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Japan Update

justmakingthebest's picture

DH and I talked a lot over the weekend. Thankfully my kids were at their dad's so we could actually talk without prying ears!

We decided that I should stay behind. I am pretty devastated but on paper it doesn't make sense to move us at this point in my kids and SS's lives. It would be different if we could guarantee 2 years there but since we can't, it's just too much on them. DH also won't have to stay longer if he does get the promotion, so that is good news. 1.5-2 years of this nonsense, then he either retires or shore duty and retires. 

Vent and Rant

Sam2's picture

So SS just finished living with us for about two and half months.  During which time he did hardly anything to contribute to the household.  He just turned 20.  He didn't work except for three weeks of that period for a couple days of the week each time.    He got paid in cash.  He got money from somewhere as he was buying food and drinks for himself.  He did once or twice take out my DD for food or drink.     My DD is having trouble in school, not wanting to go etc.   My SS dropped out of school, before that he stopped doing school work.  He did eventually get his GED but not much else.   

O/T - This is getting bad. I am not sure how to support DW or what to do.

Rags's picture

I have shared that my DW is in a toxic work environment.  She has been for several years. She will absolutely not do anything about it.

She is brilliant. A graduate degreed CPA. The job market for CPAs is wide open and HOT and even with doing nothing but clicking one field on her LinkedIn she has had 3 interviews and two job offers.

Yet... she continues to jeopardize her physical health, mental health, relationships, professional health, and happiness because 'Who is going to take care of my clients and keep the firm profitable if I leave?'

Insight on moving with SK’s

floralsm's picture

DH and I are buying a house this year. Currently we are renting approx 25 minutes drive from BMs house and the skids school. 

We live remote in dairy farming country so it's remote with the closest shops and schools 15 mins away. I absolutely love the country side but now that we have been here for quite a few years and I'm pregnant with our second.. I'm thinking of our children's schooling and roots. We are very fortunate to have a lovely land lords, but it's a rental and we want our own home. 

LGB Step-Mom

gennie's picture

my girlfriend and her daughter (almost 5 yr old) have been living with me for about two years. her daughter and i are super close and i love her like she's my very own- but with that i think i've started to hurt my own feelings. 

her father has been in and out of rehab 4-5 times in these two yrs, and is not consistently in his daughters life. i have always spoken positively about him. she is extremely attached to him and favors him a great deal.likely from abandonment issues.


Mini wife

Chmmy's picture

Anyone watch Yellowstone? Is Beth Dutton not the epitome of a mini wife? Don't get me wrong, I love her character. Also when she refers to her 'daddy's' love interest,  she doesn't use her name, Beth refers to the woman as 'her'...same as my adult SDs often refer to me.

They got the apartment!

AlmostGone834's picture

Little Idiot and Goofy were approved to rent an apartment at some apartment complex to the tune of $1200/month. No idea what the going rate is in FL (if this is a nice complex, or not) or why anyone would rent to them but I am glad they were accepted and have someplace to live (that's not with me)! Hopefully all goes well and this further cements her out of my house!

Now BM has covid and skids are coming over

strugglingSM's picture

For anyone who read my blog about BM trying to use covid to keep skids on Christmas Eve, now BM has covid. She got it at a work trip last weekend. But skids still plan to come over because they tested negative two days ago. We only know this because surly skid sent DH a text saying, "we're all negative." When DH told them to bring masks, skid replied, "I'm not wearing a stupid mask!" Just love being a stepmom...hard to protect a newborn when others don't take health precautions seriously. 

OT- Clothing/Feminism and thoughts

bananaseedo's picture

Hi friends!! Totally OT here- so just for some inquries on your thoughts.

 Lately I've been having some thoughts on some issues that affect women- men are welcome to comment as well.  Since this has a varied group of ages and many of you I've 'known' for years, I was wondering what your thoughts were and if I'm terribly misguided in my 'antiquated feminism' views.  

It came up during a different forum discussion, a guy was telling his wife he didn't like bum scrunch leggings -if you haven't seen them, I'm warning you it's UGHHH yuck to me, hurt my eyes lol.