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aaaalll about SS

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Valentine's Day.  A day I used to love.  When we were dating, DH always had these great plans for us.  One year he got us surprise tickets to a theater: rented us a hotel room with a Jacuzzi tub, we had dinner before the show, went to the show, had drinks afterwards, it was amazing.  The year he proposed he didn't plan anything and piggy-backed on my cousin's dinner reservations.  I was disappointed but then for obvious reasons he hadn't planned anything because he bought a ring.  After that it was dinner on a rooftop patio and flowers.  He would plan the event and I would help pay for the

OT- I feel for this kid

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A friend of mine sent me this. When I read this, my stomach turned. This kid has had to deal with too much at such a young age. So many times, we as stepparents notice when the stepkid is hurt they act out- that's a given. But this kid kept everything to himself  for years and still treated those around him with respect despite how he was truly feeling is commendable

My Step daughter

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My wife and I married in 2013, at that time my step daughter was attending nursing college ( A grown person on her own) When she first met me, she had a good attitude towards me ( she is a only child and raised by her mother and really seemed to be a great person to ` hang around` with.   I discovered that she always had her mother at her disposal. My wife and I talked about it and it was agreed that Ashley is no longer a  ` kid` so we treated her like a grown woman. Then she started to rack up ` traffic warning citations ` to the tune of 3 with in 1 year.

It's the petty things (aka BM is a verifiable piece of shit)

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DH asked BM about keeping the kids for President's Day. BM is notorious for not talking to us about holidays, but we asked if we could keep the kids the extra day. She told us that they actually have Friday (tomorrow) off, too, but didn't mention us getting the kids early. It must have dawned on her that we could in theory take the kids – we're not getting much of a Valentine's Day as DH is working – because she asked last minute if she could drop them off tonight and we could pick take them home after our weekend.


OT- Bankruptsy filing tomorrow.

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I am so ready to be done with this whole thing. While I feel a great relief knowing that the process is almost over for the most part and I'm looking at a MUCH better future it's been very depressing. Nothing like pricing every single object in your home and trying to explain that no my couch isn’t worth even 25 in a yard sale because it’s being held together with 2X4’s, a ton of screws, and even more luck.

Wedding without SD Update

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FH and I had a very long discussion. I told him that we should not have to give up on having  the wedding of our dreams in order to appease his guilt about SD not being there. I'm open to her changing her mind at any point of her involvement but I would not be eloping because she chooses to not be involved. It is not his fault or my fault that she isn't going to be there or involved. She has the option of being involved but she is choosing not to. It's her descion so it soley lies on her. 

Haters gonna hatehatehate. Somewhat OT.

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All over social media and on almost every street corner festooned with flowers - there are random proclimations of "love".

This isnt a rant or a problem - this post o mine - merely an interesting occurence with SD Munchkin 12.

So, Munchkin came in the house last night after school with DH, and she didnt say hello, or anything. Just sat in the rocking chair on her phone or tablet drawing. I knew something was wrong, but thought maybe shes just tired. I left her alone, to decompress from the day.


OT - Cupcakes

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All this talk about cupcakes and I want one!!!

What's your favorite cupcake? I'm seriously fiending for a dark chocolate cupcake with fudgy icing, drizzled with gooey caramel, and sprinkled with sea salt. Vanilla filled with raspberry with vanilla bean frosting would also be acceptable.