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Trampoline Update

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YSD15 has been using it almost every day.  Sometimes in a break in her school day and usually always after her online classes get out.  Unfortunately DH has mixed feelings because they aren't going for watks or a bike ride as often (you know, because he cannot insist on anything)...but that's not my problem.


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1.  P*ss on toilet seat.  Nothing more was on it/around toilet for the remainder of the week.  I don't know if DH or YSD was cleaning but WHATEVER. The cleaner fluid is now placed on the back of the toilet (classy) so I suspect DH is watching this.  I will be watcing as well and will step in if I find it again.

P*ss on the Toilet Seat, Part III

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You guys, OMG.  It happened AGAIN.

It was ok after DH addressed it before, another visit with no issues, now full on BACK to it.

I went in there because DH was in the upstairs bathroom - viola.  I had it out with him this morning, told him that unless he WANTS me to DEAL with it and fix it immediatly he do it ASAP. He quickly said he'll handle it this once.  OH, REALLY?  "DH this is not the first time, but the second and I'm done with it. Either you handle it or that's it, I will and I don't care becuase she's 15 and this"


YSD Birthday

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YSD is turning 15 soon.

DH was talking with me about what he wants to get her. A trampoline.

Me: I do not agree but I have no say, and will not have anything to do with it.

DH: I thought you'd say that. That's ok. What are your reservations?

Me: Her getting hurt as she's not careful and accident prone, her using it for a day or two then she's done with it (15!), Putting it together and proper upkeep, storage, etc....

DH: but she really wants one. She never asks for anything.

Update to P*ss on Toilet....

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So, I waited and watched last night.

DH was all stressed and got on my case about nothing before dinner; I had to tell him "Really?  Before dinner?  Try starting over again."  THEN YSD was just standing in the middle of the way, just standing there as usual so I said (for the second time this week - totally all passive aggressive but I'm done with it), "Oh, and I guess I'LL SET THE TABLE AGAIN."


P*ss on the Toilet Seat, Part II

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This is the link about the earlier issue whic I though resolved it:



So I had 5 min to use the bathroom and get lunch before a meeting today. Being in my office at the furthest location from our master bath, I tried to use the downstairs bathroom (basically SDs bathroom but we all use it sometimes).  NOPE.

Pee all over the seat, not a little, full on pee splatter.  What. THE. EFF. 

I have moved on....

Cover1W's picture paper plates for myself.

No one is unloading the dishwasher. It's been clean for more than a day. I refuse to touch it.

YSD has NO school today. DH and her are planning on going for a bike ride later on. I am working my rear off at work, no time. DH can complain all he wants to about how busy he is around his deadlines, and when YSD isn't here I do the majority of the cooking/cleanup but I'm dammed if I'm going to do it when she's here and she's got free time and I don't. Esp. when DH makes free ttime to go do things with her.

OSD Birthday

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Today is OSD's 17th birthday. DH has not seen her nor spoken to her since April 2018, when she was 15.

She PAS'ed out when she was 13/14 and BM has not once agreed that she needs to see her dad. There has been no court as DH was burned during the divorce and doesn't want to be in debt for court that likely will not help the matter anyway.  BM is most certainly the exalted mommy who can do no wrong.

Thanksgiving and NOT my Drama!

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Had a lovely week off work last week, with no YSD.  I cleaned most of the house, baked and cooked up a storm. I was exhausted by Thursday, ate too much too late (DH wanted a 'normal' dinner time for a gourmet meal and dessert - that won't happen again) and was in bed by 9:30 LOL.  Just watched shows and read my book for the rest of the days with some exercise here arnd there.