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WWYD-Not Hypothetical

Continuance from my post yesterday.....

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In-Law related

I want honest opinions on this, I can not make up my mind totally....

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Oh, Dear Abby

Apparently mini-wife syndrome doesn't only apply to skids and Daddies.

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I hate step kids....

I have been remarried for about 2 years now. I have 3 amazing daughters who live with us and he has 3 pathetic sloths. I'm sorry I am mostly just venting right now, but it is the truth.

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BM Sabotaging Health

I know... I know. I'm not supposed to care.

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HELP! Agreement reached, no court, but now what?

I am so frustrated. DH and BM came to an agreement. It is so vague it's irritating. Once skids goes EOWE and the other skid is not required to visit.

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HMMM All of a Sudden Skids School Is NOT Using the Web Portal. . .

That has been in place for well over seven years now. Of course Chef has had ZERO notification about a so called "new system" in any school correspondence heretofore that I will relate below about:

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Oh poor delusional little sister

My younger sister has been talking about her SO getting custody of his daughter(10/11 years) for several months. CPS has been called numerous times.

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SD9 had pee accidents BOTH Friday and Saturday night. We kept the same routine. No drink a couple hours before bedtime and she went to the bathroom before bed.

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What an AMAZING week with DH <3

Well, we are home and what an amazing week! If you ever have the chance to go to Hilton Head South Carolina, DO IT! It was so peaceful and beautiful. Spent a few days laying on the beach.