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Should the man be the breadwinner???

I'm all about equal rights. I don't think that the man has to be the breadwinner.


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Those pesky emails

Looks like I am back to winning. When will she learn to never under estimate the TRUMP!

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O/T - Flooring Advice

DH and I bought a 1940's Cape Cod recently. It needed some cosmetic love and we're working on updating it.

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I'm framing the CO

While the court appointment was very anti-climactic (which I'm happy for) I'm very happy to announce:

We now have primary custody of SS with domicile and joint legal.

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Just some girl with a thank you :)

So, I have been around here for a while, doing what lurkers do best, but today, I felt the need to post my story.

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I am not sure I can do this

Backstory: SO has 50/50. BM is a master manipulator. Got kids to "hate" us. MSD ran away from our house multiple times. BM told her juvenile officer it was because she hated living with us.

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going or truthful?

I've been bitching to DH for months that his crap is always laying out everywhere - we don't have a clutter problem, we have a DH leaves his shit out problem.

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SO's family weighs in on baby talk.

When SO and I started talking seriously about having an ours baby I told him that I felt like any child that he and I had together would never be as important to his side of the family as SD6 is.

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We may have to pay!

We met with our attorney yesterday and he said we may have to pay part of the medical bills when ss stabbed that boy. I could just cry and I am so angry!

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Just waiting and venting :)

The little things