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BM has reared her ugly head again..

notsobradybunch's picture

So the BM in our life is very in and out of SD18's life. Always has been. DH got full custody of SD when she was 8 years old. BM is a pillpopper, drunk, narcissistic bitch. To simply call her "trash" would suffice. What she put SD thru over her entire childhood would seriously blow your mind. She's never paid a dime towards anything for her, but has a lot to say on how she's been raised of course.

So excited about hanging out with BioHo!

Aniki's picture

NOT. Ish. Dash 1

SD26 invited DH and me to her graduation. 'Ho had a major screaming fit about it. So in an effort to soothe the savage 'Ho-beast, there will now be a small AFTER PARTY. Oh, happy joy!

There's only one thing I love more than hanging out in a college dive bar and that's hanginig out in a college dive bar with 'Ho and that cuckolded husband of hers who GIGGLES CONSTANTLY like a 12yo girl. Sigh...

Social Media/disengagement

Happycamper's picture

So if you've followed my story, I am disengaged for so many reasons. I can't seem to do or say anything right in the presence of the skids. DH always watches to critique me after I am around them. It is really horrible. Anyway, he picks them both up (ages 16 and 19) weekly and takes them to dinner. I may be around them once a month or every other month. As far as my Facebook, when we first got together, DH asked me to block BM and befriend the kids because BM would look at our business and if we went on a trip or did anything fun, she would start demanding more money.

StepTalk changed my life.

GirlfriendMom's picture

Walking in at 22 to be a SM to a 7 year old, I had no idea what a mess that I had gotten myself into. I was miserable. I had put myself back in therapy... But what really changed my life was the advice from this website for the last year or so.

- SD sleeps in her own bed consistently now and does not get up unless she is very ill. She stopped that bedtime nonsense months and months ago. She also knows how to play by herself and generally take care of herself as independently as a newly 9 year old can. She has much better boundaries, they (SO and SD) both do. 


OT - Bios terrified of getting in trouble with DH

advice.only2's picture

Lol have any of you experienced this in your own marriage?  Spawn could have cared less about DH and when he punished her you could see her internally rolling her eyes, laughing and giving DH the finger.

Our bios on the other hand are terrified of getting in trouble with DH, which is funny because he really doesn't do anything, just agrees with whatever punishment I have set and give them a lecture along the same lines as the one I give them and then moves on.

SS22 Will he accept an offer of employment?

BettyRay's picture

SS22 applied for and was offered a position at the company he is interning at, but at 60K (annual) he feels the offer is too low and is considering not accepting.

I asked him why he felt it was too low and he said his friends received offers between 70K-75K. I asked, friends with higher GPAs? I got no answer.

I asked him if the other companies he interviewed had extended offers. SS22 - no other company has. This is the only offer.


Frustrated future SM's picture

What's with BF's family thinking it's okay to walk up to me and say hi and coo at my baby, while completely ignoring me? A few of these relatives have done this a couple times to me now. His brother's wife wouldn't even include me in the conservations with my BF about our daughter. Thankfully not everyone was that rude and disrespectful and At least they were kind enough to include me in the family photos.

Got the court date!

AshMar654's picture

Well we got he court date to go in front of the judge and have the adoption of SS all official. I am excited we have shared the news with our family but only after she signed the papers. Everyone is really excited for us and super happy for SS.

DH and I are not sharing the court date hearing with anyone. Mainly because we do not want anyone there but the three of us. DH's parents will be in town during it but we have opted not to mention the date to them. I really do not want MIL there and if she is there I an see SIL wanting to be there too.

Is it an empty nest if I still have ss

Lalena75's picture

My DH has sole custody, BM is a train wreak (but according to her since she has her other 2 kids by the other 2 dads shes not a baby momma) she doesn't provide for ss at all, no job, no license no car and lives with whoever she hasn't pissed off this week. (16 moves in 4 years, 3 in the last 2 months). I am a very hands off SM, he is not my kid, he has 2 parents (even if one sucks). I make sure he has food, clothes roof over his head, medical care and counseling.