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What My Job Has Taught Me

Merrigan's picture

I'm childfree and I work in law enforcement. My job has taught me to cherish animals and kids, due to the amount of violence they're subjected to that most people don't know about.  I had a bad day on Friday with something I didn't expect to see, on par with an animal abuse case from four years ago that I needed some help with.

This probably explains my tolerance for SK crap, and most likely my BF's too. A spoiled kid is better off than a hurt one, and the same with pets. I'm guilty of spoiling my little dog.

Neverending Video Chat with BM

Cover1W's picture

OMG - YSD14.5 has been on video chat with BM for at least 1.5 hours now. YSD is going over her homework with BM. And BM doesn't always answer. So it's taking YSD much more time to get through it than if she simply asked DH - DH is the writing/critical thinking expert (he's paid to do it) but YSD never, ever wants to ask DH questions.

Advice welcome

Mamabearof3's picture

Ok so. My first post, signed up 5 months ago and haven’t posted yet. I love my step daughter. Like genuinely always have. I have issues with many of her behaviors but my friends say I tolerate too much. But my mil and SD mother says I’m horrible and tries so hard to make her hate me. She hasn’t spoken to me in over a month now because of the issues between homes are stressing her so much. We usually talk alot for the last two years after having two years apart from major drama.

This is nuts

Here I Am's picture

This is the first time I've ever written a blog so here goes.  First of all, I'm very grateful to have found this website.  That being said, I'm also very embarrassed to mention what I've encounterd with SD38.  Generally speaking, no matter how nice I've been (& I have bent over backwards) I get the cold shoulder, no response, etc routine.  Then 2 incidents happened which have made me completely distance myself.  #1: This occurred in a church parking lot.


OT- Adoption, finding birth parents

Sh413's picture

I recently came across a video on tik tok ( I know I know don't judge lol) of a man saying he was trying to find his birth mother and having issues as it was a closed adoption. There were a lot of supportive messages saying they would try and help as he was asking the public to help with the information he had. One comment started a convo, someone mentioned that she may not want to be found and doing so would be an intrusion.