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Event Night

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SD13 had a big event tonight. DH paid for her classes (not cheap!) and I helped arrange things and drive her to/from part of the time. 

And of couse BM was there. And of course SD gave us the shaft. And told BM in front of everyone that she wanted to go home with her. Then broke down in tears in our car. Didn't say a word to us when we got home, still crying, said she was tired and going to bed. Got on the phone with her mom immediately. Like we were not in existence.


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1) DH, after ignoring YSD who got annoyed with him, rightfully so, after I sit down with a glass of wine, "Could you go check on YSD? I think she's mad at me for ignoring her." Cover says, "No." DH, lets out a big sigh. YSD comes back on her own.

Disengagement Reason #247

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Been chatting with SD13 recently about sitting in the front seat of the car. She refuses to do it even for super short trips to the store. Her last excuse was that it's illegal. So I checked the laws. Told her tonight that here is what I found...explained that sitting in the front at least sometimes is important to understand how vehicles move and help with situational awareness when she starts drivers ed. Her sister couldn't wait to sit in front...


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Yes, it's definitely happening with SD13 full on.

SD13, DH and I were having dinner last night and DH and I were talking about plans for the following weekend when YSD would be at our home.  SD says, "But I won't be here, I'll be at mommy's."  We both said, "What are you talking about?"  Well, apparently BM has made plans not only this coming weekend (she has the SDs for Easter, no biggie) but also the following weekend, on DH's weekend. 

Back to Same

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So trip overall was about what I expected. OSD was grumpy, complainy, food aversiony, hatey, and just unpleasant to be around. Never brushed her teeth although she did shower, but not often enough. I overheard her say to YSD that she used to like flying but not anymore and that it's too hard to get to Europe. Even better sweetie because it's never going to happen with us again. She couldn't name one thing she liked when asked.

Day eight

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DHsis had a good chat with DH this morning and essentially said the same things I have, but from her perspective. It was good. She also totally got me, like, it's so stressful having her here and her attitude is over the top. Imagine living with that I added. "God." Was the response. Anyway OSD, I think, still doesn't know we are going away tonight. DH tried blaming me for not telling no.

Now OSD is throwing up ... Oh joy 

Will update you later...more family arrived.

Day Seven

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Trip is still ok, DH sis giving alone time now and then. OSD very critical of DH who just says nothing ... It's so wierd to watch. Yesterday both SDs freaked out we didn't know which train we were going to catch, even after explaining open ended tix and worry. DH was p*ssed. We had to block them in the restaurant booth otherwise they would have taken off to the station themselves. On the other hand that would have been

Day Five

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LoL you guys!

At DH's sister's place, it is gorgeous!

I'm having a good time, not great, but better here. SD15 is being goid, on good behavior so far, but the veneer is cracking. 

She pretty much is acting like a normal teen, but since she's in high school she is grown up now (her words). Her diet has not changed (all carbs and two eggs in five days...NO teeth brushed). DH had to take the lead in food finding which p*ssed him off after he had to deal with them. DH sister and I decided on dinner in tonight since there's so many food issues.