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Living with an alcoholic stepson

JustMe604's picture

I live with my partner and her 18yr old alcoholic son. Over the past 4yrs we have been dealing with his addictions. On top of that he has mental health issues. We have been in and out of hospitals and have made many calls to the police about his behaviour. When he drinks there is no stopping him. He is verbally abusive and can get physical. He has been living off and on with us and his grandmas house. My partner and I have butted heads about his behaviour and about living here. He does jack all nothing, doesnt work or attend school.

Should I care if nobody else does?

pinkrainclouds's picture

Alright, this is a big question. 

My husband has no rules or guildlines for the girls to follow when they are with us. BM doesn't care what they do as long as they aren't bothering her. Their grades have suffered in school, they both have bad attitudes constantly, are very disrespectful and don't listen. I asked them to do chores and they both literally LAUGHED AT ME and walked away. They said thier mom makes them do all the house work so when they are with me and DH, they feel they don't have to help. 

Mini family holiday with demonspawn miniwives sd’s14 & 24 / nephews wedding reception pt 2

shamds's picture

So this afternoon hubby tells me that this friday we’ll try leave in the afternoon to drive 3 states away for his nephew’s wedding reception which i am excited to go to and catch up with hubbys family. Hubby says we will pick up his daughters along the way as they will be waiting at a petrol station. 

Little Idiot saga continues ...

AlmostGone83's picture

I have a feeling I’m going to be a blog hog for the next two years...

The latest is that Little Idiot’s Ex stepdad is no longer driving her car up. His new gf is supposedly the problem as she doesn’t want him to do anything for Little Idiot. (Can’t say I blame her - not their responsibility) DH views it differently however. He says ex stepdad is with a controlling b****. The Skunk Ape may be driving the car to NY now. We will see I guess.

When the bio parent checks out

still learning's picture

I'm wondering how honest you are to your skids/kids when the other parent has checked out?  Most articles I've read tell you to sugar coat the issue for the sake of the childs self esteem.  I've done this for years or evaded questions regarding my bios fathers lack of interest or involvement.  I've heard myself saying, "Your father loves you; it's just that he has to work so much right now." This is after I have worked 12 hr shifts four days in a row, yet I still have time to be a parent.

When Money Stopped Flowing, So Did Love

BlueEyez's picture

I worked hard during my early adulthood and saved even harder. I paid cash for my first (small) home. This house represents a significant piece of our retirement assets. My husband (we've been married for 20 years) had three children, ages 12, 13, and 16 when we met. My youngest step-daughter needed a lot of extra love and patience. We bonded tightly, or so I thought. My step-children are all successful, decent adults who have faced and overcome their own hardships. The youngest has always held an extra special place in my heart.


You have got to be kidding me

DaniSanti83's picture

Question ladies????

Has the ex wife ever asked you for YOUR family photos of the holidays with her ex spouse, his family and kids ? And (kids) are 26, 23, 21 all with their own children.. Her explanation was I was making an album for them. I told her as was I and she should focus on her and her side of family. I have yet to receive a response but I am sure a pissed off kid will message DH soon because her "feelings got hurt"

To be honest if weirded me out.


1 week till Little Idiot’s return

AlmostGone83's picture

Little Idiot (SD 19.5) is coming back in one week. She’s applied to the local community college. Her grades in her two classes (music and history) are 80% and 75% respectively. I’m hoping that she isn’t lying about her mother making her “do everything around here” and that her grades will improve up here. Either way, she still is going to be going to college full time and this time no online/hybrid classes. I told her she will sign up for classes where she actually has to go to class.