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Is this weird or is it just DH and I that think so?

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Many of you know the whole story of SD's visit over winter break and the cell phone that came with SD. When that phone came with SD, there were no photos of BM's DH in any capacity, no contact for BM's DH, etc. wasn't sure if BM was really married to her DH or if it was all for benefits. SD did not come with a phone for spring break at all. Then for summer break SD not only came with a phone, but it has BM's DH saved in the phone, texts between SD's sister and BM's DH, and photos of BM's DH with SD and family photos of BM, SD, SD's sister, and BM's DH.

Hospital Billing Question

CastleJJ's picture

SS10 had his throat procedure last week. Today, we receive a reimbursement form from BM, requesting reimbursement of the $250 deposit she put down toward his procedure. DH had his tonsils out last month and he had to put $300 down toward the surgery - that deposit was applied to whatever insurance did not cover and the rest was reimbursed to him. Is that standard practice? My concern is that we will pay BM, then her deposit will be reimbursed to her and DH will be paying her for nothing. Thoughts?

Why would anyone with assets get married these days?

paul_in_utah's picture

I see this a lot on mano-sphere type sites, where I read stories of men who get taken to the cleaners in a divorce.  There is usually a high initial cost in the divorce, followed by stories similar to what we see here - endless arguing over alimony, CS, and "extras" for the kids.  Many men have sworn off marriage because it opens them up financially to tremendous loss.

Do your in-laws play favorites?

Ashleytenorio17's picture

My MIL does and it's really annoying . Maybe not favorites but she treats SD12 differently then DH and I kids DD3 and DS5. SD doesn't really give a crap about DH mom, she never asks to see her or anything . I mean I get that's just probably how kids are but still. At MiL house she has a lot of photos of SD framed from when she was a baby still up until a few years ago. She hardly has any photos of DD or DS framed. Maybe like 3 photos at the most . So one weekend we took photos together with DD, DS and DH as a family .

FD and other sundry affairs

ESMOD's picture

Yep.. Father's day was this past Sunday.  Of course, I was an idiot and thought it was the weekend BEFORE.. so made plans to go see my dad and take him his gift last week.. which turned out to be a good thing because a very dear friend of ours passed away that day.. and his funeral was this past weekend.. so it was just as well that we had taken care of the visit the week before. (its about 4 hour drive each way).

How yesterday (Father's Day) went for me...

missgingersnap2021's picture

So as I mentioned in my other blog SD17 went out to dinner with us and DH's family Saturday night. But of course SHE decided she would be seeig DH yesterday too. (Of course she didnt make plans ahead of time and tell Dh what she was thinking though becasue that would require SD and DH to actually communicate which they never can do.)

It Happened Now...

FrustratedandLost's picture

I put a post up not too long ago about my sister in law telling me that SD was planning on staying with us most of the summer but not telling DH or me (I never get told anything.) So she called last week when she was almost here and said she would be at our house in a little while. I got so mad and told my husband that she was incosiderate and not courteous and disrespectful. He got mad at me and said that he was tired of my attitude whenever she came around. Fast forward to Saturday night, we were all playing cards and my sister in law and niece were here.

No longer making concessions

Kamore's picture

So I have perfume and jewelry allergies/sensitivity, whatever you want to call them. With the perfume it makes my head hurt and caused sneezing, runny nose, and if it becomes too overwhelming, it can cause breathing issues . About the only fragrance I can tolerate is a soft vanilla. This has never been a problem as I obviously  don't wear anything like that and DD is too small for perfume. 

SS comes back from visitation this week whe the strongest most obnoxious perfume ever! He proceeds to slather himself in it after his shower this morning. 

A tale of two fathers (day)

Noway2b1's picture

So where to begin, I'll start with my ex, who is revered and held in such high esteem by all who know him......just kidding he's a classic narcissist who has spent the majority of my childrens lives criticizing and belittling them. Yet, every Father's Day, birthday and even Xmas, my adult children take pity on their abuser (stockholm syndrome?) and either host him or organize a get together for him.

Father's day reminds me of how much of an asshole ss is

stepmomtoadultchild's picture

For Father's Day my ss drove for two hour  hang out with his father. The university he is doing his Phd in isn't that far aways. Yet my wife only got a five minutes call on her birthday last week cause he was busy with his friends.

My wife's heart broke when she saw the facebook post.