO’s daughter leaving pads attached to her underwear. Well for some reason she got her period this weekend (this morning to be exact) so here’s another story:

First some  background: She was with us the ENTIRE evening Friday night from 3 on. We had dinner and sat out back and did a bonfire.

Not a baby person

Sakotr's picture

Our 7 month old granddaughter cries and screams at will. I get that new babies and first babies are hard. And I get that being a grandfather is exciting for my husband. But not for me. I can't stand noise. I couldn't stand music in the workplace, neighbor's parties and mindless chit chat. So, I retired and my husband and I moved to the desert. Rural, difficult to access roads. Quiet. 


Not all roses

Mandy45's picture

It all began so perfect my two step daughters loved me as i knew them long before me and there father got together. Then we got together and all was fine. There mother hopeless so they lived fulltime with my husband and me. Then we got married they where part of the wedding and everything and then we moved in together just before we got married. Then the day he put that ring on my finger it all went to hell.

Adult SD tries to move in with I’m the enemy

betsyhope's picture

Seven years into our marriage, my 27 y o SD asked to move in, with her 6 and 3 y o boys. She had just been evicted (first I had known about it). She has a history of disrespect toward me, swearing, yelling, name calling...

My husband does not ever stand to her...if he tries she will threaten to withhold the grandchildren’s company from him. 

I told my husband I felt it wouldn’t be good for us or our marriage for them to move in. Arguing ensued, he finally told her she could not (but didn’t represent us as a unified front, said I was the one saying no). 



Braven's picture

Everynight he sleeps on couch.

Everynight TV is on.

I get no sleep.

When I get up from bed from being woke he will say out loud “oh no here comes bitchy”

This is my fiancé that I am talking about.

Next morning he acts like nothing.

How many ppl on here has to have a TV on to sleep?

How many ppl on here can’t stand a TV on to sleep?





BM not coparenting with us

Skylar96's picture

So for some background information, my husband and his BM had a really bad relationship in the past which lead to him being out of their lives and us meeting. We recently dropped our careers and lives in Florida to move to Illinois because she said she was unable to take care of the kids on her own. When we arrived, we found that she lied to us about many things and she was only struggling due to her own laziness. We stayed with her until we had the opportunity to get our own place which we were grateful for.


Really dislike my SD

sharkette92's picture

She's a certified spoilt brat. She is selfish, inconsiderate, attention seeking brat. She went absolutely beserk when i told her father that she's had enough gaming and we could spend the afternoon watching a family movie. Started acting out and started making as much noise as possible so i said to her dad 'she's being absolutely spiteful" and to my surprise he actually did something about it and yelled at her to stop it. Her and her brother have an addiction to anything with a screen and refuse to go outside. Im sick of this enabled bullshit where she cries and then gets her way.