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The Play

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Apparently it went well. DH was pleased at his whole day.

He got to relax and see some friends before the event too.

He didn't approach or talk to anyone, didn't see YSD16 at all since she was behind the set. OSD18 did see him clearly but didn't react. Which is very good. In the past she would run away or hightail it in another direction. He was feeling good about it.

He also contacted the PAS counselor for himself so hopefully he'll have an appointment soon. His regular counselor also told him to do it.

Play Night

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I posted this on a blog post below, but really, it's its own new story....




There's a play at the SDs high school that opens this week; both SDs (SD18 who is PASd out and YSD16) are involved in it.

Spring Break Inertia

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So DH has been all moody and unpredictable again. Making a mess everywhere. He didn't even cook dinner for two nights in a row - and NO I did NOT help, everyone just fixed what they wanted when they got hungry. Of course YSD16s stuff is also piliing up in the kitchen. She tends to wash / put away about 50% of the dishes she uses but the rest, if she thinks it's too much of a bother (I am certain of this) she just leaves in the sink. I touched NOTHING.

I engaged darn it! I know better!

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LOL - omg as it was coming out of my mouth I was like "nooooooooo don't sayyyyyy it...." But too late. 

DH went to the store the other day, which is his responsiblity the week YSD is with us (which could be for one day or five...who knows!?).  He'll ususally load up on stuff he and she like while getting very little to no regular items which I do on the other weeks and he pays part of since it's for everyone.  So it works out.

You can't care more!

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So YSDalmost 16 is enrolled in driver's Ed. BM signed her up. YSD has not showed an iota of interest in driving and still refuses to sit in the front seat. I think this is solvable but DH continues to bury head in sand.

Anyway there's a parent required online meeting going on right now for parents with students enrolled. I'm kind of listening in and it's quite good. Is DH listening? NOPE. He's doing something else.

I after a couple questions and comments from me trying to direct him to the presentation, he says, "There's probably something on You Tube about it."

Friday dinner at Cover's

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My Fridays are long. I commute in, leave the house at 6:15 am and return around 6:00 pm. Which is why I don't cook. DH works from home. I get home, with YSD, upstairs is a mess, all DH created. I keep my mouth shut. Asked him if he had a busy day at work, "Not really."

Now noting chicken was just put in the oven, no sides, no veg. I ignore. Take shower, play with cat, kill some time. It's now almost 7 and I'm really hungry. Chicken is done. YSD made rice and is nowhere to be seen. I say to DH that I'm hungry and going to eat. No response as he's engrossed in his computer.

YSD news

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YSDalmost16 is enrolled in... DRIVING SCHOOL.

Of course at BMs. The one who to this day has never sat in the front seat of a car as a passenger. The one who doesn't manage $ at all. The one who cannot even go to a store and pay for something herself. How is she going to do this? Pump gas? Pay for gas? I suspect BM/DH will cater here (OSD18 had a job this past summer we heard for an eye blink of time so BM must be paying all of it). I'm watching this.

snowed in

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Fantastic. I love snow. But why couldn't it have held off until YSD was with BM? It's impossible to get her out of our neighborhood, much less to drop point. I did suggest that DH borrow neighbor's all wheel drive tomorrow. But I think he's going to declare impassable roads and keep her here. This'll be fun. More snow is expected so ughhhhhh if she's here another 5 days.

Holiday Plans....underway

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So we'll see how this all goes.  DH, YSD15 and myself were talking about holiday things in our house for the next several days.

I'm off work today by 1:00. DH is NOT helping me with the cookies he wants after all - he needs to go shopping. He's also been in a funk (as usual) so he's not been much fun (as usual) this time of year and it rubbed off on me. He volunteered YSD to make the cookies with me. WTH (?!). Fine. I tell her that I'm starting them between 1-2 and I'll let her know. And I told both of them if neither wants to help me then I'm not making them in the end.

More Bathroom Wierdness

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I know that YSD15 the other day took a whole bunch of the household TP down to her bathroom, like 12+ rolls. Um, no.  No hoarding of essentials that are kept in the cupboard for all to use.  Take some, not all.  So this morning I went down to retrieve some, opened her bathroom cabinet and.....

at least 20 emply toilet rolls, neatly lined up and stacked.