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Is there a way to get past this?

hennafienna's picture

Okay so I know you guys might say he might not change and all this and that but the thing is with the right guidance (that i dont mind doing) he can.

My bf and I plan to have children in a few years. He has one that is 6. We are still young and my bf had to grow up fast because of the child but i still believe he is immature. Which is part of the reason as to why I dont want any yet but also financially I want to be able to start a business or something of that nature to pass down. 

Rant about spoiled and lazy “SS”

Sunshine1992's picture

Ok so I can admit I am becoming a bit obsessed but I can't take it anymore. I'm leaving this place next Saturday and plan on ending the relationship but it seems like the universe is really testing my patience and remaining time with this kid. I'll need to rely on you wonderful people to get through the next 6 days!

things that irritated me about half-wit and his genius father today:

SD was here an hour and a half

Jcksjj's picture

SD showed up. Ran down to her room immediately. DH went down to talk to her for a bit. Then he told her he needed her iPad, because aren't going to allow her to use electronics unsupervised in our home. SD ran into the bathroom with it, locked the door and called her mom. Her mom shows up right as we go downstairs. Her mom tells her to go outside and she starts screaming and bawling that she can't because we're at the door. So I tell her that her mom is outside so she can go out to her car.

Small rant/vent

MissK03's picture

So SD started getting her nails done again so BM is taking her once a month for them. 

So recap BM picked SD up in July for a 35 minute ride in her new toy (jeep wrangler according to SD her and her husband spilt it .. she still has her car on top of their multiple motorcycles) brought her to kohl's so she could return Amazon returns, didn't offer to get SD anything and brought her home. 

She brought her in august before school to get her nails. Came and picked her up in the jeep. The jeep had some new accessories on it in august.

How do you all feel as an outsider?

step-out's picture

How do you feel when you are around your SO and his kids? Maybe even with more extended family? Do you feel lost, sad, left out? How do you push through those feelings or do you? I dread when I have to be around DH and his kids, etc. I pretty much don't get asked any questions or acknowledged and that IS my love language. I am not good at it, it makes me feel horrible, anxious and sad... 

Oh no SD morphing into mini wife

Floral_SM's picture

So I have disengaged from SD7 and thanks to my medication, my anxiety level is keeping me in check where im not reacting. This is actually helping DH see her behaviour toward me now in the open. We had heated discussions previously about how SD treats me behind his back. She's definitely morphing early stages Mini wife. 

The StepDad Chronicles

1dad4kids's picture

Well it wasn't BM in The StepDad's truck. He messaged me while DH and I were out on a date last night to tell me BM has taken a no contact order out on him. So I asked him who was in his truck. Apparently it was his "friend picking up a friend" which I think is his new gf trying to stick it to BM. Good for her. Anyway I told him it was confusing for SS11 and asked him if he wouldn't mind not lending his truck out for school pick ups and he said he hadn't thought about that and would try not to do it again.

I never mentioned anything to SS11 of course.

The Blame Game Never Ends

thinkthrice's picture

Backstory:  Chef (biodad to three now grown kids) dropped the rope years ago after they all PASed out one by one.

Chef (and to a lesser extent I):

Went to their games and school plays all the while getting the stink eye from the Girhippo's (HCGUBM) "community"   Town population just over 5k--the Gir was born and bred there.

Went to teacher meetings, school administration meetings where Chef was told that as the NCP, his opinions "didn't count" and that the CP would always have the final say.

Was denied medical and health information... ALWAYS.