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Next YSD18 Visit?

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It's been again over a month since YSD graced her dad with her presence. He's getting p*ssed off and worried. Last night he tried blaming BM (yes a good part of the issue) but I redirected him back to being DIRECT with her FFS. I dropped the convo like a hot potato.

She graduates in one month. DH has heard nothing about which college she decided on (oh yes, he has committed to helping pay), nor her plans for graduation or the summer.

YSD's excuse this time

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So YSD18 has been here only 2x since December. She has a lot of excuses, some real, some exaggerated.

DH was upset last night because she sent him a text that "C's birthay party is on Sunday so I can't come this weekend." As was already planned. DH said he was trying to figure out how to respond and suggested he might offer some travel help/timing help like "If you come over Friday you can stay until Saturday evening" or "If you come Friday I can drive you early on Sunday morning..." or something like that. He asked for my opinion.  Uh-oh.

Spring Break Time!

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So instead of just the weekend YSD18 is here "for a few extra days" DH tells me yesterday, Sunday, afternoon. I'm sure he knew about it before but didn't want to tell me. Ok, whatever - just so you know DH, I'm cooking meat for dinner tonight I had planned and we are out of veg so you'll need to go get more today.

April Update & YSD

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YSD18 hasn't been here but for once in early February this year.

DH is increasingly upset about it. I keep telling him to continue to ask her, leave her messages, etc. but don't stop. It's not like her really but I have to wonder, child support ended for him at the end of February....She is also really terrible at communications and human engagement which I also remind him of so it may actually not be a personal thing.

STILL I tell him, it's rude.

I encourage him to go to her. Seek her out. Set a date.

turning point

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I asked DH last night if YSD18 was going to be here this weekend. It's been super sporadic since the beginning of the school year.

He said no. Then he added that he hadn't even contacted her, that if she was coming it was on her to let him know, that he's not going to chase her down.

Huh. This is new.

Health issue - YSD

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I realized today what may be causing YSDs mysterious health symptoms.

Supposedly it's because she hit her head (again - she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings enough) and had resulting "concussion like" symptoms. Cue the rest, etc. She's had them before (yes 2x). But it's not getting all that better. She's got an appointment at the children's hospital for a more in depth exam soon.  Headaches, nausea, exhaustion....


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Dying to know more about this but I'm sure it's going to result in an argument with DH.

He was talking last night about his mistakes as a parent (mostly lack of involvement and leading them, all of which I agree with). Also talked about OSD a bit and how she treated me, most of which he had forgotten or, of course, didn't remember.  reminded him that she NEVER really accepted me unless she benefited.