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Can you just tell SS...

Cooooookies's picture

No. No, I cannot and will not.  You made this mess, you deal with it.

As a lot of you probably know, DH is a lovely man.  Not so great of a father.  SS17 has little rules, no expectations...and he is living up to that beautifully.  If he does a poor job, half a job, barely a job at all...DH will always stick up for poor little COD, autistic, mommy doesn't care about me little poopsie.

Sd10 being alienated against us

Bmarie01's picture

Really struggling with Sd10. She's clearly being alienated against us and is miserable here when personal hygiene, bed time, and just rules overall. We used to have a good relationship but when DH and I had an ours baby BM really rammed up manipulation. Now SD10 won't stop lying to us and is just completely out of control. We payed our lawyer to help get her into therapy but now with covid-19 we are at a stand still and both I and DH struggle with the 50% custody. Everyone is tense or mad when she's here. Please help.


Abbreviation for hypocrite- 2 letters: DH

missginger's picture

So I am still not over the BS of our anniversary. I'm still so hurt and angry with things DH said and basically how he handled things but when 3 hunan beings are forced to stay home all weekend I took the high road and acted fine all weekend but then doesn't DH do something to piss me off again!!!

Wait Outside

luwh033's picture

Has anyone ever had their step child ask their father to speak to them in private without you. So you have to stand outside and wait for them to finish talking just for it to be nothing that even needed to have been said in private? I almost felt like she did it on purpose because her dad asked her yesterday if she could give us some privacy because he wanted to vent to me about something and get advice and it was an adult conversation not for a 10 year old to hear.

Just venting, gotta do it somewhere-so sick of this virus crap

Old sm's picture

I'm a nurse, DH is a cop, BS21 is a volunteer fireman. We live on a small cattle ranch of about 100 acres.  My DH and I are both older, starting to have problems with arthritis, etc. but we're still working.  Once a week, BS21 comes to our house, helps DH with the cattle, fences, etc.  He's been dating a girl about 2 years now and it's been a rocky relationship where it seems like he gives more than he gets. But, he's in love.

Please help me

lovetoteach's picture

Recently my relationship w my FH has taken a turn for the worse.... 

a little back story... we've been together for Four years and live together. His ss6 and I have a great relationship and always have. Although his BM causes drama and is annoying, she and FH were never together ("dated"for 2 weeks, more like a texting relationship and meet up to have sex and that's how the child was made) although she was pretty obsessed w FH due to him being the dad. 

C-19 Crisis 2020: I have had enough

DPW's picture

Our friend is allowing us to stay in an offgrid cabin on his property so we don't have to be in the city during COVID. So we moved up north about an hour outside the city. Problem is - I was called back to work as essential services (I expected it) and I am staying at our place during the week while I work in the city and then would do weekends outside of the city at the cabin.

I went up to the cabin on Friday night after work.