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The Joy of Disengagement

Badger1986's picture

Six months ago I disengaged from my ss. I was doing great until he pissed me off one day and I was right back into his trap. I've disengaged again and it feels great! This time I am smarter. My wife has been yelling at home for days. He hasn't been doing his homework, chores in a timely fashion, smarting off to her, and right now is upstairs not getting ready for bed (that's great with me if you want to miss your story time, more time for me)! I love it! My wife even had a talk with him today and said enough! Stop disrespecting me.

Alrighty..I feel better even a Victoria's Secret model isnt' safe from cheating

halo1998's picture

Just wow...what in the effin h3ll is wrong with these men.  Seems Adam Levine has gone out and at least micro cheated/online cheated or whatever you would like to call it.  I feel for his wife..because she was at home supporting him and their kids. WTF...really what is wrong with these men.  They have kids etc and then are like...."what my wife won't pay attention to me 24/x7 and be enamored of me and my awesomeness so I will go and find others that can stroke my ego".  

Update to the Mary Poppins Debacle

CLove's picture

Welp. Here I am. Writing this update, still trying to put everything into its right place.

The big picture is that Husband has zero conflict resolution skills. Any issues that come up are blown way up. And of course if there are miscommunications with SD16 B/M it adds that bitter flavor of her toxic passivity.

That being stated up front, here is where we are:

Appeal has officially been filed

justmakingthebest's picture

I have no idea how this is going to go but I am ready to be done with BM and SS!

I am a little confused though. We are filing the appeal and also 4 contempt charges and asking for judgement on a previous contempt that had judgement held. The judge would have to find her guilty at this point and all the costs assoicated with these will also go into our final CS arearage calculations. 

Question About "Bad Boys"

paul_in_utah's picture

G'day fellow STalker, 

So I have been wresting with this one for a while.  What is it, exactly, that makes "bad boys" so irresistable?

As a bit of background, my current situation mostly revolves around SOD (Significant Other-Daughter"), the TPP ("Trailer Park Prince"), and SOD-GD (Significant Other - Daughter's GrandDaughter).  TPP is the biological father of SOD-GD.

Doing something not so nice

Crr18's picture

I normally am not a mean or vengeful person. I want to do something not so nice but need to see if I should or if it is beneath me and would be like I have no class. And since I am leaving anyway I want to get a point across.  BM did the thing again as I am sure most people have seen my post where she is not going to talk to SO anymore and in less then a week she is texting everyday .  I want to text her and say does your DH know you text your ex everyday and what is it you want from him that you can't just make a schedule and quit the daily communication.

Sigh...the HRO did not stop the harassment

Jcksjj's picture

It's been a week since FIL got the restraining order served to him and already we've gotten another message from the uncle who had no previous involvement. 

This one said he heard DH was a piece of work labor day weekend and that he will be funding all efforts to make sure he takes care of his daughter (financially). Ending it with "I hope you have deep pockets!"

He wants to live with BM

Hastings's picture

Not a shock. DH has seen it coming.

So, SS11 is on BM's health insurance, so she lets DH know his half every quarter. She hasn't billed him in more than a year, despite DH asking. Today he talked to her and pushed her. She finally admitted SS has said he wants to live with her and they've been working on it. She's been holding off on billing him in case SS lives with her.