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theres hope!

Ive totally disengaged from sd18 &sd21.
Tonight i have gone out with SO and his skids and totally ignored the eldest 2.

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So my daughter is having a fit right now

My 17 year old is generally a good kid. Very few problems. However, today she said she had to go to her dad's to take care of his dogs while he's out of town.

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So what would you do? ExH question..

ExH & I have 2 bios together. BD15 & BS14. ExH has promised them both his old truck that has not budged out of his driveway in about a year. It needs mechanical work, brakes, and so on.

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WTH? Freaky Friday strikes again?

That lady, wehaveadreamer or something, is gone? I thought she was learning, just struggling with boundaries and parenting more than anything.

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A Very Puke Christmas

My family's Christmas has been scheduled.

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MY DH is a SP

It dawned on me 2 days ago, my DH is also a step parent. A very good and loving one. So I took a moment to think of him in my shoes. Our conversation went as follows:

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Casey Kasems children trying to sue their step mom...Again

Need a reason not to marry someone with kids? Here ya go. It never ends, even after the bio parent is long gone the grudge lingers on.

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I really need quick advice

H and I bought our plane tickets to go overseas to pick up sd4. We had a 4 hour layover in Paris then an over night stay in London. Everything was good. We were feeling good to go together.

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SS wants to live with us...

Sat down to a lovely thanksgiving meal and halfway through DS tells SS "After you go home I won't see you for a long time."and SS casually responds with "well when I'm 12 I'm gonna come live with you.

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Christmas "Wish Lists"

This year (for convenience) the BM decided to set up a Target Wish List for SS. It has her name on there so it looks like a wedding registry... Blah!