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Stepparents who have children/steps with bipolar

Stepmama2321's picture

I've noticed there's a few stepparents here who deal with bipolar disorder with their own children or stepchildren. Some of you have teens or adults who are struggling with it.

Curious, did you notice any symptoms when the kids were young? What were signs you noticed or didn't notice but later realized was a red flag? 

BM of SD has bipolar and I know it's genetic and can be passed down. I'm starting to notice some weird things with SD but she's only 8 and we don't have her a lot. 

O/T Sort of - Same Pattern at Work

Evil3's picture

I just commented on another poster's blog about the anger that remains so long after the abuses sustained within a not so blended family. I've known for quite some time that I've resolved most of the issues that were a part of the mini-wife dynamic in my family. I just can't seem to resolve my anger, which seems to be every bit as hot and fresh as it was at the time of the abuse I took. I think a huge part of my remaining anger is that DH is a non-talker. Because of that, I will never get the validation I need that SD is a narcissistic PoS.

In 6 months...B*'s golden uterus money..I mean cs will drop by 60%

halo1998's picture

Today DH received notice that because he owes $357 in arrears, the state will intercept his state tax return next year to offset it.  Good luck with that...we always owe and by January he will no longer owe arrears.  He is paying $100 per month for the arrears accrued from when GWR nope out of house to Beaver's house Feb, 2019.  Now back when this all went down...and the order was filed December, 2019 we could have easily paid the arrears in one lump sum..but Beaver wanted this extra golden uterus money then she would get it in small increments.  

Do you ever feel bad for your SO?

SeeYouNever's picture

My husband has no one can really talk about SD with, no one he can remember fond memories of her babyhood with. Whenever he does talk to me about her I can't really respond because he will immediately get defensive if he thinks I'm being the slightest bit negative. Since I can't pretend to be excited about somebody else's kid I just try to stay neutral.

SS20 Has found my very last nerve

justmakingthebest's picture

I have been having problems with BS15 and keeping his computer area clean and keeping track of all of his gadgets (phone, airpods, apple watch, ipad, etc). I was extra frustrated with him yesterday evening. I was on a tirade telling everyone to get their stuff up, rooms clean, etc.

Skids are gone but I'm left with hatred and anger

Casey Summers's picture

In short I hate my hubbys ex so much it is causing problems. She is the most vicious, hateful, rascist, maniupulative person ever. The skids used to like me but she turned them against me to the point that one of the skids would come to my house to tell me the rascist and hateful things her mom said about me. I have never done anything to that woman. Anyway, that particular skid is out of our lives but I'm left with immense rage and hate towards them for how I have been treated and the awful things said to me. The thoughts go round and round in my head. I'm so angry and hurt.

SD brat will never learn and DH will never be a father

Ashleytenorio17's picture

So finally SD has been coming on her weekends again and for the most part I try to make myself very scarce when she is here. This past weekend was DS (4) birthday and BS (9) birthday as well so we had a very small family gathering at our house, SD was here for her weekend but BS had his weekend with His BD but his BD let him come over Saturday for a few hours . I made treat bags for all the kids and it was time for DS to go back with his dad. So he grabbed the treat bag next to his things and left.

Will DSO ever leave BMs head? Probably not.

bearcub25's picture

I've been at ST for many years but with skids grown I don't have a need to post much but still come and read once in awhile.  The stories never change, just the user names.  No advice needed...I'm finally past the mind game stage of the divorce life just a little anecdote.

The lack of transparency of BM never surprises me.  2 incidents in 2 days really drives it home that she will never give up hope DSO will come back.