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SD18 more than likely will be returning..

notsobrady's picture

And I am SO completely over it. We've been out of town and stopped in to visit DH's parents late yesterday afternoon for Father's Day. Its where we learned SD18's boyfriend had called GMA to explain that he's moving out of state and cannot take SD18 with him. He asked if SD could move back in with them..supposedly she doesn't want to do this. She had to give him their phone number though because there would be no way he would know it.

Father’s Day vent

grace8205's picture

It was also 2 months ago when skid24 totally lost it and was delusional. To get the background just read my previous blog. 

Skid always annoys me on Father’s Day, how he does nothing for his dad and expects DH to take him and whoever is girlfriend is out to eat and whatever activities such as the driving range. Never does anything for his dad. 

Father Day/Ex /Financial ties

Happycamper's picture

I get so bummed about my DH still having financial ties with his ex but not me! Everything at our house is in my name. I am totally stretched as both cars, house, all utilities, everything is in my name. I have had to do this because BM and DH didn’t pay their bills. He told me that she would always be behind and stuff when they were married and it supposedly drove him crazy. I found out after we were married that they had declared bankruptcy years ago together. Fast forward to now..BM refuses to refinance the house and get DH’s name off of it.

When did kids stop learning to entertain themselves?

Cbarton12's picture

We went to a lake this afternoon and went fishing. But it's a really hot day so we came home and we were relaxing. 

Then SD comes in and about every other minute "what can I do?" "I wish I could do something". 

Go play with your toys? Draw? Read? 

All suggestions I made that she didn't respond to or do!

Of course now she's taken over the TV AGAIN to watch a really stupid show. 

On the brightside? She leaves to BM's tomorrow for 2 weeks!! 

First post

Stressedstepparent17's picture

Gosh where do I start. So I've been with my partner for 2.5 years now, living together for 1.5 years. I met his 4 nearly 5 year old daughter around 6 months into our relationship, so really early on. She doesn't live with us, generally stays for 1-2 days at the weekend every week and extra during school holidays. He has a son who he hasn't seen for the full duration of our relationship (he'd last seen him before we met so nothing to do with me).


Fathers Day Gifts?

AlmostGone83's picture

Just curious as to what everyone’s thoughts are on appropriate gifts/gestures for Father’s Day from skids of various ages? Little Idiot (SD who is 19) gave her father the wonderful, thoughtful gift of ... a text message. This, after she blew all of her money from her part time job on buying expensive clothes and shoes for herself, couldn’t even scrape together $1.50 for a card and postage.

SD9 not coming for Father's Day... really BM?

GirlfriendMom's picture

Today is Father's Day. It's supposed to be our week with SD anyway so we pick her up today (not court ordered, we just have a personal summer schedule). BM texts SO yesterday saying SD wanted to stay with BM for the week instead of us. I'm not urprised, she hates being over here for more than 2 days now because all she really wants is BM and we don't treat her as the absolute queen of our entire lives.

I figured SO would just get her and go out to lunch or something and drop her back but no...


Lazy Adult Step Son (seeking advice)

BrittneyT's picture

I’m not entirely sure this is where I post for advice. It’s my first post, but after 4 years- I need some advice. My youngest step son will be 20 soon and has been out of school for a year. In general we have a great relationship. I’m only 10 years older so I understand some of the social situations he gets into better than his father does. However- we are polar opposites. When i got married I assumed he would be going to college, or working, living with a girlfriend, hanging out with friends or at the very least DRIVING by 20... nope.


Skid + (our) cats

momjeans's picture

My DD (5.5) informed me today that “skid is allergic to cats,” and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Seriously, I am overjoyed at the thought of this so-called allergy keeping her far, far away.

Funny that skid had no issues being around our two cats last summer...

Also, my in-laws have an indoor cat. A blind geriatric one - but, a cat.