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Row row row your boat...

CLove's picture

I have commented on a previous post about passive-agressive shunning...

This is why no more outings together

Submitted by CLove on Mon, 12/05/2022 - 1:03pm

when SD16 Powersulk goes anywhere with us these days, she always manages to do one of three things: (1) hijack it somehow (2) Power Sulk - typically because of something Ive said or whatever (3) Order an expensive menu item and not share it and then not finish it.

Which is exactly why this whole topic is especially relevant.

One way I countered passive-aggressive tactic - shunning

DarlingDanzel_2017's picture

Here's a link to another blogger who nailed why bio-parents can't see reality or their offspring correctly.  Please read this blog first to better appreciate what I have to say here.  Thanks!


The blog is dedicated to a  fellow Stalker who wrote the following; shout out to Crr18:


How parents react to criticism of their kids - A study on rose-colored glasses

AlmostGone834's picture

A study done in the Netherlands has proven what we've known all along: parents with rose-colored glasses are highly sensitive and react very strongly to criticism of their "perfect" children. "Just how sensitive depends on the (‘rose-tinted’) glasses through which they look at their child."

An excerpt from the article reads...

Need Help-Adult SD up to no good...again

Birchclimber's picture

Hi Everyone.  I need some help.  My YSD has not had contact with us since JUNE.  In June, she called my DH to reprimand him for not being in her life and her kids' lives, for being a BAD father and for not including them in his will if he should pass first.   Then she said disparaging things about me. Then she demanded that he make weekly calls to her and the kids.  He said he would try, but after that tirade, he understandably wasn't too motivated to keep in touch on a weekly basis.

Christmas Gifts from Skids

CastleJJ's picture

Christmases have always been weird with SS10. We didn't have him for a single Christmas until SS was 7 because our CO never outlined holidays and BM refused to give up holidays on the grounds that SS was used to her family traditions and he shouldn't have to miss them to see DH. When BM moved out of state in 2017, we demanded a holiday schedule and since we are long distance, those breaks are really the only time to see SS. Our holiday visitation equates to alternating spring break and Thanksgiving break and splitting Christmas break in half.

SD ruins our 18 th Wedding Anniversary

SpprincessH's picture

I had planned a really nice meal for us to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary only to be told that now SD her baby and husband would be with us so I decided to include them. Over lunch she took exception to something I said to her and then manipulated my husband to meet her in another part of restaurant where she pulled the quicked stepmother trick crying in Daddy's arms ...she's 30 ! 


Merrigan's picture

I'm moving in with my SO in less than 30 days.  As a single childless woman with a great job, I have a lot of clothes and shoes. I donated most of the clothes but kept all the shoes. I don't want to donate the rest of my heels. Give me advice and strength, fellow Steptalkers. I have about 50 pairs that I have to make room for. 

On the first day of Christmas we had a big Fight

AlmostGone834's picture

It's not the holidays unless there is drama. Sigh. 

DH has been in denial about Little Idiot (SD22.5) getting a cat. How we found out was she bought a bunch of cat stuff on our Amazon account (she paid for it). DH kept saying that they probably bought those things for someone else as a gift. And even if it was for themselves, he was hopeful it was actually a dog (because as he said "dogs are easier to find homes for if something goes wrong".