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Too late to disengage

NotSoStepStepmom's picture

My SD is almost ten and she is growing into someone that I don’t like. She is the most fake, attention seeking, self absorbed, dishonest, manipulative child I have ever known.

I read so many posts on here about disengaging, but it’s just not possible for me. She labeled me as her “mom” when she was a toddler. I stepped in and took on a lot - no, my DH never asked me to do anything for her - I am very maternal and she wanted a mommy so badly, and we immediately bonded.

My Tongue has a BITE MARK scar!

thinkthrice's picture

we were at a local eatery (side note:  we have been watching our diet pretty well... Chef's down 12 lbs has significantly reduced his booze intake and is much more pleasant to deal with)  and a server comes up to us who LOOKS.ALOT.LIKE.THE.GIRHIPPO (except for the Gir's massive height)

I told Chef that she looked quite a bit like the Girhippo and he immediately retorted "NAH!!!"

And then I caught myself ALMOST saying "she is a lot BETTER looking than the Gir, though"

I'm sure somehow, some way, he thought that the Girhippo was MUCH more attractive than our server. 

If he gets full custody, I'm leaving

singledadsgf89's picture

When I first met my boyfriend, he got his 6-year old kid every other week (W after school to M morning).  This was a big deal for me already because I had not previously dated a man with kids in the past.  But I adapted and it was fine.  The kid is great, I enjoy her, and I have been playing an active role in her life.  Prior to becoming involved with him, I asked him what the arrangement and if he and BM were drama-free.  He gave me the entire historical breakdown (he and mom were never together.  there was drama early on, but for the past 5 years of the kid's life, ZERO issues and co-pare

Runaway reaches an all new level of "Dumb"..

notsobrady's picture

DH spoke to his parents today. They informed him that SD18 and BFF (they work at the chicken plant together..) have opened a joint bank account, purchased a car (co-signed by BFF BIL)with over 200,000 miles on it AND the 2 are renting a house (right around the freaking corner from us)!!!!!!!!!

Stop asking me about them!

Manolo78's picture

Ever since I married my husband, every time I speak to my mother she asks me, “how are the kids?” I do not have (by choice) any children of my own. My husband has 3 children from a previous marriage. My husband has shared custody of these kids, but their primary residence is with their mother who lives about 15 minutes away from us. It’s really annoying that my mother always asks me about the kids. They are not my kids!!! They have a mother that they live with mostly and a father that is very present and active in their lives. I’m not their mother! I don’t want to be their mother!


OT Has anyone heard of this?

classyNJ's picture

Yesterday as DH was leaving a convenience store a woman was walking in so he held the door open for her:

Her:  What is wrong with you boy?

DH:  HUH?  I'm holding the door open for you.

Her:  You do not hold a door open for any woman unless it is your mother or wife.  What are you, some kind of F&g*%t?  


He laughed at her but was more shocked than anything else.


premiercatch's picture

So last night I had to resort to leaving and going to stay at my moms house.  I am so numb by all of this bull shit w/ the SD I don't even want to re-hash any of the drama anymore.  Once again she has be enabled, SD's boyfriends mother supposedly got the car legal for her.  smh~ How in the hell is this girl EVER going to know how to do anything for herself?  This girl accused her son of rape...

DH may see the light?

Cooooookies's picture

DH picked up SS16's final results for school.  He passed none of his core subjects - all D's and E's.  Apparently E is one grade up from F.  So yay for not completely failing?

Then there are 3 other uhhh certificates, I guess.  More than just a grade.  Two in travel and tourism, one in creative arts.  He's passed both but barely.  If I researched correctly (it's very confusing) he's passed both travel and tourism but at the lowest score possible.  Creative arts was passed at a slightly higher level.

How many of us here are raising our SK or SK's!?

Talesofthe-twofoldmother's picture

BM hasn't seen my SD age 3 in almost 2 years!!! 

have reached out to her many times gave her every opportunity to be a part of her childs life. 

She tells us one thing over the phone that she will make arrangements and start checking on her daily 

then we go without hearing from her again until we try to make contact...

so our girl goes tomorrow to a neurologist