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Spoiled brat

Cat woman's picture

My teenage step son is very spoiled he always gets his own way treats others bad he's very disrespectful and when i address this to his father it just seems like he gives excuses after excuses like he let's him get away with a lot of shit.   It seems like when his son is very rude with me he doesn't defend me at all. I spent 3 hours making food for everyone I put my heart into it all and for him to not even eat it hurt me . His father of course sticks up for him saying oh if he don't like it than he don't like it.

BM seems normal... A rare occasion

1dad4kids's picture

BM is supposed to be giving DH his share of SS11'S medications with each fill. She's failed to do this so far. She sent SS11 with just a few days worth this time claiming she had to fill the prescription. Fine, this has happened before since it's a controlled substance prescriptions can only be ordered 2 days before they run out. 

SD31 changed mind about custody

NoIndieAunt's picture

BM2, SS26, and SS27 are now both able to visit, in the end of April.  SS26 will be bringing his wife and kids.  

SS26 has lined up job interviews, and from what DH says, may be coming to live in our area on at least a semi permanent basis, to either petition for custody of SGK's or support his sister in raising them. SS27 will be staying through the end of August, until his next university term starts. 

Wtf do we do?

Justone's picture

I have written about this before, but tonight was worse. When SS (now 6) has entered the house, he stood crying saying that he wants to be with his mum and that he wants to go home. We have done nothing but try to make him comfortable. His own room with all the toys he asked for, walls painted how he wanted and even a special night life. I have a baby and we make sure he spends quality time with his dad, sometimes to the point where i feel that baby and i are left out as SS always needs to be the centre of attention.


OT. Uncle passed. Estranged from family.

Zenmode's picture

This might make me sound like a horrible person.  So, my toxic narcissist mothers brother passed away. Although I loved him when I was a child, I have not seen him or the majority of my biological family in nearly ten years, pretty much since the last funeral, for another uncle, I am close with that cousin.  My mother is in her 80's I have had zero relationship with her for nearly 20 years.

ET Tells Her Kids They're Brainwashed

lieutenant_dad's picture

Apparently when ET took the boys to lunch last week, the three of them got on the topic of the COVID-19 vaccines. DH, the boys, and myself are pro-vaccine and have been taking precautions to prevent COVID. ET and her DH? Not so much.

Anyway, vaccines are now available to anyone old enough to get them. I signed myself and OSS up for the vaccine. I showed DH how to sign up. We've both told YSS when it's available for his age (hoping soon!) that we'll get him the vaccine. We aren't pushing the boys to get it; they want it.