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School Schedule v4

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DH is a lucky, lucky man.


We had friends stayting with us this weekend who were in the last stages of packing a moving truck and moving across country today. She mentioned that they had decided to get rid of thier older car, just sell it cheap or donate it. Wait a sec....DH said, how much? I'm interested!  So viola DH now has a car that cost less than $1K, perfect for local trips, serviced at a local shop, taken care of by people we know.

He's relieved and less stressed already. As am I.


School Schedule v2

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I posted this in SV/PA blog, but a follow up for everyone is here.

YSD did a 'dry run' of her 2 hour commute to high school from our house this morning - school starts on Wednesday. Yes, 2 hours. Because it's near BMs. And the commute in that direction is really bad. That's ONE way.

school schedule

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School here hasn't started yet, not until September.

YSD decided last year to go to high school near BM. It was understood that it likely meant YSD had to stay at BMs during the week and would change to EOWE and  a few more school holidays to be with DH. She can walk to school from BMs.

Last night at dinner I was talking about the crazy bus schedule in our area and how they haven't revised the Covid schedule yet, which makes it very difficult or not possible to take transit to the city.


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So last night, after SD15 arrives and dinner is being considered between them, DH starts talking to her like she's 5. Seriously I could not handle it. Then he starts asking me silly questions like I'm in on it. WTF? I answered him normally, he countered (because God forbid I have an opinion when SD is here), so I said, ok then never mind and I opted out.

Masks and P*ss on toilet exposed

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it's taken me some time to work out how to say all this because it was a lot of information at once.

DH basically had it out with YSD15 about her constant mask wearing in our home (and in our yard - outside) AND her p*ss on the toilet seat (shocker - it had continued and DH was done with it). He did GREAT people. It was like the time when OSD stepped over the line and DH suddenly became a parent.

* YSD tried to blame her mask wearing on the fact I had a neighbor over for a couple hours on Saturday with no masks.

YSD and masks

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She's now refusing to take her mask off in our home, when it's just the three of us.
DH apparently talked with her last night about it, told me he'll tell me details later but basically:
Treat it like her shaving her head or dying her hair back, this is a rebellion thing and "she's out there, like she's nuts. Just ignore her."
Hookay then. I always said she was going to take this thing to the extreme....also overheard her tell DH that she could NOT get together with her friends, even distanced.

Glad I'm already disengaged.