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I'm so tired.....

Imdone21's picture

I ate crow in a major, major way. I apologized to SS for my behaviors. All of my behaviors. A real genuine heart felt apology. I also apologized to DH's parents for wrongs I had done to them as well. Then this afternoon I get a phone call from DH saying he had just been served. She (BM) actually did what she said she was going to do. Now we have to fight. I don't get it. I don't think I ever will. She complained and complained and complianed about him not parenting their son and we he finally does, one thing happens, and she is taking him away. Why?

What should we do in the interim on our side to show his son we care?

mrs_belle's picture

Last week was father’s day and my husband got to FaceTime his son. I got my husband some stuff for father’s day because I am pregnant and he has a son. I had considered reaching out to his son mom so that I can speak to his son and ask if there was something he wanted me to get his dad for father’s day. I decided against it because I felt like it would be weird and awkward since I didn’t know him and we live in two different countries. But, I did put his name on the card and gift that I got my husband and my husband open the gifts in front of him on FaceTime.

So any tips on how to deal?

Shorti90's picture

So my SD is 8 years old. She has gotten super jealous of her baby sister 1 year old. She has gotten it into her head that she needs the exact same amount of attention as her baby sister and has gone to extreme legnths to get it. For instance hitting her sister, snatching toys, sucking her thumb, being picky, throwing full out thrashing tantrums( where she hit her sister during) . Now she has ADHD and her bio mom abandoned her back in 2016 so she has a lot of anger still about that.

Growing up

Left out mama's picture

So my sd9 is emotionally immature... she is closer to 6 than 9. I am not saying this to sound mean or judgmental, or critical. This is just the reality, and quite frankly understandable. (Although to be 100% honest can be very frustrating at times).

OT - stimulus check for child support arrears

Iamwoman's picture

This is off topic, but I know some of us here in addition to being SM's also have biochildren from a previous relationship.

HCBD in my case owes $17,000 in arrears when he decided to just stop paying child support for three years and take expensive vacations every month with his wife instead (lol - I know it's ridiculous... a whoooole other story).

Holiday weekend with Skid

Simpleton21's picture

Am I the only one that dreads having their skid with them on holiday weekends?  I love 4th of July but over the years SD and BM have made it one of my least favorite holidays.  This is one of the "shared" holidays in BM and DH's CO.  Halloween is the other "shared" holiday.  Meaning that my dumb@$$ husband signed a CO stating they would spend these holidays together with SD *bad*.  The first few years I went along with it and of course BM always convinced DH we had to go to her city for it.  However, with YDS and ODS I decided screw this.  That is

SM’s that have had babies?

TooTired's picture

Any SM's out there that have had a baby and struggle with their feelings about SKids interacting with baby? DH and I had DS a few months ago and I'm a FTM. I don't exactly care for my SD11 and I hate when she's around DS or interacting with him. She likes to enjoy being around him when other people are around and pretend like she's the greatest big sister ever but then couldn't care less about him when it's just us around. It drives me absolutely crazy because it's just another thing where she has to act like a mini-wife. Every time she acts like that I just want to scream.

SD left...

GoingWicked's picture

And is now living with BM, I imagine it's teen drama, and things will change when she calms down, because honestly, I'm sure BM's home isn't easystreet either.  I also suspect to a certain degree that DH is being manipulated, not necessarily for malicious purposes, but because that's just how SD deals with life, instead of direct, honest communication. Once she gets what she really wants out of him, it will be like it never happened. 

SS Issues

bmartinez's picture

So I have been married for almost 3 years, we both have 5yo from our previous relationships. I have my daughter every day and then she leaves with her father every other weekend from Friday - Sunday night. I used to have her every weekend but since her dad started being part of her life again, I have allowed for her to visit him on rotating weekends. My DH has his son every other weekend, because he has 2 jobs and typically is only off every other weekend. We have no issues with that.