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What i dream to say to manipulative SS9

Caroline2b1211's picture

My SS9 driving us crazy trying to get whatever he wants by lying and manipulating adults. 
He has developed two faces, can say that he spent a wonderful weekend with us and the minute he goes home tell his mother he did absolutely nothing but staying in his rooms. 
In april, he sent "SOS danger" to evil ILs just because his father asked him to better wash his teeth. Adults that surrounded him (ILs, maternal grand parents etc..) take his words for truth and he starts to enjoy create drama. 

Next time he comes home, i just dream of telling him : 

I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel

missgingersnap2021's picture

So SD16 went to the beach the first week of June with a few of her classmates. Well I think she got to see what normal kids do (or rather don't do) when it comes to their parents. I am not positive, but I am pretty sure she barley texted DH and if she talked to him each night I didnt hear it. Since then I have heard way less texts and calls from her.

Taxes, Child Tax Credits and Pre-payments Opt out

CLove's picture

WELL that wasnt fun. It was actually a bit hard. Letting go has always been hard for me. And giving an extra dime to Toxic Troll BM kills me.

But there you are. For backstory, I file the family tax returns. I have the tools, as well as the experience. For the past two tax years, 2019 and 2020, we have claimed SD15 Backstabber/Munchkin. I had Toxic Troll sign the waiver both years, due to the child support modification order that gave her claiming rights. You know, the part where the visitation is 50/50 but listed as 51/49 for tax purposes.


Get Out The Popcorn, Folks

thinkthrice's picture

Received a letter today on the HousesHitter's (YSS 18) summer school schedule

it is a total of 24 days through the months of July and August.

The letter explicitly says that they will not allow tardiness or absenteeism.  They can tolerate No more than four days absence which,  in my opinion,  is extremely generous since they are supposedly making up for an entire school year.   It is actually a conglomeration of three school districts... interesting.

And so it begins!

tryn2stayhumble's picture

SD9 has begun going back and forth between homes, by this I mean... confides in DH, then goes to BM and says a bunch of stuff or makes accusations vice versa between everyone. I have took the harsher approach of things because I am the one raising the children. BM gets them 4 days a month and continues the drama.

I adopted a child also... SD9 looked at my daughter yesterday and looks at me and says Hey why is she adopted!? 
i was on fire! I lost it... SD7 said mommy told her that. 

Drama moved on to the next topic…

step-out's picture

Poor SD's Mom went out of town for a few days...SD lives with her. Immediately there was drama, and of course, DH got several phone calls. Off to urgent care and whoa is me for a small abscess on her leg. Since BM has been out of town, DH has received at least 10 phone calls about this thing.  Wow! She is a sick girl... stay disengaged, stay disengaged.... 

Going down a rabbit hole

1dad4kids's picture

My email is nearing its limits, so I was cleaning my inbox up using key words. 

I came across a letter from our lawyer to the law society after BM had filed a complaint on him. That lead me back to reading the email she sent where she told DH she sent the complaint. That email also caused the cease and desist order on BM and she hasn't been allowed to email anything like that to DH since. Thank fucking goodness. 

HousesHitter (YSS18) Is Required to Go To Summer School

thinkthrice's picture

As usual, but particularly embarrassing as this is his senior year.  Seems he crater failed everything so a letter came saying he either needs to go to summer school or repeat all courses next year in high school.  

Doesn't seem like he did hardly any of the credit recovery and I doubt the Girhippo would let him quit at this late date in the game.  

Prediction:  Four to six more weeks of snacks and socialization (summer school) to so-called make up for the entire senior year that he did nothing/was truant then he will graduate.