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The show continues

Daisymazy2's picture

About a week ago, SD calls DH and she wants to come live here.  I was sitting next to DH when she called.  He told her that she couldn't come here.  She was sobbing and crying.  She then told him that she was pregnant and she didn't want to be pregnant.  She told him that BM was going to take her to the Dr. and she didn't want to go. She states that BM said she was going to kick her out and that she will live in a homeless shelter.  DH told her again that she couldn't live here.  


Katherinesanjuan's picture

My husband and i are married for 10yrs. My stepdaughter  moved with us unplanned just 4months after I came to Canada. She stayed in our room and thats when the problem started. She would open my closet and purse and steal my things. She will make a noise while im sleeping or won't knock on the door before entering. She would leave her used underwear on the floor inside our room. She would leave a mess inside our room. She would turn off my music player in front of me. My husband would always fight about this and blame me for everything.


Rant.. I am pissed! MIL plays favorites with SD

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So if you have read my previous blogs you know the struggles I have with SD10. She was the only child to my DH until DS3 was born and man let me tell you MIL still acts like she is which has made SD feel entitled and feeds into her baby attitude! DH and myself have DS3 and DD 6 months old together and I have BS8 from previous marriage. DH family likes to treat SD like she is still the only child in the family and often they believe her over BS8 when SD does anything bad! MIL only has pictures up of SD10 and not of the other grandchildren!!!!

Dad clues in

Sam2's picture

It was a interesting weekend.    Dad and I stirred things up and instead of lunch we went out for dinner Sunday.  Lo and behold his son calls, wondering where dad was.  Mind you this was after not seeing him most of the day even though his dad was home all day .  His son of course was hungry and wanted to know what was for dinner.  Dad replied there's plenty of food in the house , make something for yourself.  Then he hangs up and looks at me and tells me his son asks everyday what's for dinner, then he adds like he's going to eat it.  He also mentioned talking it over with his son's counse


Lunchtime update

notsobrady's picture

So I went to.lunch. Phoned DH as I normally do for a little chit chat. DH brings up SDs visit. So I decide to push a little..just to see where he's at with this. While still trying to appear neutral...

He started off by saying he felt lastnight went well. He thought it would be much more awkward. So I asked him why. He said because of how she did everything..running away, we had to get the police involved to get the car, her telling several people how horrible we were, etc.  etc. And I agreed (thankful he remembered..)

Bedroom logistics

Struggling1981's picture

So I have 3 bios 13(f) 12 (m) and 9(m) 9yo has autism and is at special school so needs lots of extra support in lots of ways . Ss(17 almost) has mild asd. Now , we have a 4 bed house so at the moment dd has a room ds x2 share my room and SS has own room for one night per week. Bedtime is becoming an issue in the week when SS isn't here as ds12 has homework etc and ds 9 is in a routine of 8pm in bed the older ones now I'm saying 9pm homework then relax without tech then bed .

Twiddling my thumbs waiting

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

So on Monday last week, bf signed all the papers and then bf's attorney was sending them to BM's attorney for BM to sign the papers. Then after she does that bf's attorney has to do all the filing, etc. that goes along with getting it finalized and getting a divorce decree. So far my bf has not heard a peep from his attorney or BM. I'm hoping that it's a no news is good news type of situation, but we would both feel better just getting a confirmation BM did sign them and all we are waiting on is everything to be processed.