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SD being sent to BMs parents but Really going to see her SO

hregal2011's picture

So a month or so ago, BM tells DH that she would like to send SD16 to Denver to see BMs parents.  SD is Currently doing a summer program because she failed a class (got D's for the rest..barely passing ).  DH said she should not be able to go on trips as she has another trip scheduled in September (Hawaii with a friends family).  BM once again said  'well she tried and it's to see family..'.  BM always downplays any situation.  We knew the date of when SD was leaving (today)..and received the trip itinerary from BM.

Drama at the bank

Merry's picture

It got a little spicy in the bank lobby.

DH and I had to go to the bank together to sort out some stuff that came to light after they changed software. Apparently I am not an authorized user of our joint account, nor even of my individual account. Makes no sense to me. We wouldn't have set it up that way ten years ago when we opened the accounts, but back then it probably didn't matter and the person with the penis was the de facto account owner even though it is my actual name on the accounts. Whatever. Let's move ahead and fix it.


NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Not directly step related, more just kid related honestly. So I went away for the past 4 days to the bachelorette party for my friend getting married in August. While I was gone, SD was in camp playing all day with kids on Friday, DH took her to the zoo, got a couple new things at the store, and DH played with her basically all day Saturday, went out and did things and DH's friend came over and they played some games with SD on Sunday plus a little bit of tablet time, and then Monday was all day at camp playing with other kids.

Oh what an awkward conversation (sort of OT)

CLove's picture

I walked in on a conversation Husband was having with his longtime childhood friend and from the get-go it was intense. He had it on speaker phone so I heard EVERYTHING. His childhood friend (call him jimmy) was explaining a car repair issue, and that it was actually a job for his wife. Husband is a mechanic and often does side jobs for extra cash. Jimmy was also explaining that this was his soon to be ex wife, we shall call her sherry, and that he jimmy had caught sherry deep into having an affair. He had caught sherry, texting and calling and actually meeting someone.

Do something, even if you do it wrong.

Rags's picture

While do nothing is always an option, doing nothing is nearly entirely ineffective for making change or improving.

While I understand the difficulties in confronting unpleasant situations and upleasant people, rarely does addressing a problem turn out to be as  unpleasant as we often build it up to be before we actually confront upleasant situations and unpleasant people.   This has held true for me my entire life, and it tends to hold true for my DW.

SD18 trying to live in BM's backyard

Shieldmaiden's picture

As I mentioned earlier, SD18 has permanent stinkface because she has a part-time job right now. She really hates interacting with people - like, you know, answering the door for the UPS guy. Its just too much for her to bear. (Tiny violins playing in the background...) When her dad calls her to ask how she is doing when she is at BM's, she says "Fine. Bye." So, it surprised DH and I both when she called yesterday. 

So...along with DS I have DH also having tantrums

halo1998's picture

SD got a new job...woohoo for her. She is working at a local swim school as a front desk clerk.  No money probably a better fit for her.

Ah...let the games begin..and I liken this to being in the hunger games...the odds are never in my favor.

SD needs forms filled out and signed...needs to setup her direct deposit..find a black one piece swimsuit...(the string bikini Beaver bought her won't work) find swim shorts, etc.

Sort of Step related..but in reverse it deals with BS

halo1998's picture

Ugh..BS 23...who is very high functioning autisic..(fka asperbergers) is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.  He has a college degree already but yep works part time while he decides what job he wants or if he wants grad school.  He currently lives with DD in a condo that we (me and DH) own and pays for the utlities.  

I took on MiL in public lol

Ashleytenorio17's picture

I took some of y'all's advice from my last blog about MIL showing favoritism towards SD.... I saw this opportunity and I took it... later I felt like an ass a little but whatever ! So Saturday was my baby shower and we had all my family, some friends and DH family over . I'm shocked MIL didn't ask where SD was but I was very busy that day to notice also it wasn't our weekend to have her ... so we are all playing a baby shower game, It was one where you have to have certain things in your purse to get points .