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My child is worth a broken X-Box and broken iPhone

Okay, so ExH agreed to sign over custody for my DS14 as long as he gave him back his broken XBox 360 he bought him for his 13th birthday and the iPhone 5s he gave him that has a broken screen.

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So I guess it's my turn to shine? Job opportunity!

I've been interviewing with a company for the past 3 weeks and today will be the "final" interview with the finance director.

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Have I punished her enough?

Hi, I asked you all for some advice handling my MIL, and the consensus was a unanimous: "F*ck" her.

see thread:

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SD17 is making me nervous...

So SD17 is set to graduate in June. It appears unless she falls apart this last marking period, that she will indeed pull it off, which is great!

newstepmomblues's picture do ya'll not get down about it?

Sometimes I just feel like I can't get ahead. Just when I think I'm about to get us back on top there is something new that one of the skids needs that is in addition to the normal child support.

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Will she or won't she? Place your bets!!

DH and I are heading out to MedusaTown tonight for the hearing tomorrow. To recap, she filed a request to have her child support lowered back in September.

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O/T Valentine's day plans

Good morning ladies! I was going to post a Wednesday Women yesterday but got preoccupied with work.

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Week of opportunities!

So I get a phone call out of the blue yesterday.

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Interesting Find in Our Garage

DH and I were cleaning out the garage yesterday. The kids sometimes sit out there. There were a bunch of papers on one of the tables. I started going through the pile.

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To make a long story short. My husband's family and his daughters have consistently interfered in our marriage.