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It's the Little Things

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....among me having to tell YSD TWICE MORE to clean her pee off the toilet (I'm checking EACH time she uses it) NOW...I don't ask for explanation just CLEAN.IT.OFF because it's times!  The best is her bathroom is getting updated so she's using ours of necessity and DH refuses to address it so there you go...I have no problem at all doing this b/c I don't care how she takes it.  It's basic human decency and to not be a gross human.

DON'T touch the art

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FFS. DH cannot say NO. We know this but OMG tonight I had to step in.

I'm in the bedroom escaping YSDs chatter when DH tells her to 'don't touch the art please.' YSD will pick things apart and mess with them so I watch what she's getting into. Yes, she's almost 15.

P*ss on toilet seat

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So this has been a thing again with YSD14.5. Yep, 14.5, closer to 15 really.

I don't use her / shared bath often because it's usually messy and not clean because it's too hard for DH to make her do it. Not a horror show, but I prefer not to enter.

Unless I have to. I came home this morning, DH is in our shower with door locked. I cannot wait. Go downstairs and seat is half covered in p*iss. "WTF!" I say rather loud.  "Why is there p*ss all over!" I clean it up because I HAVE to at this point.

Neverending Video Chat with BM

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OMG - YSD14.5 has been on video chat with BM for at least 1.5 hours now. YSD is going over her homework with BM. And BM doesn't always answer. So it's taking YSD much more time to get through it than if she simply asked DH - DH is the writing/critical thinking expert (he's paid to do it) but YSD never, ever wants to ask DH questions.

Please and Thank You

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My SDs have always, always had problems with saying please and thank you...politeness in general. I told DH this was an issue very early on back when they were 7 and 9, when I first met them. They just had things handed to them with no 'thanks' needed. No matter what it was - whatever they got was expected. It's starting JUST NOW to bother DH (YSD is 14.5 and with us 50/50, OSD is PAS'd out now for years and she's 16.5). 

DH has started talking about this with YSD.

Driving me....

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YSD14.5 has been practicing hand stands the whole week. In the living room, in her room, on the front deck, rarely outside. "Ker-thunk-thunk" all the time. I'm ignoring it as DH isn't saying anything. I simply go where I cannot hear it. He's only got on her case ONCE about it.

And she's still claiming she cannot walk up or down stairs. But can do handstands, coming down hard on her feet. Uh-huh. I said, "Ironic you can do that for hours but you cannot walk down the stairs." She agreed. (The meaning of ironic escaping her.)

I am getting frustrated again

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Last night at dinner YSD asked if her food was cooked and picking at it.  We were ALL eating the same thing.  I said,"Yes, it's cooked. We're all eating the same thing, it's actually hot."  DH then says, "Oh, you can put it in the microwave if you want to just for a minute or two."  Totally undermining me AGAIN.  Jeezus - I cannot say ANYTHING remotely adult to YSD or DH practically throws himself in front of her to dismantle my authority as an adult in the house.