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BM is delusional

Blue At Times's picture

I know many people on here are dealing with delusional BMs but are you guys still caught off guard by it? Every now and then BM texts DH about something that has nothing to do with the children, like they're friends. She just ignores all the times she treats him like garbage. Telling him he's a POS parent that never does enough for the kids and guilts him into paying extra for stuff that CS should cover. Her treatment of him is truly abusive. But every now and then he'll get a text from her asking about someone we know or an article featured on Facebook. It's weird! 

BM keeps getting dumber and some O/T updates

Lady.Tremaine's picture

I still read everyday and try to show support when I can but haven't posted for a bit.

So BM is finally seeing the effects of randomly taking the girls out of school . Jk - the kids are. My husband started giving SD9 and SD6 money for good grades. SD9s report card went from close to all As to one A and all C's. We magically never get SD6s report card. I'm going to guess not because of grades but because of the comments about missing school that SD9s already has 


missgingersnap2021's picture

So DH has always told me that when SD turns 18 both CS AND Alimony stops. She turns 18 in September. I was doing the final single digit countdown and thought he only had 8 more payments. NOPE! I love him, but what a freaking dumbass!!! He just today realized that the CS ends but that he has to pay Alimony till November 2023. Thats an extra 14 months!


Nacho Turtle's picture

First of all, thanks to the mods for the add. I've been a lurker (apologies! I am not creepy!) for a few months now, and commiserating with all of you who have HCBM's in your life. 

Finally signed up yesterday because the drama is picking up steam here and I really, really wanted to vent at what a piece of work the mother of my SO's kids is. 

BM is at it again...

cmd88's picture

Well, BM is at it again. A little back story. After a year of dating DBF, BM texted him saying she has to meet me before DBF and I moved in together. DBF told me about it and said that we don't have to do anything she asks and how stupid she is basically. I decided, what the heck, I will message her and plan a meeting so she can get to know me and feel comfortable with who her daughter is around. So I go to the coffee shop, sit down and introduce myself, and she brings out a huge piece of paper with several questions on it. I felt like I was in a job interview, but whatever, did it anyway.

DD14 issues

justmakingthebest's picture

I thought things were going really good with DD and I. We had some issues when her father pulled some crap a while back, but we came back around and went to counseling. Things were good.

Then when she was in the hospital her behavior was pretty hurtful. When her dad and I were together in the room she was really mean and cold to me. When we were alone, it was fine, her old/normal sweet self. 

Odd Night - still trying to figure things out

CLove's picture

This isnt really a vent and its not a problem, its somewhere in between...I think. But I so value all of your input and advice and thoughts that I thought "why not".

SD15.5 (16 in 4 months) stayed overnight with us last night (1/17/2022) and maybe it was the full moon, but Im grocery shopping and husband texts me "SD15.5 Backstabber/munchkin is staying with us tonight", and something inside me just naps. I text back "why what is the matter with Toxic Troll BM/ Doesnt she want time with her kid, after a week?"


Bex_S's picture

Well, the family split has finally happened. After 6 years of misery and stress caused by toxic SD, she is out of my life and my children's lives. She, for the 4th time has made false accusations of abuse and neglect, supposedly perpetrated by myself and DH. Despite the extensive history of lying about pretty much anything from this, right down to little white lies (and being caught out every time), BM still believes the lies. SD has even now begun to accuse us of abusing our own children, so DH and I have put our foot down to protect the family unit.

Update to repo and drama

secret's picture

I have a conference set coming up in a few weeks.

I've learned that 3 days after the suv was repo, Mr. Brokeass somehow managed to make the payment on the outstanding amount.

Not just the approximate 2k owing in back payments... but the full balance. It's paid off. Where 20k came from, I'll probably never know....  for fun, I took a drive by his baby mama's house... there the SUV was. 


Funny how that works.... if he came up with 20k to fully pay off the balance, obviously he has money and doesn't need "support"

SS is Manipulative

Kattalie's picture

I'm so grateful to find this site!  My DH and I married a year ago and I moved to his small, rural hometown to be with him.  I had my daughter young and she is grown and living out of state on her own.  My DH has two children by the same BM - a 17 yo SD (soon to be 18) and a 6 yo SD.  We have my SS full time and every other weekend with his BM visitation and part time with my 6 yo SD.  DH and BM divorced when 6 yo was 2 so she does not remember her BPs being together.  She is sweet and fun and I enjoy being with her when she is here.  Things started off okay with the SS.