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Drying the tears digitally

CLove's picture

Last night while I was participating in my online tax class, SD15 B/M approached me with an emergency "I need your help request". It was her friend (a girl) and she was sobbing on the phone and having issues with her bio mother.

I dropped the call, but stayed logged into the lecture. What are you going to do? Im hardwired that way. A kiddo needs me, I come running. Well it was more like a stroll...

The situation was SD15 (yes shes back to munchkin for now...) has a friend we will call "G". This girl is also 15. And she was sobbing her little heart out.

SD Tonsils Continued

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So last night we heard back from SD's teacher in regards to asking if SD has complained in school about pain or had trouble eating, etc. SD's teacher's response:

"She has not complained to me about anything. She eats breakfast, lunch, and snack pretty well. She will occasionally ask to have things open f she needs help, but other than that no problems. I will keep a closer eye for anything and let you know if there are any issues that arise."

Hmm... well that is funny because BM claims SD has "constant throat pain" so bad that she "will refuse to eat." 

Maybe our town is too small?

morrginme's picture

Out of all the places a person can work in our area I find out I work in the same department as SD18's girlfriend. I was dropping off DH's truck when SD18 ran up to me. (He got her a temp job for her driving farm trucks with him). She tells me that I'm in the same department as her girlfriend and yesterday I asked her girlfriend questions about the work app. 

Verbally abusive step daughter

Morethandepressedstep's picture

I have a step daughter who is ten years old. She is extremely mean to myself and my daughter. I get sick when she comes. She begs to come to my house. If I say I can't do it because she is so wicked to us, the BM starts threatening my DH with court and he backs down. Is the relationship doomed? It makes me sick to be around and.

Dh is trying to fake it

WwCorgi7's picture

Well my Dh is trying to fake not being hurt by SD. She played him like fiddle. I think he is actually more embarrassed than anything for falling for it. Not sure if he is going to keep pursuing her or let it go. She quit talking to him 2 days after getting money from him. He asked her about school and she threw it in his face how they used his $300 to go to the horse races and spend the weekend at a resort. It all came out to be a completely fabricated story except the fact that BM really did dump all her kids and ran off.

DH spoke to the doctor

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So the doctor from yesterday's appointment called DH to discuss SD's visit and tonsils with him. Basically, this doctor recommends SD's tonsils be removed solely on BM's claims of SD having sleep apnea. DH explained to the doctor that these symptoms BM is saying SD has had for years, DH has never witnessed and years ago he had primary custody, then he also had 50/50.

Surprise, Surprise - NOT

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So DH called the doctor SD saw yesterday and guess what? DH is not listed anywhere on SD's information for not only the ENT specialist, but SD's peditrician either. We were wondering why BM put SD on BM's insurance when DH is supposed to have SD under his. At first we thought to make it easier when she takes SD or her other child to the doctor that they can go to the same doctor rather than finding a doctor in DH's network for SD. However, now I think it is so BM can get away with not listing DH on any of SD's paperwork and it is all under her control. 

Picture day went good

Mamabearof3's picture

We did them outside at a woodsy parked days ago. Was nice. I'm somewhat satisfied with the photos. But SD came with several inches of very greasy hair hanging in her face. And thick orange tartar on her teeth. Putting the pictures of her smiling big and laughing in black and white or doing small prints of those. Most of the time she won't show her teeth when she smiles though. I put her hair behind her ears and got grease all over my fingers.

Second Verse ...same as the first...My Motto for SD and GWR

halo1998's picture

Ah....hear that ..that is my deep breathing.....*breath in .....breath out**** and I find my peace.  

Both my Skids have high aspirations...but very in crater levels of ** motivation/work ethic.   We have seen what GWR has done with his life...barely graduating high school ( he was pity passed in most classes) and now works part time as a cashier and lives in Beaver's basement.