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BM sent diapers and wipes for the baby

I love dogs's picture

This was weekend before last when DH dropped SD off but why? It was 2 of the small packs of diapers (maybe 24 in each?) and 2 single wipe packages from Target. She also told DH that she and her mom, GBM who said my newborn looks 'Asian' (as most newborns do with their swollen eyes), want to meet the baby- again, WHY do they think this is their right? I told DH I don't want BM dropping SD off or picking her up and thinking she can come in and meet the baby. Just no! Also, for DH's birthday, GBM bought him a sweater as usual and a sock/ headband set for the baby.


theoldredhen's picture

Because of our recent, devastating loss, my baby Sis (59) has been spending time at my home. She is a C&W aficionado and, because I’ve always been her slave, DH and I have been tuning our satellite system to her preferred stations. Keep in mind that I love all music (primarily classic and rock ‘n roll), and though I’ve never disparaged C&W, it’s on the low end of my audio totem pole.

It's a miracle!

strugglingSM's picture

It's a miracle, both of SSs Fs in math miraculously became Bs. Since DH couldn't even ask SS about his grades last week (when they closed) because SS was so embarrassed and upset, I'm thinking this means that he got a do-over and lots of help on that do-over, so he'd feel better about his grades. He also had 2 Ds that miraculously become Cs. This all happened days after the semester had closed. He has an IEP, but he is plenty capable, he just doesn't do work or pay attention in class and BM tells him that it's not his fault, the teachers need to realize that school is hard for him.

Marriage Talk

Forthelifeoftheparty's picture

DH and I went to an informal talk with other couples about the challenges of marital life.

50% of the couples had kids. Besides us, 100% of every other couple was in their first marriage. 

I’m sorry. I know it isn’t right to compare and it doesn’t feel good when nonstep parents compare their situations to ours. But I’ve just got to pause and internally chuckle at the struggles I heard about from the couples who did not have children, let alone skids and BMs to contend with.


Valentines Day Cupcakes

LittleBoPeep's picture

Not sure if anyone here is in any facebook SM groups.  There's currently a heated debate going on on one of the bigger ones about V-Day cupcakes.  A SM made cupcakes for her husband (that said I love you) and the SD ate one this morning without permission.  This SM is getting roasted for the most part with people asking - how would you feel if your bio ate it? If you tell her she can't eat something that says I love you she will feel unloved (puke), and asking what the SM is doing for the SD so she doesn't feel left out on V-Day.

Writ of Assistance

justmakingthebest's picture

I know, I know... I need to step back. I don't know what got in my head this morning, other than I am pissed. Pissed at BM, Pissed at SS and Pissed that DH feels that it isn't even worth going on our trip if SS isn't there. I try and remind him that me and the 3 other are all looking forward to this trip and spending time with him, but he is just feeling incomplete without his other son, which I would feel the same way so, I do get it. 

New to stepparenting..annoyed and need help

LPonn35's picture

It sounds like a lot of SM's on these blogs have a lot in common with me. I have been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years and he has 2 kids, 4 and 8 that I was introduced to 9 months ago.  At first I thought being a step parent might be a fun experience, then I realized a couple months later that I could not handle most situations with them. I love my sig. other but I do not have feelings for the kids. They are nice, but they have no manners, they're hyper, they are constantly chattering with each other and  entertaining each other, and they are loud most of the time.

Engaged yet.

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

Lately the oldest has taken to asking SO and I if we are engaged yet. She’s not the only one. SO’s mother is pushing it, my mom is pushing it, and now her.

The thing is yes we plan to get married it’s just we’ve held off any plans until we took care of other things that needed to be handled first. In my case it’s my bankruptcy (my personal finical issue). SO’s divorce was finalized about a year ago and it’s only been the last few months that he’s had real job stability.

DH just reallllly doesn't get it...

notsobradybunch's picture

But I knew this. Do I love him any less? No. Is it aggravating? YES!

A couple months ago we got on the topic of my bios (BD19 & BS17) and DH expressed how they are just "really good kids".

And I agree, And I then stated, that I can't take all the credit for raising them, but I worked VERY hard to raise them the best I could. And I did. (I think) most mothers would feel this way. Did I always do everything right? Hell no. But I tried VERY HARD to raise them the best I knew how. Even thru a divorce and so on. Its tough being a mom.