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O/T idiot DH

Merry's picture

I am too embarrassed to talk about this with any of my IRL friends.

My idiot husband allowed a stranger remote access to his computer. From a cold call. Because they offered him a "good deal" and showed him shiny pictures of a website deal.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. No! I mean Confusing Time of the Year.

LavenderLady's picture

The holidays bring up a whole lot of things to deal with for step mothers and families. Just wondering how others have learned to cope with this complicated and confusing time of year.

How does the time around the holidays get spent trying to navigate this messy situation?


It's That Time of the Year Again!!

thinkthrice's picture

This goes out to all the poor, suffering SMs who have to put up with skids visitation during the holidays:

Sung to the Tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

I'll be gone for Christmas
You can count on me
Please say "NO" to skids in tow
And horrid smells of pee

Christmas eve won't find me
Where the ferals scream
I'll be gone for Christ-mas
If only in my dreams

I have one of those faces

classyNJ's picture

that you can tell what I'm thinking complete with the eye roll that I have no control over.

Last night DH and I were discussing SS20 Christmas gifts as he only asked for one thing and we are giving him a check.  He then asks since we are going to onto the website to order what do we order SS16?

I tried, I really did and thought I got away with it by just saying - I don't know just nothing matching.  He says, "whatever, Ill just stop saying his name.  I wish I had a picture of your face every time I do".


HannahD1020's picture

I'd like some input & resources from those familar with disengaging.  I have 3 skids, SD17, SD15 & SS13.  My final straw was last weekend when SD15 hit my dog in the face with a pillow.  There's no consequences, and when DH does try to enforce (which I have to give him credit, he does try), they just run to BM who let's them walk all over her and do as she pleases.  I'm tried of the stress and anxiety that comes along with caring.  If they want to tell and scream and call each other and their parents names, then so be it.  I just need to be able to step back and only care when it af

SD Bday

capp1978's picture

Well I stuck to my word finally.  I have been telling DH for years that I was done doing Christmas, bdays, Easter etc for SD.  I finally stuck to my word.  SD's bday came and went and I did nothing.  No party, no cake, no cooking, no presents.  SD's bday was on Saturday, MIL called on Sunday to tell us that we were all going to dinner to celebrate SD's bday.  DH went and got the card and stopped and got a gift card on the way to dinner.  SD got a $50 gift card this year.  That $50 gift card is nothing compared to years past.

Only 604 more days until SD turns 18....

agitated's picture

She will (hopefully) be out of high school by the time she turns 18 seeing as she is supposed to graduate at the end of May 2020, BUT I highly doubt that will happen. I also highly doubt she will comply with our rules which are to be in college within 6 months or find a full-time and move out (assuming she graduates) OR become a 2nd year senior OR get her GED. I have a very good feeling that she will choose to move in with her mom (or in her words myyy mommmmy). Dear Lord, please please let this happen!! I hope she gets her HS Diploma, but go!

Updates, it's kinda long.

Major Blunder's picture

 It’s been awhile since I wrote an update, regaled you all with either funny or horror stories, or even just vented about a recent occurrence or life in general. So I will attempt to roll them all together here in no particular timeline but will do my best to give each at least a heading  lol


Move Update

Christmas Cards

Journey0601's picture

who is included on your family Christmas card? I just picked ours up and they just include a picture of the kids, SD, my son and the baby.  SD has been extra rude and disrespectful to me the last 2 weeks....I look at the card and realize it will always include this child who wishes I wasn’t around.  I will never be able to make a card to send my family (who barely know SD BTW) that only has my two bio kids.


jusy curious what other’s do?

OT- Fixing the DD214

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

Slight recap. SO and I managed to get the DD214 from the National Archives. Problem is it’s incorrect. It shows he was only in for 2 months, left honorably, and the E3 level. The dates listed are in the middle of the time he served and he also had an old military idea that was issued AFTER the date the form claims he left.

He got copies to the VSO but between work and everything getting an actual sit down with her is next to impossible.

He did get advice from the VA ER to contact his last base and did but nothing has come back from them yet.