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Chef the Zealot

thinkthrice's picture

Chef has an all-or-nothing type personality.  To recap he received a health scare about 4 weeks ago and has been doing extensive fasting and exercise ever since.  Went cold turkey off the booze. 

He is like the person I know when I met him!  His personality has remarkably improved to say the least;  he's lost about 35 lb so far, is not snoring and actually is great to be around.

He says he feels so much better right now but the 3-mile forced marches every other day are killer!  Lol

Has anyone else been through this?

Needsomerest88's picture

I married my husband a little over a year ago. We both have 3 kids each. Him 3 boys, I have girls. My 2 oldest used to come every other week. They don't anymore, and say its due to the 2 hour drive. I think its because of him. My youngest dd6 is here week days and his boys are here every other week. Once we got married things started to change. My kids are treated differently and his have full run of the house. He started getting an attitude every time my oldest 2 would come to stay. He would pick arguments or act jealous if i gave them more attention than he was getting.

SIL is a real A hole

1dad4kids's picture

DH's sister has a history of saying stupid stuff. She once commented Ewwww on one of my Instagram posts that had a picture of DH with no shirt on. DH had recently became very fit and was gaining confidence with his body. I told her to unfollow me if she couldn't be mature enough to see her brother without a shirt on. That was about 3 years ago and she still doesn't follow me. Idgaf. 

So the other day she texts DH, probably trying to get an invite to DS's 1st birthday party, and says she's thinking about him and what's up? 

Totally none of my business, but I think BM

futurestepmomnowstepgf's picture

dropped off her older child somewhere for the summer, so she could enjoy a child free party summer. The reason I suspect this is because:

1. BM in 30 days has called 3 times to talk to SD after she had tried originally to have bf agree to a call schedule of twice a week... bf never said no to twice a week, he said no to a definite schedule that we would have to revolve our summer around

2. During all 3 phone calls, SD has not talked to her sister one time, but BM was so dead set on making sure in the PSA that it says reasonable phone access to her sister

Where can I be safe?

SKIDSarekillingme2's picture

I’ve been able to dig in and keep my boundaries and remain no contact with SD18.  It hasn’t been easy, DH makes me feel bad about it, but I’ve done it.  DH has only seen SD18 once (now twice) since I went no contact.  I know he is very angry with his daughter about her behavior and his way of dealing with these types of difficult things is to avoid them.  I feel this exacerbates the problem because now SD18 feels I’m taking her father away when the truth is he doesn’t want to deal with her either.  She is a manipulative, preditory, kind of scary person who has launched a very effective camp

All clear

Iamwoman's picture

I do not have COVID-19. Yay. I actually am happy about this, but scared for all of us as a whole.

My symptoms were the result of being an asthmatic with an autoimmune disorder, breathing in the Saharan dust storm most of the day last Thursday (I did not read about the dust until the next day). So, yes, the Saharan dust storm actually caused a fever, cough, sore throat, and extreme fatigue in me.