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. Having your own child after

Hi guys ... I would love to read about your experiences after giving birth as a step parent.

What changed in you DH and step child if anything changed at all ?

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Back to School Clothes #2

I am piggybacking onto the other post.

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O/T - Flexible space ideas

DH and I bought an "ours" house recently. We love it, it's an older home that's super cute and charming. It's smaller and we've had to be creative with space, which is fine.

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Amazing....just amazing

I'm just shaking my head.

Mental illness is real, manifests itself in different ways...sometimes it's hidden... sometime's it's so in your face you just feel sad for the person.

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Vacation this year?

What are you all doing for vacations this year?

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Are new people not welcome here?

I am being harassed and ganged up on by 2 users here. What is going on? Is there an administration that deals with bullies?

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Things Just Got Ugly-

So BM text DH last night, basically demanding to see SS before we leave for New York (in 2 days).

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Mom Who Killed Daughters to (reportedly) Punish Father

I know this case from Texas was discussed here a couple months ago.

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What can I do to make your day better?

Things have been tense between DH and I lately. Lots of BM drama, she is homeless and staying with various friends due to her breaking up with her fiance.

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