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Tone Up Tuesday

Well, with all my grand plans for exercising every day this week, I only managed 2 days lol! (No tears this time! And DD2 was still ok with letting me do my thing, yay!)

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Life Goes On...

Wow, it's been a month since my last blog.
Why? Because it's been QUIET.
No big issues.

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when kids get pulled from school by the NCP...

so i have a question...

what happens? could happen? should happen?

when kids go to NCP for a week during school year and NCP decides to pull them from school for a vacation?

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Ugh BM being a trouble maker

When BM moved out of the family home (which is now our family home) she took everything she wanted but left plenty behind too.

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OT - favorite kind of cookie

What's your favorite cookie? We're having a family barbecue in August and I'm thinking about making some cookies. Mini-sized.

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definition of a "step mom"?

DH asked me last night if I consider myself a Stepmom. I told him no and explained why. He was sad and disappointed.

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MIL is going to blow. I can smell the crazy.

Ever meet someone who is trying to be nice as pie when they're asking for something, but the moment you say the words, "No, I'm sorry." or "Unfortunately..." their face suddenly changes like they can'

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Update on Mr Mon and Stuff

Life fells like quite a roller coaster ride at the moment. I need two of me!

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Going to court today

So from my previous post if you read you know the situation well yesterday on my ss's birthday we finally got the call from cps. They told my DH that she is not be unsupervised around any child.

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I thought we had the perfect Situation

I honestly thought we had the perfect situation. I was a single mom of 13 you son, he was a dad to 2 little girls 5 and 8. We were both doing it all alone.