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OT: Gen Z - The generation that takes no sh-

AlmostGone834's picture

Sorry for being a blog hog today but I had another interesting thought regarding our stepkids... 

According to hiring research, Generation Z wants it all: good pay and benefits, work-life balance, flexibility, meaningful tasks... and they are willing to quit and look elsewhere if they don't get it. 

They are savvy and comfortable laying out their boundaries (which is not necessarily a bad thing if employers are taking advantage of you, but it can also be taken to far to the point of being entitled and lazy). To sum it up, they are comfortable with the word "NO"

Selfies - Sort of OT

AlmostGone834's picture

Little Idiot (SD23.5) updated her profile picture on FB again. (She updates it every week or two.) It's the usual Instagram pose: head- tilt, weird face, phone in the bathroom mirror etc etc.

I think the reason it drives me crazy has to do with it being a symptom of her whole attention-seeking personality. Then, what makes it worse, is the people who feed into it with likes and comments, ensuring it continues to happen. 

Soooo... I found this article (there are many many more on the same subject:

Parent Teacher Conference Continued

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

DH did as the principal had requested and tried to come to a day/time with BM. First of all, BM basically doesn't believe BM that the school is requiring it to be one conference. Second of all, BM is basing her entire availability around the availability of her husband and won't budge from the one date and time that he is available for the parent teacher conference. So now DH emailed the principal and shared that he tried to come to a different day/time arrangement with BM and that BM will not budge from her husband's availability for a different day/time that works for BM and DH.

Bioparents Take Care Of Your Sick Kids

Lillywy00's picture

With COVID season here and ramping up there will be no shortage of sociopathic insensitive careless nasty bioparents who shove the skids (with their infectious diseases) off on anyone with a pulse 

Not only do these opportunistic bioparents not care if their sick kids compromise your health they enjoy it. 

Disengagement plan

floralsm's picture

DH decided to put SS on SD's custody arrangement. So now we have them both 6 nights and BM has them 8 nights. They enjoy it obviously as they have no rules over there and can stay up late, not do homework, choose when to go to school and basically have a friend and not a real parent over there. This week he asked BM to have them extra as our babies are quite sick and she agreed to one night as they realllllly want to be with her. Eye roll. They want their electronics as she doesn't even communicate with them face to face while they are there but ok.

OT. Just annoying.

MissK03's picture

I'm really on my last leg. SS20 has a gf and she's always here. I honestly couldn't even pick her out of crowd because they just stay in his room but she's always here. I'm over it. I'm over all of it.

We are suppose to be getting rid of skids not having more people in the house. 

EDIT: SO if I say anything.. "they are quiteeeee we don't hear themmmmmm..." OK you idiot they are just doing it quietly and the thought is disgusting... she's here till like 2am some nights. 

Months of this and I literally don't even know what she looks like ...half by choice. 

OT - Security Cameras

Aniki-Moderator's picture

I'm looking for good security cameras. Specifically, to monitor outdoors. The property can only be accessed by a one-way road so 1 or 2 cameras would probably be sufficient.

There's a lot of info online, but I'm hoping someone knows of a tried-and-true.

Please pm me if you're not comfortable posting. Thank you!!!

ETA: The property line along the road is close to 200 yards long.


Parent Teacher Conference

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Last week SD's teacher asked DH to get with BM and find out a date/time that worked for both of them for a parent teacher conference. DH responded that because of the 3 hour time difference they have always had them separate, this is the day and times that he is available, and once the teacher confirms a day/time he will ask BM if that works for him.

CPS called DH this morning

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

Turns out that all 5 of the reports are about SD's sister and none of them name SD, but that DH was listed as SD's sister's father in all of the reports. Since we were honest in the letter included with the CPS report requests, they are not sending any of the reports our way because DH is not the sister's father. I guess we will need to include this in our talk with a lawyer to see if it is something they can or need to request as a lawyer to see if it is specifically only related to the sister or is related to the home environment at BM's.