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OT breast bad are they?

Chmmy's picture

I went for a breast biopsy and they prepare you for the pain. This is going to sting.... you feel a pressure and then the pain wil subside in 30 seconds, stuff like that.  I felt almost nothing and certainly not pain. Im sitting around with ice packs on the incision. Apparently it'll hurt later but almost 2 hrs after I still feel fine.

Ohhh boy

classyNJ's picture

When someone complains about having kids EOWE - we tell them that they should be prepared in the event a parent passes away and they would have them full time....

My co-worker and his current met at his last place of employment, had an affair and both left their spouses for each other.  My co-worker has two children - boys.  

The boys BM just passed away so now they have them full time.  I wonder if they know why their parents split up.


OT ASD diagnosis

DHsfamilyfromhell's picture

So my daughter received her ASD diagnosis today, which was fully expected. During the consultation with the specialist, the trainee doctor that was assisting was running around the doctors office after my little girl (with her new found ‘superpowers’) as he was doing the routine ‘rule out heart condition’ check. It was absolutely hilarious, the trainee took it in good humour though, I have seen fully qualified doctors flake under this pressure.

looking forward to what the future will bring. It will be challenging, but not dull. 


SD14 and the pants dilemma

ksmom14's picture

Before school started, so mid August, I took SD14 and SD16 shopping for clothes. SD16 picked out one pair of pants and 2 shirts, I tried to get her to get more, even offered to take her to a different place, but she said no. SD14 who is very self conscious about how thin she is found 5 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, and a sweatshirt. SD14 wore these clothes MAYBE 4 times each, and has since not worn the pants or sweatshirt. She started wearing only leggings which I assume came from BM's house. 

BM seems to want help

ladybug3's picture

SS5 has been doing poorly in school according to what DH has heard from his teacher. We got a report card in the mail and he has failed the last two tests and the second test score barely improved from the first (he recognized 1/26 letters on the first test, and 3/26 letters on the second, to give you an idea). The teacher says he needs more help at home, which of course we really can't give him since we only see him twice a month. 

How many confirmations are needed?!

Lifer33's picture

I am honestly wondering if its me being sensitive or as I suspect, bm doing her usual controlling and deliberately rearing her ugly head. 

Only a few weeks ago we said that, as we are abroad (3 days returned yesterday then straight to a concert last night for my bday ) so shall we make up the time with ss. Bm jumped at chance and said yes this Sunday to weds (so she can go away with bf) cool, whatever. This is all by email for this exact kinda reason. But ss also messaged from his phone Thurs 'see you on sunday' etc.

Am I a Grinch?

Silently_stressing's picture

Is anyone else having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit? It used to be my favorite holiday but for some reason, this year it just feels like a chore. SS17 and Ss14 don't even seem that worried about it. They've mentioned things that they would like to have but it was more like forced ideas because we asked them. Like long johns. Hubby and I spent a couple hours decorating the other day and they had no interest in that either. Ss14 is making Christmas cards today in one of his classes and was disappointed they'd be listening to Christmas music. 

"Family" Christmas Card

still learning's picture

Not sure if this has been blogged about yet, just wondering what your thoughts are?  Too much too soon, or What a wonderful blended family!  They're already calling themselves a family.  I think it's telling how the daughter is front and center, a hand of each of daddy's legs, and edging step girlfriend out of the photo.  Did any of you take "family" Christmas photos with your then bf and skids after 6 months?  

Why did I agree to this? Just venting.

Heyjude's picture

Everything was great and I had to go and agree to let ASD (with intellectual disability) move in.  

It has been two months and I have  started hanging out in the bedroom or staying late at work.  I have begun dreaming of living alone.  That worries me.

I try to get myself mentally prepared to walk through the door at night, but it is like my wife has replaced me with her daughter.  My things are being used, moved, she has her crap all over the place, tv tuned to whatever she wants. 

If only I could turn back time.