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Disengaged folks: Do you still have bitterness or anger? Does it ever go away?

positivelyfourthstreet's picture

I have been disengaged for about five years.  I am no longer screaming when I drive around(when nobody is looking).  I am no longer smoking or drinking or daydreaming about turning over all the furniture in the house or crying.  I can't remember the last time I cried.

I don't blame SD like I did so many years ago.  I don't blame BM so much.  I have laid most of it at the feet of my DH who never set boundaries with ex or SD.  I no longer am eaten up with guilt and self doubt about never wanting to be around SD or BM or even my own husband.

You could have stayed out longer

HBIC76's picture

Don't you hate it when DH takes his kids somewhere for the day then they come home hours early? I guess I should be thankful for the fact that DH took his 2 boys hunting today and they came home safe and sound. But dang it I have been waiting for today for over a week! This was suppose to be my day to recharge! My vacation day! And you guys walk in the door 4 hours early. *stop*

I am trying to stay sane

I love dogs's picture

But am truly freaking out over this CPS garbage with SD and BM. How BM knows so much? I've no clue. If BM told DH that SD reported that he punched holes in the walls on Thanksgiving (false) maybe SD told BM this herself after the interview? Maybe SD wants attention from Instagram by saying her dad may be arrested? Maybe BM just wants full custody again when SD goes to high school next year to maintain control? Can this all be a hoax?!

Depressed and unappreciated

dalatijr's picture

Hi everybody.

It's been a while since I have been here, because life has been fairly good. My stepson has been a lot better in recent weeks, mainly because we have been playing in a community band together. That has helped our relationship a lot. My stepdaughter and I have really bonded well, and my wife still loves me. So why am I here today? Because lately, I have felt very depressed and VERY unappreciated by the people around me.

Fed up with BM's lifestyle impacting us!

tiredofdirt's picture

My husband and I have been married for 4 years and have 1 child (DS 3.5). I have one SD who is almost 5 and I'm currently 6 months pregnant with twins.

DH and BM dated for about a year and split up before she found out that she was pregnant. We got together soon after and had an accidental pregnancy with DS. We knew we wanted to be married so we rushed it a little.


Just confused's picture

My DHs daughter only texts or calls when she wants money or a ride. We live about 30-45 minutes away from my SD who is 13. DH will text her every day when he wakes up around 2pm (he works 3rd shift). He’ll ask how her day was and it will take her 2+ hours to text him back with 1 word responses like “good” , “fine” , “idk” etc. But as soon as she needs money or a ride she replies almost instantly. I know his obligation is to take care of her, but this is getting ridiculous. 


BM sending mixed signals and im losing it!

medicalstepmom's picture

My SS is 5 years old and is having some behavior issues. His mom and I are on ok terms as far as texting about dropping off or picking up.  Just recently BM came to me and told me he is having behavior problems in her house. Me and my H have been having problems with him lying, hitting, not being good for a baby sitter, and saying no after we ask him to do something. We both have told BM about this and she acts as if we lie about it untill recently. She wants to meet with me and talk about what to do about the behaviors.

SD the liar

I love dogs's picture

DH isn't meeting the CPS investigater until tomorrow but BM called him this afternoon to pry about it. They told BM to not let SD see DH until the investigation is over and DH was supposed to meet with the guy today. They did interview SD at school and she told them that DH punched multiple holes in the wall on Thanksgiving which is NOT true. He is beyond appalled that SD would say this and for the time being, she isn't allowed in our home, complete investigation or not.

And BM was not bothered one bit by SD's Instagram posts, by the way.

DH went off on me (Up Date)

MomOfTwo1313's picture

HD and I still aren’t talking. After him snapping at me for giving my opinion it really hurt. I put all my efforts and energy in helping him out with SD7 and SS12 after his mom basically threw them out. Now, he seems to think that since she returned after two weeks and now wants the kids back I should have no say and feels stuck in the middle of BM and I. When I express my feelings about the situation of him saying what he said to me he ignores it and pretends he’s hurt and upset at me fore feeling hurt.

BM is throwing a FIT

Dontfeedthetrolls's picture

So I said briefly in my last blog about how BM was threatening to withhold the children.

“Well since you can’t take her I guess they can just stay here”- Her exact words in response to SO saying we couldn’t drive back tomorrow (Saturday) so the oldest to could get to a birthday party we were just told about and hadn’t agreed to take her too.