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Oh and another thing

Jcksjj's picture

DH this morning said he doesn't do anything with SD because I don't let him.

No, I started out including SD in everything. She acted like a psychopath and over time I've put up boundaries to the point that I avoid her as much as possible due to her behavior. DH knows this. But he's so effing weak that as soon as she gets here he gets all emotional and makes me the scapegoat since he can't take it out on her.

SD lies about not having a toothbrush here

Jcksjj's picture

So no drama when BM dropped off SD, but she did send a toothbrush and toothpaste with because SD told her she didn't have a toothbrush here.

I asked SD why she didn't just tell us she needed one (she said she lost hers) and she just said idk. She's told us she needed another toothbrush tons of times before. Idk why that would even get brought up to BM.

It's Lt. Dad Fireside Chat Time: Welcome to Our Newbies, Prepare for Honesty

lieutenant_dad's picture

Welcome, come right in, have a seat next to the fire. Aniki is mixing up some cocktails in the study and has provided us a nice assortment of "forn". Veterans members, go ahead and get your two cents ready and we'll pass the donation box shortly.

What a great way to start the weekend!

Wicked stepmo.'s picture

Getting to watch the karma bus run over BM and SO.

As sick and twisted as normal people would view my current feelings, I am actually giddy watching BM and SOs current situation.

Last year when OSD started acting out here. I was blamed and scapegoated by first BM and eventually SO because over time it was easier to blame me than except the truth.

Chapter 3: Big Moves

caninelover's picture

So our story continues at the start of 2016.  SD had returned to college in January.  We had a few dinners and get-togethers during her visit.  I had invited them over for dinner.  All seemed fine although they did continue to talk to each other more than involve me in their conversations.  After SD returned to college, however, she became more of distant thought.  SO would bring her up from time to time and I would also inquire every so often.  SO informed me that SD decided to legally change her first name because she wanted a gender-neutral name and also hated that her mother picked her

BM Drops SS10 From School

Rumplestiltskin's picture

Posting an update because, well, I don't talk to anyone in my real life about this. SO got a call from the 10-year-old's school that BM dropped him. She told the school staff not to tell SS10. He rides the bus home to SO's, where he will stay the weekend, and i guess on Monday BM will enroll him in the school in her district. She just got the ex parte ruling and the hearing is early next week.

Apartment vent

Sam2's picture

So SS now 18 today, happy birthday to him is moving into his apartment this weekend more than likely.  His mommy got him the apartment and will be paying the rent for the first couple of months.  SS has no job and hasn't finished high school yet.  He's at home playing video games and sleeping and probably binge watching Netflix with his sister and mom when mom isn't sleeping or working.  He is in my opinion classic bipolar and it has been suggested.  He has mild autism, anxiety and depression.  In the three and half years he has lived with his dad and me he takes his medication for a bit, s