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DH doesn't engage BM

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DH went to one of YSD17's events the other night. BM walked by and they had a very brief hello. He told me he thought about asking BM about OSDalmost20 (PAS'ed fully for about 5 years now), but decided NOT to because "why engage the enemy?"

I am not crazy!

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So remember when I discovered my almost new jar of missing molasses? 

WELL, the other day when I was going to make more bread (I do this frequently so I know what I have in the cupboard) - my almost new bag of flour was gone. I had to double check because I just recently used up a bag, and used part of the new one. There's no way I could have used that big bag (I buy large bags) and not known it.

I forgot to update!

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YSD17.5 DROVE herself to the library this past Saturday. All alone.

I was in the yard and could hardly believe my eyes, and had to shut myself up from giggling to myself in glee.

See, we had the housecleaners over on Saturday, and it's loud. You know, they are cleaning upstairs, I am doing laundry downstairs and am in and out with yardwork and stuff. No peace and quiet on a GORGEOUS sunny Saturday afternoon.

YSD was supposed to drive herself today, HA!

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Annnnd nope. She efing came up with THE LAMEST excuse: her tailbone hurt so she couldn't drive herself. Eff. Off.

I said quite loudly, B.S., it's an excuse!

FFS she's been sitting on her ass all weekend, no problem stiing at the table for dinner the last two nights, or playing games with DH two nights in a row, sitting down!

Ask DH how she did it. "She doesn't know."

One night

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YSD17 is arriving today around 11:30, leaving early tomorrow evening. DH called BM yesterday because YSD wouldn't return his calls/texts. I still don't think he should go to BM personally but I'm glad she's showing up... we'll see how her attitude is. I'll bet it's under duress. BM wants college money of course!

Talk with his sisters is in a couple hours, before she arrives.

PAS & SDs - long update

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OSD19 has been at BM’s for a bit after her freshman year of college ended. DH found out from YSD17 who quietly told him OSD was there. DH has been extremely upset about this since OSD has not contacted him at all and it set off his mild depression (which he’s had since a teen). He is on medication for it (doesn’t need much at least) and has a therapist and a psychiatrist who he sees regularly and he tries to take care of himself.

ok, I'm not imagining it

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So I was going to make my whole wheat bread this morning, go to get the molasses and it's GONE. I know there was an almost new bottle in the cupboard the last time because I had used up the opened one and just opened this new bottle. And I always put stuff on the grocery list when I run out - as that's what I do. I use the molasses often enough for bread I don't want to run out. Well, zero sight of the newish bottle, zero note on the grocery list. YSD17. She has taken it before, as she has taken the home-made blackberry jam. And a few other things.

No Reschedule

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The other day I was talking with DH about plans for some friends who are coming over for a day, and maybe a night, in early July (decided about 2 weeks ago now). We've been trying to get together since May and amazingly found a weekend that works. DH said something about YSD17 NOT coming over the weekend before this one and I said I'm not cancelling this for her whim.

Next day DH asks me if we could do a different weekend with our friends because YSD17 is for certain coming the same weekend. Note she's not been here for over a month. Because only her schedule matters.