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It finally happened.

Kloewent's picture

My 50 year old SD was found dead in her apartment this morning, evidently from a fentanyl overdose. Such a tragic waste of a life. My husband is distraught,  thinking he should have tried more, done something different. When you have addicts in your life you always keep that one little ember alive, hoping it will work out. I know I did with my mom. I am just glad she can finally find peace. As much drama, crises and pain she caused in our lives, she made her own even more miserable. Such a sad and heartbreaking life and death.

I think we've turned the page

ICanMakeIt's picture

I think we've turned a page in dealing with step drama.

This is a momentous occasion I never saw coming. DH has been in the midst of being stripped of even more time due to sports this Summer after he already agreed to losing two weeks for the ever important school version of the sport.

A week later he gets hit with a request for an additional week for the travel version try outs that have no make up time.

Am I being unreasonable?

Daisy808's picture

Am I being unreasonable because I don't want to let my SS live with us full time after he graduates high school?  When my SO moved in with me and my son, we made the spare bedroom into a place for SS for when he was with us (we have him every other week).  I have an adult daughter and other close family members come to visit every once in a while and we have always worked it out that they came when SS was at his BM or traded weeks with her so that we could accommate everyone.  This was mostly because my kids' father has passed away, so my house is it.  Now BM informed SO that she will be mo

Disappointment and Crying — anyone else deal with this?

Hastings's picture

SS13 really struggles with managing disappointment. He cries. Or at least turns red, stone-faced and wells up.

For example, we generally all watch TV in the evening. We get some streaming services for free through our cell provider and then will rotate through other paid ones. When we've watched everything we want to watch, we'll drop it and pick up another one. That way we're not paying for a dozen channels we're not watching.

Fed Up Adult Step Parent

I am nothing to them's picture

I think I have PTSD from having adult step kids, and step grandchildren. I have been a step parent to 3 girls for almost 40 years. I always tried to treat them the same as my bio step children. When raising them we had them every other weekends. I drove 200 miles one way to get them each weekend, then my husband and I would take them home on Sunday.We paid child support though we did get behind at times but always got caught up. We were 3 weeks behind one month because we bought school supplies and a few out fits to help out. When we went on vacation they went with us or we didn't go.


Serving BM tomorrow!

1dad6kids's picture

"Quick" background 

DH & BM have a CO with dollar amounts for Support, and SS14'S extracurriculars. BM registered the CO with maintenance enforcement and they are enforcing extracurriculars that SS14 is no longer in. We had already gone to court to get the CO changed so MEO would collect the right amounts but the judge dismissed it. 

The story(ies) of vacations--or "Don't have fun without me"

MorningMia's picture

Recent phone calls from adult SD to DH during a vacation of ours reminded me of the ongoing "Look at me" behavior of her mother from years past.  

Long after DH and I got together, he told me the story of when he and a GF went away for a short beach vacation, the last weekend of which fell on Father's Day. DH did not tell BM or the skids he was going away (apparently, he knew better). He knew he'd be home that Sunday afternoon and would talk with his kids then (they lived in another state). DH knew while on vacation to turn off his cell phone (hmm). 

Story Time.

MissK03's picture

SD16 (17 in a few days) started another small rant about BM last night. She's upset that BM didn't donate to her high school lacrosse fundraiser... she had a month to donate. She told SD that "she would see what she would do." And also she said "I don't have any friends." LOLLL. My family donated the most go figure. 

Anyways... she proceeded to say that BM sent her her whopping $100 birthday money a few days early because she wasn't responding to BMs message in a timely matter. Then BM will start the whole what's wrong with etc. SD doesn't want to listen to her BS anymore. 

How does this sound for starters?

Yesterdays's picture

How does this type of idea sound for starters?

you can take my car to dads even on transition days and use it as your own if you want to during the week. If you want to stay over any time you can use the car to come here.. For example if you work a late shift at work or an early one the next day or if you have 600 am practice at school. Just let us know. You should have a discussion with dad about this.