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I have an SS that I never told you guys about.

GirlfriendMom's picture

Why? Because he's GREAT. I have never needed to talk about him honestly. He is getting into some teenage type trouble lately and it's making me (and SO) frustrated because teenage kids being stupid and irresponsible frustrates any parent/step parent but otherwise, he is fantastic as SKs go.


When you realize you were wrong

Paintcrisis's picture

Disclaimer: I don’t for one minute think this is the norm. I realize there are many awful skids out there, who deserve all the vents and rants about them.

I saw my ex MSS last weekend. He just graduated from high school. SS brought Mr Toddler to the airport for me since exH couldn’t be bothered to keep our son for 4 nights in a row. It’s tough, you know. . .

Anyway, he and I chatted for about 30 minutes. SS is polite and well-mannered. It was evident in the way he talked to me.  And I knew what I had been keeping buried all these years.


Trying to Stepmom's picture

So after DH didn’t get to see SD for Father’s Day (see previous blog post), the plan was that DH would pick her up at 3:30 after he was done with camp. 

DH calls me at 3:50, which I was assuming to tell me he was almost home, but that was not the case. He drove all the way across town to pick SD up only to take her to her Aunt’s house. (Aunt is really BM’s Aunt) DH told me that he got to see SD for a whole 5 minutes because BM forgot that plans were made with Aunt to go see a movie. Good grief!

O/T Sort of. Experiencing similar treatment at work as at home

Evil3's picture

I just need to vent and give an update. Mainly I need to vent. I've been looking to overhaul my life including finding a new job, because I'm so tired of the negativity whether it's being cast aside for the mini-wife or being thrown in the garbage at work from all the negative behaviour. I've been competing for postings and came close, but it got cancelled due to budgetary reasons. I was so close to getting the hell out of this God-forsaken job.


nevaland's picture

I don't understand why people get so literal about terms on here. I refer to my family on here the way that I refer to them in real life. I haven't adopted my SD, but I still call her my daughter in real life, in front of her, and she is fine with it. I don't see why people get so rude about it. 

The way that people react to me not using the "technically correct" terms has made it so I make sure to not come here if I'm stressed, or mad, or upset because the things people say...  

Toxic Troll and her crazy post

CLove's picture

Yes, I know that I shouldnt go there, but I monitor, as a type of protection.

Toxic Troll, for her "Happy Father's Day" FAKEbook post uploaded an old photo of SDs and said "Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad ever, and the best Ex Husband Ever - DH's Name Here"

Im like, "hello? Did an alien take over your social media???"

If youve read even 1 of my posts, its always how UTTERLY TOXIC Toxic Troll is. She has called DH every harsh, critical, demeaning, trashy thing you can call another human being. I am floored.


Well Happy Fathers' Day

classyNJ's picture

SS21 made sure he came home Saturday and sat outside with DH with a fire and chatted.  He had to work all day Sunday so we gave DH his new grill and SS21 gave him card and whatever he wrote inside made DH tear up.  That's a tough thing to do.

Sunday afternoon he went and picked up pizza.  As we were eating he said "oh yeah I got a text from SS16"  simply said Happy Fathers Day, love you.

Thinking that DH would jump all over it I asked what he responded.  He said "thank you, love you too"

Does the concept of marriage change with each generation

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

My father has been married to my stepmom for nearly fourty years. I must admit I do like to try and take my fathers advice when I ask for it as he doesn’t criticise he merely says option a is, option b is and option c is and I find this approach helpful. We all pre arrange to see each other which makes family life easier on all sides. For example my father says to his wife ‘ I am going to see ‘me’ in such and such a day. And she says ok that’s great, I have just had an op (spinal op) can’t go (two and a half year old etc, can get ott) but do the girls need any clothes.

Update...and just need some support!!

tankh21's picture

Update..and I just need some support please! OSS is a manipulative liar and DH admitted that he was a mini me of BM! MIL is still here. Get this! She asks me why I am keeping one of my frying pans? I asked why do you ask? She says well it's scratched and that mean it's poisonous. Then she throw it in the trash can right in front of me! I just was in shock and I went and got it out of the trash. She asked me if she crossed a boundary? I said yes you did and you need to just stay away from me! When my DH got home I told him what happened and he told MIL not to touch my stuff.