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MY Stepkids refuse to meet there half brother.

Tokyo115's picture

DH kids from previous marriage refuse to meet our SON. its been ten years. My son is asking why they dont want to meet him.

DH left ex wife and we met 6 months later for some reason his kids hate me. I never ruined the marriage between him and his wife as she was abusive and he wanted out. He left when they were in college. 


Anyway, its very heartbreaking to me that they have ZERO interst in their brother.

I tried to contact them and asked if they would like to meet but no reply.

Yay we get to go to the inlaws this weekend

Jcksjj's picture

I'm so excited that I get to spend this weekend with not only SD but my other in laws as well. Even better we are going to MIL and FILs house. Which means MIL will be on her worst behavior and spazzing at everyone for making a mess in her house when she insisted we all come over and knows that obviously means a bunch of little kids as well.

Imputed Income?

justmakingthebest's picture

We got the doctors notes from SS's 4 specialists- Good news is the doctors are listening to us!! The rheumatologist stated that he is not comfortable making a diagnosis at this time. The cardiologist said that his symptoms has cleared and he has "out grown" POTS. The gastroenterologist said he is progressing normally and doesn't need to see him for a year. Now we just have to get through to the geneticist for the EDS and SS14 will be a healthy normal kid!! 

Help with teenage daughters

Greene86's picture

I need help! I don’t know what to do with my teenage daughters. They are constantly late to school. The 15 year old been over 50 times and the 13 year old 39 times. Me and wife tried talking to them, reward systems, and even taking away cellphones. Nothing works. We tried talking to the school. Nothing came from that because they will refuse to show up detention. The 15 year old is failing every class and is in jeopardy of staying back a year. It seems as if they don’t care.


Yep, I was right-OT

iamlosingit's picture birthday.  When I got up for work that day DH got up shortly after, finished off the coffee himself, and sat on the couch with his phone (here we go again, wonder what he has "planned" after I leave).  Nothing was said when I left.  It wasn't until the afternoon that I got a Facebook message "Wife! We celebrate tonight!".  Great job DH...Facebook had to remind you it was my birthday.

The sweet sound of silence

Cooooookies's picture

Two days ago, DH messaged her asking if he visits the school SS16 will attend this September.  BM2 doesn't respond to DH at all.  She sends SS a fb messenger asking SS to tell DH to just send her an email with the outcome of the school visit.

That night DH shows me the thread of emails between him and BM2.  It was so...clinical.  No greeting, no closing.  Just the facts and done.  100% opposite of the b.s. BM2 has been sending DH for the last 8 years.

I kid you not

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

so when we looked online to check our counsellors credentials that my husband booked through work, the lady ( who I am sure is very nice) looked like a morph between my stepkids bio mum and his last ex girlfriend so we had to book something else. I hope that’s makes someone laugh. Have a good day...

I need to vent

Trying to Stepmom's picture

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here, but I just need to vent. 

DH and I haven’t consistently had SD12 the last month because of spring break (our’s didn’t line up with her’s). We’ve noticed that when she’s with BM for extended periods, she acts even more like a turd when she’s with us. The few times we’ve had her since break has been over, she just sleeps on the couch because she’s so tired. She likes to brag about how late she stays up at night, even on school nights.