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My Hat is off .....!!!!!

To each and everyone of you involved in this stepfamily mess!!!

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Sick to the back teeth of my bf spoiled kids

Ive been with my bf for 4 years this week, I have 5 kids, he has 2 boys aged 19 and 15, the 19 year old lives with him full time and he has the 15 year old 4 nights per week, we dont live together, my

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Quick check in (Job & Past due child support)

I hope everyone is doing good. My life is absolutely crazy right now. I am in my 5th week at my new job, learning a whole new system.

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My Mothers Day...

For the past 11 years, we have had SS on Mothers Day morning, long enough to go out to breakfast, then we take him to BM's for her to spend the day with him.

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SD18 update.. good, bad, and just annoying...

I'll start with the "good"- just found out from Aunt J that when SD18 graduates on June 17th, MIL will be driving her straight to the Adirondacks for training for the camp that she is going to be work

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Tone Up Tuesday

Sooo. I've been on a junk food kick this week. This is *very* unusual for me, I *never* eat things like chips and dip etc.

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Health Questions Answered?

I want to say how much I appreciate everyone who posted in my health questions blog.

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O/T Workplace Questions

Some may know that I have given my "DH" the boot. We've been split for three months now.

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i had a nice day yesterday!

welp, yesterday was my birthday - yay me! dh was up late sunday night and crawled into bed after midnight.

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A Retrospective-Why I'm Glad We Didn't have Duct Tape in the House

Because I would have taped SD8 to her chair, to the sofa, to the floor.