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NSMR- Buying our retirement house

justmakingthebest's picture

DH's grandparents built the perfect home for retirement. It is in DH's hometown, which is a small town in KS. DH has a lot of family there and I don't mind it. It's not on a coast but with the cost of living there- we can afford to travel.

We thought we would have 2-3 years before we would have to make this decision but it turns out that we are going to have to buy this thing by May if we want it. 

I honestly think he is messing with me * Update- I snapped

TrueNorth77's picture

I told DH earlier this week that I think SS is f*%cking with me. He asked why and I went on to list my reasons: Every day he is here, he does something he knows he shouldn't be doing, or something that is just common sense not to do. Lately he is always with his gf (fantastic- go do things!) or working sometimes, so most of the time he is coming home for 20 minutes and doing this crap. He is almost 17 and a smart kid book-wise, and he knows better than to do all of these. 

Wow that was first with DH.

halo1998's picture

My steplife has not been easy by any stretch.  15+ years of constant drama from Beaver and the skids.  Its been never ending. For awhile we were in court with Beaver every year.  In fact in 15+ years we have only been out of court for the last 3 to 4 years.  

On Saturday..I had enough of the drama between DH, SD and Beaver and well just with life in general. I ended up go off on both DH and SD.  

Does Karma Ever Catch Up with BM?

JCarter's picture

So in the last month, both SS26 and SD24 stopped responding to DH. His relationship with SS has been strained for some years. He had been holding onto anger toward DH after he got his girlfriend pregnant. The relationship was over before the baby was born. He was in the Marines at the time and his contract was up when the baby was just 2 months old. So, he moved back to his home state and is getting married to a girl from his hometown now. He has been to see his daughter maybe 4 times since she was born 3 years ago. When all of this happened he stopped talking to DH.

SD19 refused to leave her room

Shieldmaiden's picture

I posted quite a bit about sulky (likely bipolar) SD19. For years, she has been getting slowly worse. She avoids any new challenges, such as learning to drive, getting a job, and making new friends. After thanksgiving 2022 she stopped visiting us, which was a relief. She now lives full time at BM's, and DH calls her to say hi every evening, and check in with her. 

Well we talked… right before leaving for a weekend trip

Cricket74's picture

I decided to not just give up on marriage and have a talk about how I felt used, unappreciated and unloved. I spoke about how we should be a team and if things are not concidered my responsibility (from his stand point) then why do I need to ask for help and thank him (or SKids) for helping do it. I was told that I am too demanding in how I want things done so they stopped helping. From my viewpoint, I just want things done right, light cleaning the entire toilet and not just inside when telling me the bathroom is cleaned.